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    Adaptec 71605Q question

    If I have a pair of cache drives in RAID 1, can that pair service multiple arrays and LUNs obviously connected to the same card?
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    2tb WD 2.5" drives in RAID6/RAIDZ2

    Has anyone used multiple WD20NPVX/T's in RAID6 or RAIDZ2? How has the reliability been?
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    In terms of ZFS SAN performance

    I'm looking to build a 1U ZFS on Linux SAN based around this SuperMicro barebones. It has 4 3.5" bays with available hotswap kit to use 2.5" drives. I don't want to consider a bigger kit at this time. The SAN will be used...
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    Boot from Esxi 5.1 passthrough device

    If I have a RAID controller passed through to a VM, can I boot from that RAID controller? Never tried it and currently don't have the hardware to test.
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    Adaptec 7805q RAID 6 + SSD vs 6805 RAID 10

    I know we have a few users with the 7-series Adaptec cards using maxCache 3.0 so I'm hoping that they'll weigh in. I'm currently using a 6805 with a RAID 10 of 8x4tb drives - Seagate ST4000DX000 drives for my storage on my Hyper-V server. Performance is good but I think storage is the slow...
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    PSA: Prefinished hardwood floors and wifi

    Prefinished hardwood floors are coated with aluminum oxide. Aluminum oxide paints are being tested for RF blocking so if any of you are having trouble with wifi between floors, this is likely your culprit. My AP is on the first floor and I...
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    Hitachi 3tb 5k3000, ends 9/6/2012 @ 10:24 pdt - $160 (BEST OFFER) This is a best offer auction and started with a quantity of 12. The more you order, the bigger the discount. Changed starting to $140.
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    T3 router

    What is the cheapest Cisco router that can handle a T3? I'm ok with/prefer used. Thanks.
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    Commercial code for running outside Ethernet or Coax

    I am planning a Wireless PtP installation. At one of the sites, it makes the most sense to do a wall penetration and feed cable through. I can either have the installer pull coax from the dish to the inside AP or put the AP outside and just run Cat6 in. He insists that he has to run through the...
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    Improving low small read/writes on OpenIndiana iSCSI

    I have a PowerEdge 2950 with 2 2ghz quadcores and 32gb of RAM. I have about 50tb of storage spread across the internal bays and external JBODs. I have a ZFS pool made up of multiple RAID 6 volumes controlled by the PERCs. The drives are all green drives. The software is OpenIndiana with the...
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    Adaptec 6805 and 4k sector drives

    Has anyone tried the combination of an Adaptec 6805 (or similar) and 4k sector drives? How did it go?
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    Help me find a case - 9 5.25" in a rackmount

    I'm looking for a case similar to the Compucase RA466A0. Unfortunately, this is out of stock and I can't find anything similar. Anyone know of anything or better have one of these cases for sale?
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    Perc6/i raid level change 6 to 10

    Can the Perc6/i do a nondestructive RAID level change from 6 to 10? I have a machine with a 4 drive RAID 6 that should really be 10.
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    UPS Recommendation

    I'm looking for a network capable UPS that works with Linux and Windows. I will have between 2 and 4 power hungry servers connected. I would like a run time of 20 minutes or more at 50% load. I need a tower UPS, not rack mount. This is not for a business, so I have a certain tolerance for...
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    I think I found the best way to do software RAID with Windows

    Windows on Proxmox VE, that is. I loaded Proxmox on an SSD and Windows on another drive in a qcow2 image file. I built a 4 drive RAID 6 array with mdadm and attached /dev/md0 to the Windows VM. The LUN passed through with no problems and I could format it as NTFS. I copied about 500gb of ISOs...
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    FreeBSD HAST (block replication) It appears to have similar functionality to Linux DRBD and works with ZFS and carp. It should be possible to create a replicated failover NFS/CIFS/iSCSI server - useful for virtual machine HA/Live Migration and other clustering. Anyone tried it?
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    Recommend to me a Phenom II X6 board with ECC support

    Please recommend a motherboard to me with the following specs: Supports Phenom II X6 Supports unbuffered ECC RAM Minimum 1 x16 slot for video Minimum 1 x8 slot for RAID I want to run a Hyper-V system for RemoteFX testing. I will not overclock in any way...
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    Best Linux based hypervisor for a single Windows VM

    I have a Fedora 12 x64 server running kernel 2.6.34 for the LIO-Target iSCSI target. The hardware is a Xeon X3430 w/8gb RAM and an Areca hardware RAID card. The server is headless and I connect to it with SSH and the onboard IPMI if needed, X is not running and I don't really want to run it. I...
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    Sharing a ZFS boot mirror with a ZIL and/or a L2ARC

    An OpenSolaris boot mirror for a storage server is very likely to see almost no I/O. Would OpenSolaris allow you to carve out slices on the boot devices so it could share it with the a mirrored ZIL and/or the L2ARC? I know FreeBSD could do it...
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    Enable TLER with smartctl

    Found this post over at Sounded interesting. I don't have the right setup to test this, but perhaps someone with a Linux software raid could try?
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    FreeBSD ZFS compression

    A few weeks ago, I was evaluating ZFS on FreeBSD 8.0 on ESXi 4. After working with it for a bit, I managed to get it running acceptably as an iSCSI target. When I turned on ZFS compression, performance took a major hit and worse, the entire VM would pause for several seconds. My problem is...
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    vSphere Essentials for $495

    vSphere 4 Essentials, which includes 3 host licenses and vCenter is going for $495 with a 1 year subscription. A 3 year subscription is $590. Guess VMware is running a little scared of Hyper-V on the low end, eh? :)
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    vSphere Essentials $495

    I'm going to cross post this to Hot Deals, but this relevant here. vSphere 4 Essentials, which includes 3 host licenses and vCenter is going for $495 with a 1 year subscription. A 3 year subscription is $590. Guess VMware is running a little scared of...
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    Where do you keep your monster storage server?

    Reading this forum, I have noticed that a lot of people are concerned about noise from their servers. Personally, I don't have a problem with noise because my servers sit in the basement and always have. Even when I was in college and living at home (back in the good 'ol Athlon XP days), I...
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    VMDirectPath and HTPC's

    This obviously wouldn't be a supported solution in any way, shape, or form, but I've been thinking.... I currently have 4 HTPCs in my house - they're used strictly for playing back content from a server and from Hulu. VMDirectPath enables one to map a PCIe card directly to a VM. I was thinking...
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    Side mount rack

    I'm looking at JBOD hotswap enclosures and 99% of them are rack form factor. All my servers are tower form factor and not getting replaced soon, so I don't really want to put in a rack just for 3U or 4U of need. I was wondering if anyone had seen a rack that is rotated 90 degrees from the...
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    PERC 6/i to external JBOD enclosure

    I have a Dell PE T300... 4 hotswap drives on a Perc 6/i. The chassis only holds 4 drives, so I am maxed out. SuperMicro has this nice chassis that can be setup as an external JBOD. I could very easily take the second internal...
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    External SAS oddness

    I have an Adaptec 5085 (8-port external) connected to an EnhanceRack R8-MS with two SFF-8088 cables. The R8-MS is as dumb as a JBOD can be, consisting of an 8 slot hotswap case with two SFF-8088 -> 4 SATA breakout adapters. No expanders or anything else remotely interesting or intelligent. I...
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    Low end SAN for ESX and Hyper-V

    Looking for a low end SAN that will do iSCSI, RAID 6, have redundant PSUs and controllers, and have about 16 drive slots. I would like to be able to bring my own drives and need to support Hyper-V and possibly ESX. Enhance Tech's offerings come close, but I can't find any decent reviews on...
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    Lian-Li V2000 owners, a PSU question...

    I'm looking at getting a Lian-Li V2000 for a big server I'll be building. I like the 12 3.5" bays plus the possibility of an E-ATX motherboard. When complete, I'm thinking of a total 16 hard drives and dual Opterons. The thing that troubles me is the PSU compartment. It looks too short for a...