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    Intel extreme setting sometimes drops to default?

    Lots of data in the log files but it covers a wide range of activity over two days. When running various programs you did some sleep - resume cycles, some power plan changes and probably 101 other changes. Without being there, it is difficult to pinpoint anything. The second log file does show...
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    Intel extreme setting sometimes drops to default?

    Good idea. XTU is very inconsistent. When you compare what XTU shows you to what the CPU power registers are actually set to, there are times when the two are not the same at all. The BIOS in my laptop locks the power limit register but you would never know this. XTU shows changes being applied...
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    Intel extreme setting sometimes drops to default?

    ThrottleStop 9.2.4 This version allows you to access the default Windows High Performance, Balanced or Power Saver profiles as well as any other profiles it finds on your computer. Just press the new + button...
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    Intel extreme setting sometimes drops to default?

    Have you uninstalled Intel XTU yet? Have you done any testing to see if there is a difference between first booting up compared to after a sleep - resume cycle? How are you concluding that your CPU is in 15W mode or 25W mode? Did you press the OK button in the ThrottleStop TPL window? The INI...
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    Intel extreme setting sometimes drops to default?

    Some laptops lock the turbo power limits. They might lock them before you first boot up. After you do a sleep resume cycle, then they become unlocked. The opposite can also happen where the turbo power limits are initially left unlocked but doing a sleep resume cycle locks them. Intel XTU also...
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    Intel extreme setting sometimes drops to default?

    When you exit the FIVR window are you pressing the OK button or are you clicking on the X close gadget in the top right corner? The close gadget in Windows means do not save any changes. The INI file should show entries like this. FIVRVoltage00=0xFAE00024 UnlockVoltage00=1 When you are in...
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    Intel extreme setting sometimes drops to default?

    Post some screenshots of how you have ThrottleStop setup. Have you checked the FIVR - Disable and Lock Turbo Power Limits box? Upload the ThrottleStop.INI config file so I can have a look. Just because your CPU is not running the way you want it to run does not mean that ThrottleStop is not...
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    Intel extreme setting sometimes drops to default?

    XTU always has issues with restoring settings, especially after resuming from sleep or hibernate mode. Try using ThrottleStop again. Did you unzip ThrottleStop into its own folder? It cannot create a configuration file if you run the program from a zipped folder. Did you move the ThrottleStop...
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    Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 8750H turbo speed

    The 8750H adjusts its maximum speed based on how many cores are active. 1 or 2 Cores Active - 4.10 GHz 3 or 4 Cores Active - 4.00 GHz 5 or 6 Cores Active - 3.90 GHz These speeds will only be reached if the CPU is not thermal throttling or throttling because it has reached one of the turbo...
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    Intel Extreme Tuning & OEM's

    The Xeon W3680 / W3690 are almost identical to the Core i7-980X Extreme and the Core i7-990X Extreme. They all have an unlocked multiplier which allows for easy overclocking. Intel might have set a different default multiplier and shipped them in different boxes but they are all built on the...
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    1366 x58 Xeon Enthusiast overclocks club

    The OEM heatsink in the T3500 is actually pretty good. The problem is that the only air blowing through it is from the case fans but this can easily be fixed. There is lots of room so you can strap a case fan to the side of the heatsink and get some proper airflow going through it. Big...
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    Possible Intel i3-6100 CPU eBay scam?

    The i3-6100 is obsolete. It was a good little processor, especially if you had a motherboard that you could do some BCLK overclocking. Unfortunately this was a bit of a hack so you lost the AVX instructions and there were a few other issues when BCLK overlclocking Skylake on most boards. The...
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    How to auto disable C1E w/ script?

    USMC2Hard4U - Most popular monitoring apps do not give you any indication if C1E is enabled or not. Great to hear that you found 2 apps that tell it like it is and that your problem is solved. ThrottleStop should be showing the same multiplier across all threads whether idle or fully loaded...
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    How to auto disable C1E w/ script?

    Did you download ThrottleStop 8.20 from here? (622.13KB) - In Windows, the only way to access the CPU registers is through a driver. RealTemp and ThrottleStop both use the WinRing0 driver for this. Edit - Bed time here. I will check back tomorrow to see...
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    How to auto disable C1E w/ script?

    C1E is controlled by a single bit in the CPU. You cannot access registers in the CPU with a simple script. Have you tried using ThrottleStop? It was written by the same guy that wrote RealTemp. (me) The ThrottleStop Guide The latest version should correctly support your Broadwell Xeon and...
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    TDP Threshold for laptop cooling - 4w difference a problem?

    It depends on the cooler. I had a Dell Latitude D830 that could run Prime95 in the mid 50°C range. Excellent cooler. It was only a dual core but it was probably good enough for a quad. Keep in mind that the TDP number is just a maximum rating. It is not exactly equal to actual power...
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    Sudden High CPU usage

    Here is a number to shoot for. Zero. My laptop runs cool and quiet because I am OCD about turning off all of the useless background apps. Turn off the games and turn off Chrome and see where you are at. Get a baseline and then keep a close eye on things, every time you start an app.
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    What's the best tool TODAY to block Microsoft snooping in Windows 10?

    Here is a simple tool to keep Windows 10 from being too much of a pain in the ass. O&O Shutup 10 O&O ShutUp10: download free antispy tool for Windows 10 I also use Classic Shell. Classic Shell - Start menu and other Windows enhancements I am old school and have no use for the new and...
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    strange temperature behaviour

    Try flowing about 70 Amps through your pinky fingernail. That is about how big a Skylake CPU is and that is what happens when you start running Prime95. Of course the core temperatures are going to instantly jump. Your fingernail would look like burnt toast by the time you were able to reach...
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    Haswell-E throttle point.

    At default MHz, most Intel CPUs can run reliably right up to the thermal throttling temperature. When you are overclocking, depending on the CPU model, you might get a random reboot or shutdown before you hit the 100°C TJ Max temperature. An interesting feature of the Asus X99 is that you...
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    5820k Prime95 CPU throttling?

    ThrottleStop lets you see what your turbo power limits are set to. By default, Intel recommends that the long term limit be set equal to the rated TDP of the CPU and the short term limit should be set 20% to 25% higher than the long term limit. My 4th Gen...
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    5820k Prime95 CPU throttling?

    There is a program called Limit Reasons that explains in real time why a 4th Gen Haswell CPU is throttling. I am not sure if the 6 core CPUs are supported but it might tell you what the real reason is. PL1 and PL2 are the power limits that I was talking about. You can see in the pic that my...
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    5820k Prime95 CPU throttling?

    Intel Turbo Boost uses a short term and a long term power limit. If you are running a heavy duty app like Prime95, it is likely that your CPU is hitting the long term turbo power limit. The CPU will automatically reduce the multiplier just enough which forces the CPU to stay just under this...
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    i5-2500k drastically underclocking itself

    Your 4690K is normal but this is not. Does your CPU show 0.2 GHz when idle? Nope. The Task Manger will only show a number like this when it is thermal throttling.
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    i5-2500k drastically underclocking itself

    It looks like your CPU was overheating and throttling. If a heatsink is not mounted properly, the CPU will drop down to 800 MHz in CPU-Z and it will be stuck there. The core temperature was probably pegged at 98C. Download CPUID HWMonitor or a similar program and see what temps your CPU is...
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    Core i7 4710HQ turbo boost question.

    The maximum multiplier is only available when a single core is active. You are not seeing the maximum multiplier because your CPU is spending too much time processing various background tasks. Windows is surprisingly efficient. It's all the other programs that people add to their computer...
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    Core i7 4710HQ turbo boost question. Intel Turbo Boost is limited by heat as well as power consumption. For a 4710HQ, the multiplier and total MHz will automatically be reduced if long term power consumption exceeds 47 Watts. That...
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    Intel 4210y I5 No turbo boost?

    Did you go into the Power Limits window and try increasing any of those values? Some bios versions will lock these registers to prevent adjustment. If ThrottleStop shows an item as grayed out, that is usually what it means. You can also lower the CPU, cache and Intel GPU voltage. This...
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    Intel 4210y I5 No turbo boost?

    I don't know about the Yoga specifically but I do know that Lenovo has decided to disable Intel Turbo Boost on various models like the Y50 and my Y510P. In these two models, as soon as the CPU and GPU are active, turbo boost is turned off. If you are gaming full screen, most users do not even...
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    Looking for a new laptop

    That sums it up. Bay Trail based CPUs are low power slugs and are suitable for basic internet use, email and not much else. The latest 5th Gen U CPUs are WAY better.
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    8.1 Tablets with the new core M processors

    ThrottleStop has recently added support for the Core M and Bay Trail CPUs. On some low power devices with throttling issues, it has made a world of difference. From throttling down to the equivalent of 64 MHz...
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    Configurable TDP

    As long as the bios does not lock the turbo power limits register, most of Intel's 2nd Generation and up CPUs support configurable TDP. You just need the appropriate software such as ThrottleStop. Here is an example of my Core i7-4700MQ. Unfortunately, Lenovo set the lock bit in the bios so...
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    Intel i5 3320m stuck at 1.2GHz

    For the Core i5-3320M, the maximum safe operating temperature is 105°C. 60°C is a safe temperature but it is a little warm if your laptop is mostly idle. It would probably be a good idea to blow out the...
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    Throttle at 51C? Weird.

    Lots of different Asus laptops have similar throttling problems. Try the advice that I just posted in this other [H] thread. Different problem but same solution.
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    Intel i5 3320m stuck at 1.2GHz

    What program are you using to monitor your MHz? Give ThrottleStop from TechPowerUp a try. Make sure EIST is checked, check the Set Multiplier option and set that to 33T or as high as it can go, disable BD PROCHOT and then click on the Turn On button. This is a common laptop problem and there...
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    4790K overclocking..

    All active cores in a Core i CPU use the exact same multiplier and the exact same voltage. The VID voltage is the voltage that a CPU core is requesting. It is not equal to the voltage that the CPU cores are actually receiving. You can have inactive cores in the C3 / C6 / C7 C States. The...
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    X5650 not going above stock multiplier (no Turbo)

    The 23 multiplier is available when 1 or 2 cores are active but you have to have the C3 or C6 C State enabled. If a board or bios leaves these C States disabled then you won't be able to use the maximum multiplier. If HWMonitor is accurately reporting sky high power consumption when your CPU...
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    Upgraded CPU in M6600, GPU usage randomly drops to 0% now. AC Adapter the culprit?

    You're welcome. ThrottleStop has helped out a lot of Dell laptop owners. The M6600 has excellent cooling and comes with a powerful adapter so there is no reason for this laptop to be throttling. Dell probably shipped the 180W AC adapter because your laptop originally shipped with a Dual Core...
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    Upgraded CPU in M6600, GPU usage randomly drops to 0% now. AC Adapter the culprit?

    At the beginning of your log file, up until 08:10:30, Clock Modulation is at 75.0% so your CPU is definitely being throttled then. I am not sure if you clicked on the Turn On button in ThrottleStop or what happened but after that, Clock Modulation goes up to 100.0% like it should be and the...
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    Upgraded CPU in M6600, GPU usage randomly drops to 0% now. AC Adapter the culprit?

    I would turn on EIST and leave Clock Modulation unchecked and then do some more testing to see what happens. If you have already seen 75% in the log file, then I am pretty sure that you have found your problem but I just like to double check so I know exactly what the problem is...