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    V30 vs S8+, shopping decision

    Just got the V30 for myself, on T-Mobile, and my wife has an S8+ - it's really a better phone, in my opinion. It's super-sleek, plenty fast, and does what I need it to. And if you're into it, the QuadDAC is pretty excellent with some decent headphones.
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    Corsair TX850M PSU & Type 4 Cable Kit Luck Draw!

    A huge fan of Corsair products! 350D with all of the Corsair fans it can hold, and a Corsair HX1000 that doesn't seem to stop or slow down.... looking for a HX100 or 110 to round it all out now :)
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    Your stories about how you got "x" computer part

    I think one of the best scores I've had was my monitor, followed by the SSD I'm using now. Monitor - saw it on the local CL for a crazy price that I couldn't pass up, went to look at it and verified there weren't any dead pixels, walked out with a 14-month old Dell U3014 for $150 NVMe SSD -...
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    What add-in cards do you have in your computer (besides a video card)?

    Right now, the only add-in card is a PCIe SSD..... video card migrated to my daughter's computer and I'm relegated to on-board video for a while
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    Windows Vista Has Just 30 Days to Live

    I had Vista Ultimate x64 installed on a workstation that was my main computer - 146gb SAS boot drive, 4x1tb drives in RAID something-or-other 16GB of ram, and a consumer grade video card. I never really had a problem with Vista itself, more my long-standing love of XP that made it difficult to...
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    M2 SSD vs older SSD for OS

    QFT! I was a bit skeptical, 1, at the work I needed to do with my BIOS to get it to work with an NVMe drive, and 2, if there would be a discernible difference going from a SATA III SSD to the SSD in my sig. Easy answer - YES! I'm getting drive speeds, boot times, load times, etc., that I...
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    Bringing back the Lanboy - Socket A / 462 Throwback Build

    Oh man, I am strangely jealous re: the Abit NF7-S V2.0. That was easily one of my favorite boards, ever. Good luck, have fun, can't wait to see it!!
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    my i7 980X is 7 years old!

    I probably won't be upgrading the guts of my PC for quite a while either, not a compelling reason to - GPU, yes, the rest not so much. If it's still working for you and doing all you need it to do, why worry?
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    3dfx VooDoo / retro rig / capacitor thread

    I love this thread and the work you're doing - it is *really* making me sad I don't have any of my old hardware laying around any longer, kudos to you for working to keep this stuff alive.
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    3dfx VooDoo / retro rig / capacitor thread

    This is a great thread, derailed or not :) Those old DFI, Epox, Abit boards were what I always seemed to rotate through - my Epox 8K3A+ got me to something like 213fsb, and the DFI and Abit only built on that.... the good old days. Can't wait to see your recap station and some results!!
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    Lucky Draw - SilverStone ST80F-TI 800W Power Supply

    I wasn't really planning on it because I don't like the idea of going to yet another connection type, especially for phones, because of all of the frreaking cables that a family of 5 requires me to have in the vehicle!! Anything else, I figured I would wait it out and see if the connection...
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    Who Killed PC Audio, and will Soundcards Ever Be a Thing Again?

    I used to have a CL Audigy 4 Pro, well before I had started moving to Win7 and newer computers over the years, and it was pretty great, honestly. On my current motherboard, Asus Maximus Gene V, it's got the Supreme FX whatever on it...... I'm really struggling to feel like there's anything I'm...
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    Great deal on an older monitor via CL (Dell U3014T)

    I was looking through the local CL (Seattle) and saw an e-cycler had a few items for sale, one of which being a pair of Dell U3014T's, at $199 without a stand. Surely, I thought, it was a typo. Called them, verified, drove from Tacoma to Seattle today to have a look. Examined two of them...
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    Xbox Live 2-year $100 @ NE

    I grabbed it for $80, it was a great deal for me since XBL is set to expire next weekend :)
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    Giveaway: WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

    Yeah, that 'tomshardwares' link leaves me feeling a bit nervous :D
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    M-Audio BX5 D2 - $159.98 (Pair!!!)

    Have a pair of these hooked up to the kids' Yamaha CP33 and they are a great deal at this price... I'm pretty sure when we bought them on sale a couple years ago with 'board, we paid about $200 for them, and I had convinced myself that was a good deal at the time. Great buy on a great set of...
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    Grab a free Steam key for RPG Aveyond: Gates of Night

    I reject your logic!!! I think I'll sign up for it on my wife's fb account again, and then listen to her complain when she starts seeing a bunch of nerdy junk in her feed LOL
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    Grab a free Steam key for RPG Aveyond: Gates of Night

    I don't have a facebook account :cool:
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    Mad Catz Titanfall R.A.T.3 Gaming Mouse $30 @Amazon

    I certainly don't need it, but I love the paint job / decor on the thing.... it's cool! Might nab one for one of the kids for a last-minute stocking stuffer :)
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    DVDfab Passkey Giveaway (For copy protected Blu-Ray too)

    Worked like a champ, thanks for the head's up!
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    HOT!!! Humble Codemasters Bundle!

    Dang that's one of the best in a while, some great stuff there
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    Interest in a 0db, high capacity, dust free passive solution, for top end CPU/GPUs?

    Interesting. I'd say for sure, like chx said, go scour the forums at silentpcreview and see if you can find some ideas, and maybe even register and see if bluefront's posts are still there. The dude had some great concepts he put together that might help inspire. With regard to your original...
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    Nixeus MODA v2 MAC/PC TKL Mechanical keyboard - $49.99

    wow, that's steal..... kind of wish I'd seen that before ordering up my CM Storm QFR w/ reds
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    Black Friday deals.

    I'm definitely in for an Xbox One since my old trusty 360 bit the dust..... it's really hard to justify the expense to 'fix' when it's as old as it is. It's time for something bigger / better / badder :)
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    Dell U3415W - $649.99 (ends 9/27)

    Fair. For non-gaming use, there wouldn't be any issues going with the Dell would there? I might *might* fire up a game a couple times per month, but that is quickly changing the more projects I get busy on. Really looking at it for monstrous multi-window ability and possibly some sweet blu-ray...
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    Dell U3415W - $649.99 (ends 9/27)

    At the $649 price, it's tough for me to stay away from. I'm not super-interested in the gaming aspect of it as much as I am for development work I do on my machine. Seems at this price, it's a solid deal, yeah?
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    Dell P2414H

    Wish I had an answer for you Kreon..... it might be best to just RMA the thing since you're so close to the date, and roll the dice on a new one. I was just looking through the thread because I had borrowed a Spyder4 Pro from a friend and really was not impressed with the calibration profile...
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    Legendary Celeron 300A overclocked @ +700 MHz

    YES!!! This almost made me get a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye...... so awesome seeing that old hardware come out and make a run like that. Very impressive :D Makes me sad for my BP-6 w/ 2 of those baddies on it, chugging away at a might 450mhz! OP - thank you for all of the memories
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    Lightweight Debian x64 Linux?

    Also tossing in a vote for crunchbang, it's a great distro
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    Is PhysX even relevant anymore?

    Weird - I've been running with close to the same setup as you in BL2 and get the yummy effects.
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    Bit-HDTV invites

    pm'ed you about this, would be interested in a ComicBT hookup if possible in trade for a bit-hdtv invite
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    Dell P2414H

    I'm not sure what the latest revision is, but I've got exactly what you have, A00 / 07.2013
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    Dell P2414H

    I just got mine, loaded one of the .icm files and changed some settings, love the thing. This is coming from a 2209WA.
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    Seasonic Topre Type Heaven Keyboard and S12G PSU Lucky Draw

    I have never used Seasonic, but the reviews, and the obvious quality of their units has always made me want to put one in my next build (or current build!)..... I feel that there's more to life than Corsair and Antec. And as far as a keyboard goes, I've done the dance with Cherry MX switches of...
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    Google Offer "Refund"?

    Got one of those too, figured I'd see if it really goes through.... seems weird that they would start refunding a bunch of stuff, honestly, especially with the statement that "we don't show any record that you used this blah blah blah"
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    Would you buy a Steam OS console for your living room?

    I vote a solid maybe, purely because I must be getting old and don't fit into the target market - if I wanted to play games on my tv, I'd have a pc sitting there. I just don't quite get the streaming to a device to play a game idea, yet. I totally get it with music / movies, but not so much a...
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    DAS Keyboard Pro Cherry Blue $80, CM Storm TK Cherry Blue $55 AR

    Dang, the DAS is already gone :(
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    Valve Needs 300 Beta Testers For Steam Machines

    Yup, I'm shy a couple friends (YES I'M AN ONLINE HERMIT!) but if any of you fine [H] folks would allow me to add you, that would be awesome..... one just never knows what will happen, right?
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    Gabe Newell says Linux is the future of gaming, new hardware to come out

    You and me both! I'll add you (i9|Bataman!) if you'd care to add me back :D
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    Free Brutal Legend steam key

    sending you key now, thanks!