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    Dual msata to 2.5

    I got it, never ended up ordering mSATA devices. Until you bumped the thread, I forgot I even had it!
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    Getting on my internet in college campus?

    With the exception of some of my coworkers, your campus network is the only thing I truly miss about my former employer. Single homed ICN just isn't the same!
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    large storage with software RAID

    The snapshot would give a crash consistent view of things, as if the power cord were yanked from the box with the volume mounted. The desirability of such a thing depends on the running apps. Why would iSCSI be limited to Windows boot? It could be used for storing VMs for vSphere or Hyper-V...
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    large storage with software RAID

    Why not? You still get all the checksuming, caching, and RAIDZ advantages with ZFS LUNs that you do with ZFS files. Compression and dedupe work just as well. So do snapshots.
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    large storage with software RAID

    Why not consider ZFS on Linux or old school reliable MDADM raid with the SCST iSCSI target? Alternatively, you could use KVM and map a LUN directly into a 2012 VM.
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    The perfect ZFS home server motherboard.

    I would imagine it supports registered ECC. Intel's ARK page say nothing either way, though.
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    Adaptec 71605Q question

    Bueno. Thanks!
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    Adaptec 71605Q question

    If I have a pair of cache drives in RAID 1, can that pair service multiple arrays and LUNs obviously connected to the same card?
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    2012 Essentials rant

    Stuff that costs a pretty penny isn't good for small business. They don't want to pay monthly fees running into the hundreds for cloud services and then have to depend on India for support. Having things local with a relatively automated backup that can be taken offsite is much preferable.
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    2tb WD 2.5" drives in RAID6/RAIDZ2

    Has anyone used multiple WD20NPVX/T's in RAID6 or RAIDZ2? How has the reliability been?
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    Seagate 4TB NAS HDD

    FWIW, I have had excellent luck with my collection of Seagate 2tb and 4tb drives in HP and SuperMicro rack enclosures in 8 and 12 configs. Also, their 1tb 2.5" drives in ProLiant DL360G6s have been good for me. I have had maybe 2 failures in 24/7 use over the past 2 or 3 years. None were "RAID"...
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    Dual msata to 2.5 (mSATA) (2.5") Roughly $25 difference. It really depends what you want to do with your storage.
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    Dual msata to 2.5

    I ordered on of these direct from the manufacturer. We'll see how it goes. I like the idea of RAID 1 in a 2.5" form factor.
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    HP StorageWorks 60 Modular Smart Array (MSA60)

    I bought a HP H221 HBA, part number 650931-B21.
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    HP StorageWorks 60 Modular Smart Array (MSA60)

    Not off hand but it is just a run of the mill SAS card. I use one cable to connect to the MSA. The SAS9200-8e will likely work great!
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    HP StorageWorks 60 Modular Smart Array (MSA60)

    I have one attached with an HP SAS HBA which is based on the LSI2308 chip. I see all 12 drives. The SAS Expander firmware can only be updated with a HP SmartArray card, much like the standalone HP SAS Expander card. I haven't tested with over 2tb drives, so I can't vouch for their stability...
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    T1 PRI to SIP gateway recommendations

    I rather like Cisco router configuration myself. We're moving from CUCM to Lync and they can pry my ISR from my cold, dead hands.
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    Sata 2 backplane with 3TB+ drives Question

    I think it'll work fine. Its stuff like SAS expanders and controllers that have issues like that.
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    Cheap & fast ZFS server?

    The SmartArray cards like the P410 will not pass through drives for ZFS. You want something different. Also, in my experience, ZFS performance with SATA drives behind expanders leaves a lot to be desired. Cards with discrete ports are bound to be faster.
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    VPN Router hardware

    If you think you may want a DC out at the site and are looking to minimize hardware, Vyatta will run well in a VM and handles interface based VPNs - this is helpful because you can use OSPF with your tunnels. Also, XenDesktop is going to be a lot better than RDP over a WAN. Its pricier but so...
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    Should I move off of intel fakeraid?

    9260 is a SAS2 card. :)
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    Should I move off of intel fakeraid?

    One has to be careful with the older SAS1 based LSIs like the Perc6 because they won't handle >2tb drives.
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    Should I move off of intel fakeraid?

    ZFS on Linux is production ready and works extremely well. It ditches the Solaris baggage and has wonderful target options (SCST), unlike FreeBSD. <--- has ZoL Fibre Channel SAN up and running for several months and is happy with it.
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    LSI 9271-8i RAID controller used in a MicroATX build, good idea, or not?

    Those RAID cards tend to run hot. They're designed to be ran in rackmounted servers with lots of front to rear airflow. Sandwiching the cards isn't an issue as long as you get enough air movement from the front and out the back. What are you using the LSI for? If you are just striping SSDs, the...
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    Anyone using ST4000VN000 ?

    Mine is in a 2u rackmount chassis with 12 drives. The rack itself has other servers. No issues.
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    Anyone using ST4000VN000 ?

    I have one that I ordered to replace a ST4000DX000 in my ZFS RAIDZ3 setup. Seems fine. No complaints.
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    gigabit replacement?

    Bonded gigabit?
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    OpenIndiana based SAN (help!)

    It does not use COMSTAR. SCST has an FC target for QLogic cards that works very well. I serve FC targets to my HyperV hosts. My HyperV hosts are actually diskless and boot from the ZoL SAN.
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    Location of your home server?

    Mine is in the unfinished part of my basement in an old Compaq rack I took from work.
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    OpenIndiana based SAN (help!)

    You could try ZFS on Linux. I'm using it with the SmartArrays and haven't had any problems.
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    4TB disks for RAID 6 on 3ware 9650SE-16ML?

    Does the 9650 support 4tb drives? Even so, if you're going to spend that much, upgrade the controller, too.
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    Moving storage server

    Back in 2008, I moved a storage server with 20x250gb drives in my Scion tC. The server was just set in the back of the hatch. I drove aggressively too. Those drives lived to be sold. :) Since you don't want to be that much of a jackass and your trip is longer, I would box up the server...
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    wd red, ultrastar or deskstar for 24/7 NAS?

    I know its not on your list but I have had very good luck with the Seagate LP 2tb drives and their 4tb drives as well. They have been on Adaptec RAID cards, PERCs, and on LSIs in ZFS RAIDZ3 volumes. Also, I've had Seagate 1tb 2.5" drives 24/7 on SmartArrays in refurb Proliants and they've been...
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    ESXi 5.1 Host Freezing Issues

    Those AHCI errors trouble me. I saw similar errors with AACRAID and my RAID card was dropping out from under me due to a rather strange hardware issue. I resolved the hardware issue and the box was fine. Is your box completely unresponsive? If you go to the console, does the F2 key work? Can...
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    In terms of ZFS SAN performance

    I'm looking to build a 1U ZFS on Linux SAN based around this SuperMicro barebones. It has 4 3.5" bays with available hotswap kit to use 2.5" drives. I don't want to consider a bigger kit at this time. The SAN will be used...
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    Help desk interview questions

    Do you like sushi? I then proceed to give my boss a hard time and watch for a reaction. If they freak, then they're not a good fit.
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    Why can't you use .1 for a host?

    A couple of our DHCP scopes are /23's and it confused the hell out of one our less educated techs when she had machines with IPs ending in .0 and .255.
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    Why can't you use .1 for a host?

    You can. .1 is often picked as the router IP but it isn't reserved for that purpose.
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    Boot from Esxi 5.1 passthrough device

    I'm thinking of a second raid card. The server boots from the first card and has datastores. I want to dedicate the second raid card entirely to the VM and boot from it.