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    Great deal on an older monitor via CL (Dell U3014T)

    I was looking through the local CL (Seattle) and saw an e-cycler had a few items for sale, one of which being a pair of Dell U3014T's, at $199 without a stand. Surely, I thought, it was a typo. Called them, verified, drove from Tacoma to Seattle today to have a look. Examined two of them...
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    Free Brutal Legend steam key

    leftover from the recent Humble Bundle, already had it - my stipulation to giving this away is that you add me as a friend on Steam (throwing my hat into the steambox beta thing, and I need more friends :( ) and then I'll give you the key there. Fair? i9|Bataman! is my steamid
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    Humble Weekly Sale keys

    I have a key for Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Thomas Was Alone - first to PM me gets them. Both gone now.... Amnesia: The Dark Descent - GONE to Spudsdude Thomas Was Alone - GONE to buschman31
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    Asus Eee PC 1215T, 32gb ssd, 4gb, accessories - $150 starting

    Title says most, auction link says it all :) Looking to move this as I've got no need for it any longer - my wife is now full-time on an iPad and I really don't need another machine in the fleet.
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    Legend of Grimrock steam key

    Got it in the Humble Bundle but already residing in my steam library - first pm gets it.
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    Free Steam keys for 2 Humble Bundle games

    First PM gets them: Crayon Physics Deluxe - gone to Tac Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery - gone to bamaland101 From some of the past bundles, I've already got these, and thought I'd share here...hit me up! ENJOY :)
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    Antec Signature 650w enough now?

    I just recently upgraded my cpu from an X4 to an X6 (have ran it at 3.5, but was seeing weirdness and backed off to stock for now), and then my gpu from a GTX260 to a GTX570. Looking at the calculator on newegg, it's telling me I should have minimum, here's another "is my psu...
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    2gb card for 1920x1200 gaming?

    Just like the title states......I'm currently in shop around mode, and from what I see, the 6950 and 560Ti (cards in my price range) trade blows pretty well. The kicker for me is, I love eye candy, and I'm struggling to get that with my GTX260 these days. The biggest question I've got in my...