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    Valve Steambox Details

    Valve released some of the specs for their beta Steamboxes today. There's a thread on this from the front page news, but this seems like a good place to discuss these machines, especially given their dimensions. Aside from some pretty impressive specs there are a few things that stick out. I'm...
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    AMD R7 250

    I'm wondering if anyone has been able to find more details about the R7 250. As far as I can tell it lacks a PCI-E power plug, so its max power draw will be under 75W. So it sounds like this is a replacement for the HD7750. I've heard that it might be based on an Oland chip from the 8000 OEM...
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    Consensus on 7850 choice?

    I've settled on getting a 2GB 7850, but I haven't seen too much discussion about the various versions in these threads. Is there any consensus on which card to get? Or maybe a better question is which card not to get. I've had good experiences with MSI cards in the past (and I like the dual...
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    Replacement for Hydor L35 pump

    My Hydor L35 pump has started making some annoying grating sounds and it has been suggested that the only way to fix this is to replace it, it is also a little too big for my case and i have a hard time forcing to fit somewhere. Does anyone have any suggestions for a replacement that has flow...
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    Squealing Antec Neo Power 480

    My Antec Neo makes a high pitched noise, similar to of a tv that is on but not displaying anything. It has something to do with where the power cable plugs in since fiddling with the cable temporarly relieves the problem. I have tried different cables, that didn't help. Has anyone esle had...
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    Noisy hydror 30 pump

    I have a hydror 30 pump that makes a noise similar to a loud hard drive accessing. It's not vibrational noise, at least not from the case, since I can pick it up with no difference in sound. I have recently cleaned the inside of the pump to no avail. The sound is almost always present, maybe...