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    how forgiving should you be with mining calculators

    A good place to start would be to compare your actual hashrate with the one on the calc. Also, are you mining on a pool and considering fees? And then of course luck comes into play.
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    “Solo” Box Office a Historic Failure for “Star Wars”

    In general I hate star wars, it's fucking horrible. That said, I thought Solo was the only good star wars film I've seen. It was like a western set in space. Soooo, if you think star wars is dumb as fuck, then maybe you'll like this one despite what the critics amd fanboys say.
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    Can somebody tell me how to remove owncloud from Mint?

    How did you install it and what makes you think it's still there? Maybe there's some reminent files you just need to delete.., otherwise what you did should work I would think.., guess you could try: apt-get purge --auto-remove owncloud owncloud-client
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    Bitcoin Minus $119B..with a B

    ITT, people who weren't buying GPUs anyway.
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    Monero Crypto Not as Anonymous as You Might Think

    Depends on setup, at current profits more than a year though.
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    How do we give gamers first crack at new cards?

    Maybe, although when someone says all mining will no longer be profitable because one coin is moving to pos, automatically makes me feel like they have no idea what they are talking about.
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    Buying GPU From Miner?

    For what it's worth, since back in like august or july (whenever the prices started getting crazy) I've pretty much only been buying used cards from miners (even bought a 1070 with a real bad bend), and i've been mining with all of them 24/7 since with no problems from any of them... even the...
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    Coinbase, activation amounts not showing in bank acct

    It seems as though only people who purchased coins from coinbase with a debit card were affected. I to have a crypto only bank account and have not had any issues with coinbase. I have a buddy though, who bought $100 of ltc from them 2 weeks back and was charged 5 times for thr 1 transaction...
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    What to do with old working monitors?

    Usually they'll sit in storage for a while until I need one for something or give it away.
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    Bitcoin Mining Energy Use Set To Overtake Homes In Iceland

    Oh nooooz the big bad crypto maximizer. BTC is using .22% of the worlds electricty, ETH in comparison .07%. I mean, yeah maybe if we start seeing the networks expand by orders of magnitude in a short period of time..., btc did grow by about half an order of magnitude this year. I think there...
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    Crypto and gpu price going back

    A Gadjillion dollars, stop thinking about mining. It's obviously not worth it. ;)
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    Crypto and gpu price going back

    Don't tell people things like this :P
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    Bitcoin Mining Energy Use Set To Overtake Homes In Iceland

    Not that I want to debate this.., i hate this debate..., but many coins have "semi-rarity". Bitcoin for example has a maximum supply of about 21million, of which a fair amount is considered to be lost. That's quite a bit more rare then say, the dollar. (Some coins are way more scarce.., 42 for...
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    Bitcoin Mining Energy Use Set To Overtake Homes In Iceland

    If you mean types of consensus algorithms, That I know of, there is PoW (proof of work), PoS (proof of stake), PoC (proof of capacity), and PoWT (proof of work time), PoET (proof of elapsed time), PoL (proof of luck), PoB (proof of burn), PoA (proof of activity).., there are probably more that I...
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    Bitcoin Mining Energy Use Set To Overtake Homes In Iceland

    Not all coins use PoW consensus...
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    Bitcoin Mining Energy Use Set To Overtake Homes In Iceland

    Is crypto a paperclip maximizer? Lols I think mostly people are just sour about gpu prices.
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    Just mine or trade?

    Depends what your mining, most coins I mine I hold (they never even touch an exchange). That said, I do have a few cards mining more popular coins like zcash and eth, which I then trade, as well as a few cards earning fldc and cure, which I trade once a month. So honestly, it's probably just a...
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    Prototype 4x Titan V

    I don't get jealous of other peoples computers very often. Good work!
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    Anyone Mining Electroneum?

    I am! And ^ is right, you need to run electroneumd until you are sychronized.
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    1070ti/1080 availability
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    1070ti/1080 availability

    Man you are in denial.., and now I dont think you understand what capital loss is...
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    1070ti/1080 availability

    Then you are talking about tax fraud. A few posts up I posted an irs link explaining what it is.., feel free to read. Whether or not you agree with it, the law is the law. The IRS clearly states you pay tax for when coins are mined and when they are traded, as well as when you receive them...
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    1070ti/1080 availability

    This is so wrong.., here let me do your research for you..., omfg. If you think being in a pool gets you out of taxes: Do you have to pay capital gains on trades??? YES,, fucking read dammit: Recent change in tax law MAKING ALL TRADES...
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    NewEgg Open Box - experiences?

    Never bought a motherboard, but have bought open box gpus and coolers with no issues.
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    1070ti/1080 availability

    Well according to the country you live in it's a felony: Also, if you really have made millions and have been avoiding those taxes (sounds like you need to do some research) be careful. Anyone...
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    1070ti/1080 availability

    So tax fraud then... Also:
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    1070ti/1080 availability

    My point was that it is not "free money". There are costs involved whether or not you use nicehash. As for people that think nicehash is a good way to mine.., no words for you.
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    1070ti/1080 availability

    They are not the same. First is the costs you deduct no matter what. Second is the profit you are missing out on. Two fold here. First, nicehash is not paying you btc with dollar value equivalent to what you mined, so loss there. Second loss I'll let you figure out on your own.
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    1070ti/1080 availability

    First of all, you are still paying A/C, Electric, Hardware cost, and all of the taxes. Second, you are now decreasing the amount of profit you would earn. Third, these currencies were not meant to be mined through one central pool.., although I guess this doesn't matter to people who don't...
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    1070ti/1080 availability

    It's not "Free Money" You pay hardware cost, you pay electric, you pay for A/C, you pay tax when you cash out, you pay tax when you trade coins, and guess what! You even pay tax when the coin is mined. So no, not free money. It takes a decent amount of time and energy (no pun intended) keeping...
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    New to crypto. Can I use hardware I have laying around?

    Because let's centralize these coins by giving a big chunk of hashing power to scummy people.
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    1070ti/1080 availability

    Ethereum is moving towards POS. But yeah, I agree with you.
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    1070ti/1080 availability

    I hope so, that was sorta the attitude last time though, and it didn't really happen. I mean, sure we saw cards on the market again.., but gone are the days I could get an rx 480 for < $200. (If I remember correct I bought some for like $140 ea. last year)
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    1070ti/1080 availability

    This.., and it's not a good thing.
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    Why video card prices are still so high?

    Right! I miss when mining was just a small hobby and when anyone asked about it the answer was automatically, "It's not profitable".., let's go back to that.
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    1070ti/1080 availability

    Poor Poor noob miner that purchased that
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    Show us your Linux setup!

    I run linux on basically everything..., i do have a win 10 machine and a few with osx though. But mostly I just always use linux (servers, miners, laptops and desktops). Here is my setup with lots of screens.
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    Converting 1 SSD system to RAID 1

    This Setting up a raid1 mirror will require you wiping the drive, but the windows service should be fine.., or even windows file history will do what it seems like you want.. E.G. just have a backup of everything.
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    Asus rebate scam

    I had a similar issue where I bought an ASUS GPU this summer and the rebate check (prepaid card actually) just arrived two weeks ago.., so you guys who've been waiting several months, maybe it'll still show up. Also, I'm pretty sure it is a third party that processes these rebates, not Asus. I...