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    WoW having server issues...

    PSA, WoW servers since update are BONKERS. I figure we will be getting free day out of it. Once again Blizzard dropping the ball on patch day :)
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    Sexy PSU :)

    These are sexy and finally available for purchase...Nice, 580W too :) On the Type R we our using our design patented mesh body. This allows directional convection thereby lowering the need for forced air (Fan) which in turn means lower fan RPM and noise. Also as a side effect it lowers...
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    Oblivion Patch 1.1 out

    Xfire just downloaded patch 1.1 for Oblivion. I just have installed it. Hopefully this fixes some of the bugs :)
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    Armored Fury is out!
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    New BETA 91.29 drivers...checking them out now...

    Installing right now. Will report back on results.
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    Play With the Pros: Win Intel Hardware Worth $6,000!

    Intel Dual-Core Gaming Event 6 Hours of CS 1.6, CS:S, BF2 & CoD2 Play With the Pros & Pick Up Games With/Against the Pros & Chat with Team 3D 5 lucky winners will each get a combo prize of: Intel 955 Processor. Retail Value: $1,008.99 Intel 955X Motherboard. Retail Value...
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    SPOILERS: Oblivion Arrow of Extrication Quest Problems...

    Well, I have run into a problem and I have no idea to get around it, if I even can...I am in Fathis Aren't's room and I found the trigger to open the secret door, however, when I do this nothing happens, i.e. I still have a lame a** wall in front of me. I can see on the map the chamber that's...
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    Chlorine in the gene pool needed w/ these ppl...

    This is in an email I got from a friend, whose nephew is stationed in Iraq w/ the Patriot Guard Riders: It was very special for us this weekend, in a very sad way, because my nephew's roommate was killed last week in Iraq. His funeral is this week and the protestors have posted notice in the...
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    Wii is most wanted console for Japanese consumers - survey

    Not really a shock here but shows again how well the Wii might do in Japan, and how badly the PS3 seems to be priced. ------------------------------------------------------------------- A reader survey by Famitsu magazine has revealed that nearly 70 per cent of respondents are most looking...
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    AMD to invest $2.5 bln to expand Dresden factories

    May 29, 2006 — By Scott Hillis and Lars Rischke SAN FRANCISCO/DRESDEN, Germany (Reuters) - Advanced Micro Devices Inc. <AMD.N>, the No. 2 maker of microchips for personal computers, said on Monday it will spend an additional $2.5 billion to upgrade and expand its two factories in Germany...
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    Nike runs with an iPod

    This is pretty cool :) Nice accessory for runners. Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs and Nike CEO Mark Parker on Tuesday unveiled new products that connect the Nike+ Air Zoom Moire, a new running shoe outfitted with a sensor and receiver, with an iPod Nano to report running data in real time and...
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    New 91.28 drivers...Improved IQ?

    Is it me or is the IQ improved in these new drivers. Started playing Oblivion and I have to say that the game looks better. Might be a placebo effect but that's why I am posting to see what everyone else thinks. Haven't tried it in BF2, Fear, or any other game yet. Will add to this later...
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    Oblivion - Problem *spoilers* looking for help..

    Well, here goes. I am doing the main quest and I am getting the support for Bruma. I have all of the cities except for Skingrad. In Skingrad I ran into problems. The Count is still mourning over his dead wife from the vampire cure. I have waited days upon days for him to stop mourning and...
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    Anyone check these "Sedona" drivers out?

    Interesting drivers...wondering if anyone has had a chance to check these out yet? ForceWareUltra BETA (Sedona) 84.66 What is Sedona? Sedona is the codename for the new NVIDIA Control Panel. It's a module based control panel that works a bit like the Microsoft Management Console. It's...
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    PC Mag claims Sony faked Blu-Ray demo

    This is pretty interesting. IF this is true, it's really not looking good for Sony... ---------------------------------- PC MAGAZINE has created a bit of a hullabaloo after one of its writer's claimed that Sony faked the Blu-Ray demo of the new Vaio. PC Mag hack, Lance Ulanoff showed up...
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    Free calls within the US and Canada to all phones.

    Nice deal until the end of the year. Free long distance (US & Canada) calls from US/Canada Skype callers. ---------------- Calls to friends and family on Skype have always been free. Now we've made calls within the US and Canada to all phones totally free till the end of the year...
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    WMP 11 download link for May 17th from MS (the link will be live on Wednesday, May 17th).
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    WoW going Hollywood

    LOS ANGELES - The hugely popular "Warcraft" video games have inspired plans for a live-action feature film set in the epic fantasy universe of orcs, trolls, elves and the undead. The project is being developed by the creator of the games, Blizzard Entertainment Inc., and producer Legendary...
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    Nintendo steals Sony's, Microsoft's thunder at E3

    Pretty interesting. We'll see how this ends up playing out but looks like nintendo is sitting pretty. -------------------------------------------------- While Nintendo has created an impressive booth with 27 games running on even more stations, it is nearly impossible for most attendees to...
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    PS3 and Wii launch titles from Activision..

    Activision has released the following announcement about its game line-up for the Electronic Entertainment Expo this week which includes Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and Spider-Man 3: Activision, Inc. today confirmed that the company is currently in development on three launch titles for both...
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    Net neutrality ammendment to bill fails..

    A hotly contested Democratic bid to enshrine extensive Net neutrality regulations in the law books failed Wednesday in the U.S. House of Representatives. We'll see if it doesn't get tacked on later in the process.
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    Ghost Recond Advanced War Figher Demo out..

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    MS Q&A on new piracy nag

    The Q&A part is towards the bottom of the article. Here's the lead-in. ---------------------------------------------------------------- MS Expands Anti-Piracy Program, Reissues Patch Microsoft today began expanding its anti-piracy program by quietly pushing out a software update that in...
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    Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars announced

    Following widespread rumors, EA reveals the revamped version of its classic real-time strategy series will ship in 2007. Following widespread rumors, Electronic Arts has made it official: Command & Conquer 3 is coming to PCs. When the game ships in 2007, it will be the first new installment in...
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    Oblivion - Save game - HDR - AA - Vsync bug?

    I didn't find anything on this but here goes. When I am playing 16x12x4x16 and I am going through a door, or entering a new area, or sometimes, just randomly, the game will crash. If I try to load the quicksave which I did just before crash, the game will crash, however if I change either...
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    Oblivion - Landscape LOD texture replacements..

    I don't know if everyone was having as much of an issue as me downloading the the two LOD replacements, so I am uploading them to Fileplanet right now. They will be located here. Hope this helps some ppl out so they don't have to sit around @ 18.5KB/s. Incidentally, I don't know how...
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    LOL - 1up Mushroom :)

    The instructions are pretty simple. All you do is add potting soil to the green sewer-pipe-shaped flower pot, and push the spores deep into it. Soak the soil with water using the dropper, add a squirt of the food solution, and then it's off to a dark location for a few weeks. We left ours in the...
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    Shocker: Sony UDM movie format failing to excite gamers

    Any of us surprised that we didn't like a new format pushed on us, when it was not needed or wanted? ----------------- 31 March 2006 - Sony's Universal Media Disc, used in its PlayStation Portable handheld console, days look to be numbered as a movie format if reports in the Hollywood Report...
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    DDRdrive X1 Delayed until Q2

    This is an mailing list email I got today. I am really curious to see how this thing pans out. Check out the pic. It's HUGE. ----------------------------------- Solid state drive enthusiast, To allow additional time to include a DDRdrive X1 Control Panel application with unique and...
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    Firefox causes breakup...

    The website designer that submitted the report writes that she had changed her mind when Firefox asked whether it should save the password for her website and dived into Password Manager to change her preference. What she found when she got there were the preferences of her fiancé: a list of...
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    Sony to sell new games online

    Mr Harrison said that, in a first, complete games could be downloaded from the service on to the hard drive of its next-generation console, the PlayStation 3, due to be launched in November. This would mean no game disk would be required.... “That direct connection between the consumer and...
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    Some funny predictions... This is some funny stuff. Seriously, where do they get some of these ppl?
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    BF2 - Mine, mine, mine #2

    If you watched the first one, you will definitely like the second one. If you haven't seen either one yet, have some fun, a la BF2.
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    BF2 Euro Force Server up and running...

    We have all 3 of the new maps running on our server. As soon as BF2: EF is released and you have it running, our ranked server is up and running. [H] Euro Force Server Hit us up tomorrow and let's have some fun :)
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    New Forceware 84.20... Running 84.12 right now, will post initial impressions after I install and play some BF2 and FEAR.
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    Battlefield 2 [H] Server - add-on question - poll

    We are thinking that when we move to Dallas location we might add, Euro Force server or Special Forces server on top of our regular BF2 server. Show of hands and what ppl would prefer would be nice. Might help us make a decision...
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    Hilarious BF2/Cheney spoof tag bug anyone?

    One of my buddies put this together :)
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    [H] on GoogleNews!!! Warning LARGE image

    Pretty cool, first time I have seen HardOCP on Google news. New feeds must be working :) Ok, reduced image size a bit to make it at least fit nicely.