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    building a home desktop, a few quick questions

    So it's been roughly 10 years since i've built my own pc; i've mostly been using laptops in the mean time. i figure it'd be nice for me to build a nice, simple pc for home use. word, excel, diablo 3, nothing too strenuous or creative. no video editing, no overclocking, mostly home office use and...
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    think my receiver is dead, repair or replace?

    so i've got a denon avr-1909 it's about 4-5 years old. i think my recent construction might have gotten a bunch of dust into the machine or something, but it won't play anything through hdmi. i've got my 360, ps3 and cable box all fed through and nothing shows. 360 and ps3 play just fine...
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    is it worth the time/money?

    For a long time i've entertained the idea of building a HTPC with a media server. the idea is i would copy all my dvd/BD to the server, use the HTPC to record tv shows, and be able to stream them around the house. i'm doing some work on the house (a lot of it) and was thinking i might be...
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    halo 4 matchmaking problems?

    anyone still playing halo 4? lately i've been playing and i'm consistently put on the losing team. this can be when i'm going 20-10 or 5-15 cuz we're getting rolled. this entire week i think i've won maybe 3 games of slayer out of 20. my CSR is only 17 so i don't know what the fuck is going on...
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    ps3 rpg recommendations

    okay so now that this gen's games are winding down, i can get caught up with my ps3. i got last of us on goldbox deal and it was such a steal. $25! anyhow i have a 360 too, and i play my dual console titles on it, so i'm looking for some good rpgs for ps3. i would say i like jrpgs but i...
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    The Last of Us $25 amazon PS3 digital download code
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    Splinter cell black crush

    I bought blacklist and um enjoying it so far except that in many shadowy areas my blacks are crushed flat. Even on the darkness settings where it talks about left middle and right boxes, only the right, presumably most light, box with text is visible at the highest setting. I'm going to...
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    repasting a laptop

    so i have a 3-4 year old asus g73 republic of gamers(whichever model bestbuy carried) its getting hot as shit lately. i read that it might be a thermal pasting wearing out. a local computer parts store said they charge $55 to dust out and repaste the computer. i know thermal paste only costs...
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    Best apple store accessories

    So I have an apple tv I'm going to retro the apple store, and want to know what you guys ink it's worth spending the return money on. I dont mind paying more than the 100 bucks I'll get for the tv, I just dont know what's worth buying. Some ideas: Bluetooth headset. Noise canceling...
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    Just got an Apple TV...worth using?

    So i just got this as a gift and i was pretty happy until i thought about how i would use it. i don't really have any desire to stream media, and i already have a 360 and ps3. i guess what i'm asking is what else can i do with it besides stream from my ipad/pc to my tv? because i guess...
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    i need a pair of cheap, reliable ps3 headsets

    and by headset i mean single ear, for speaking with a friend, not stereo speaker-replacements. a friend and i mostly play xbox games but we both have ps3's. with the announcement of the ps4 we've been thinking now we're coming up on the end of AAA titles for the current gen consoles, and we...
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    i think i need a router upgrade

    Okay so my home network (used primarily for gaming, hence this forum) uses an old Buffalo router for wifi (2 laptops and an iPad) with ps3 and 360 plugged in. lately, skype calls have been choppy and sometimes halo 4 games have been laggy when i'm party leader. when i tried skype calls using...
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    halo 4 buggy for anyone else?

    I'm enjoying the game so far, except that's its buggy. playing through campaign missions on co-op my friends and i weren't getting credit for completing missions, even though it would show the following chapter available for play. last night we were grinding out legendary spartan ops for...
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    Best venue to sell a ps3?

    I like my ps3, but I don't use it much. Coupled with me finding out that universal remotes don't work with it, I've decided I'd like to sell my ps3 for a standalone bd player and a universal remote. I'd like to avoid Craigslist, if possible
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    first gen ipad starting to show its age, when's the right time to upgrade?

    So i was lucky enough to receive the ipad only a few months after it was released, 64 gig 3g model. carry it around work, love to travel with it, it's great. lately i don't use it as much as i used to: still take plenty of notes, email, news, video (movies/tv shows), internet, but very little...
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    95 processes (but a witch ain't 1)

    so i have a lot of processes running on my computer (windows 7 64, asus zenbook ux21) and i have no idea how to reduce them down. i ran decrapifyer when i first got the pc but didn't want to uninstall anything necessary. i'm having some input lag trying to compose an email in gmail and went to...
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    Touchpad multitouch stopped working

    I just got an ux21e zenbook. I was doing the decrapifyer and updating stuff and my multitouch gestures stopped working. I tho it was when I updated some of the touchpad software (asus automatic update) and was just wondering if anyone knows where I go to reeable them. I went to mouse settings in...
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    3rd party warranty?

    i'm looking at buying an asus zenbook and was wondering if buying a squaretrade extended warranty is worth the 180 bucks for 3 years. i usually don't buy extended warranties, and i haven't had any (major problems) with my current asus g73. but i didn't know with smaller laptops and hardware...
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    5.1 sound streaming through 360?

    Finally got my subwoofer bought and hooked up, sounds great, just want to figure out how to get 5.1 sound through my xbox. with games it works fine, but when i try to stream my music through media player or youtube music videos it just plays stereo sound. any ideas?
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    Friend gets dropped from mass effect games (360)

    A friend of mine ends up booted from games i'm in with him in ME3 multiplayer. the thing is, it's only ever gold matches and it's only (according to him) games where i'm playing with him. can any of you think of a reason for this to make it stop happening?
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    Do i have the God computer?

    At work (a restaurant) we're having problems with our internet. no connection to the outside world UNLESS my computer is online and connected to one of the wireless routers. i know nothing of networking, but i figure either it's a problem with the way things are hooked up, or my computer is...
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    Single digit fps in diablo

    So I've been waiting to buy diablo 3 til I had some time to play it. Broke down last night. Bought it, installed it, played it. Fps in the teens and single digits with settings high or low. I run the asus g73jh with radeon mobility 5870. I played the beta with settings I think on...
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    Specific diablo question: are there fun runs to grind?

    for those of you who've played through to hell or later, how is the grinding? i played the beta, but was wondering do you do full quest playthroughs or the old school waypoint to boss loot finding? also, how's the loot? please stay on topic
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    small form factor and longevity issues

    I am interested in building a small form factor office computer for myself and was wondering if there are problems with heat or other issues making them not last as long as a full sized tower. i've seen computers like the Acer Revo and wonder if it would be better to go with a prebuilt or...
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    Small form factor for office work?

    we're setting up new offices, and i'll be getting a 2nd computer so i don't need to drag my laptop around with me. the desk doesn't have a lot of space underneath (to put a tower) so i was thinking about either leaving my laptop at the office as my work computer, and building a new one for home...
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    mass effect 3 multiplayer trend

    I'm now seeing everyone and their mother who plays Gold difficulty just picking engineer or infiltrator, or occasionally turian sentinel and just spamming overload/energy drain i get that they're good skills, but it's bad enough that snipers are constantly sniping my potential warp-bombs when...
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    mass effect operation raptor question

    i logged in this afternoon pleased to see a victory pack waiting for me, but no commendation pack even those i promoted 2 classes during the weekend. anyone else notice this (i.e. they haven't awarded commendation packs yet) or did i get jobbed/miss something? and i DO have data sharing...
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    Mass effect 3: asari stasis discussion

    so i see a lot of people using or even snipers (i cringe when i think of the weight penalty) to headshot enemies caught in stasis. is it just me, or is it less effective than using stasis and then throw? i get that you could line up a few headshots right away, but isn't the aoe detonation...
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    receiver+subwoofer combo

    I have av123's elt525 speaker and my denon 1909 recently stopped working. i also have never got around to buying a subwoofer for these things. i wouldn't know input from power if i tried to tinker with it, and i can't find a good electronics shop to take a look at it, so i figure i should...
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    360 headset issues

    I was until recently using the headset i got with my halo3 edition xbox and the sound kept cutting out. my friends would talk and halfway through sentences it would just cut out. they had recently gotten new mics and it was still a problem for me. i bought a new microphone (the one with the...
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    Streaming video through 360 or ps3?

    I recently got a ps3 and haven't gotten a chance to use it much. I previously had TVersity setup to stream through my 360, before i had to reformat my computer. my big issue was there often seemed to be lag and it was VERY difficult to get it to respond. for instance connecting the 360 and...
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    kingdom of amalur/mass effect 3 demo question

    does anyone know if i'll need to beat the entire KOA demo in order to unlock all the associated gear in Mass Effect 3? i read that players would need to beat the full ME3 demo in order to unlock the omni blades, but it didn't say if i would need to grind out the full 45 minutes to get the...
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    Help with upgrading the office computers

    computers at our business are starting to really show their age. it's a restaurant, so it's like we're breaking atoms or anything, but on machines that are 5 or 6 years old, even internet and word processors take forever to load. i was thinking i'd like 2 or 3 new rigs to handle easy stuff...
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    has my gamertag been stolen? i can't access it?

    i just tried to sign into my xbox account to play some video games (jetlagged) and it says i couldn't sign into my account, that it wasn't a valid account. i try to go online to to see what's going on. had to reset my password on my account (might have forgotten, its been a while)...
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    Problems booting with Win 7

    okay so my laptop is the Best Buy Asus g73, got it about a year ago, give or take. windows 7 is failing to boot. woke up one morning and it was on the startup repair screen, couldn't fix the problem. said the cause is a corrupt file. sorry i'm at work and can't get the exact data, i'll come...
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    Windows 7 Boot failure...options?

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    i happen to like video game sequels. There i said it.

    Movie sequels are often annoying, but like many novels, video games tend to get better with more iterations. graphics get better, bugs get worked out, etc...all in a world that i already enjoy. let's take mass effect. first game might be my favorite rpg, ever. i bought the 2nd, beat it...
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    is Creative Commons Malware?

    I did a search in firefox and was surprised that it was using creative commons as the search engine. now maybe it's a normal search engine but i definitely didn't change it and didn't notice it. is it legit or do i have some cleaning to do?
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    forgot my cell phone, how do i forward my calls?

    I use Verizon, and like it says i forgot my cell at home and want to forward the number to my work. is there a way i can call my phone and punch in a code or something? or do i have to call into customer service?
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    Best iPad navigation app.

    Hi this is really a 2 part question. The first is, do I need an Internet connection to use my 3G version iPad? I tried to search online and couldn't figure out if the iPad can donoffline gps tracking. The 2nd question is are there any good gps apps built for iPad (don't want an iPhone version...