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    Show off your OSX desktop TinyEye'd it.
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    Best multi IM chat program for iOS?

    I believe thats only for OSX and not iOS
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    Red or Brown Switch?

    I have this Ducky Keyboard with Browns, Its the only cherry switch iv'e tried so couldn't tell you which i prefer but thought i'd mention that browns feel gritty to me. If i ever move to house where the walls are made of more than paper i'll probably buy a keyboard with blues to try out.
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    Getting rid of programs with broken uninstallers?

    I use Geek Uninstaller its simple, fast and free.
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    Upgrading to Windows 8.1

    I'd imagine fresh installs of 8.1 are for retail copy's of 8 only. OEM will be upgrade only or wait for them to put out their own updated media. I'm not 100% on that though so if you do figure please let us know :)
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    Man Forgets Buying $27 Of Bitcoin, Worth $886k Now

    I bet you do, I sure as hell wish i did. QFT!
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    2013 Mac Mini, Thoughts?

    Did you find this was the case always or just after you added the second drive?
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    Media Computer for Family

    You could always sell it to help alleviate the cost of the build. Seems from a quick search that it'll effectively half the cost of your build as they sell for ~$120 used.
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    Does having Win on a SSD make a difference in-game?

    To the OP's original question: If you only use windows as a platform to access the games then just leave it on an HDD as it nots going to make much difference except the OS booting faster, its the games you wanna stick on the SSD, and even then if your low on space I'd pick and choose which games.
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    2013 Mac Mini, Thoughts?

    I'm probably going to pick-up a 2012 one anyway just because I'm in the market for a new computer at the moment. It was a toss up between this and an air, but I don't need any portability so would rather have the extra CPU speed on the mini. I'll probably upgrade to an SSD after the warranty...
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    2013 Mac Mini, Thoughts?

    I'm hoping they'll bump the HDD to a SSD as standard, like on the Macbook air, however I'm thinking that'll take it to close in speed to an iMac so they might hold off. I just hope they don't gimp it by using one of their mobile processors (A6), otherwise it'll be nothing more than a glorified...
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    2013 Mac Mini, Thoughts?

    Anyone think its likely that they'll release a Haswell mini with GT3 around october? Hell does anyone think they'll release one at all? I'm on the fence about a 2012 model, and just want to hear if you think there's a possible 2013 in the works, and what you expect it to have and not have...
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    Thunderbolt Daisy chain question

    Just thought I'd post the answer to this question in case anyone else needs the info. The short answer is YES you can add a MiniDP monitor to the end of a thunderbolt daisy chain. But... Certain things in the chain will break this rule and cause it not to work, for example; as far as I can...
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    24" 16:10 IPS with speakers

    Thx for the info :)
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    24" 16:10 IPS with speakers

    I can get it for about £290 shipped here in the UK. Its just the PWM that's niggling me, would love to see it in person to see if its going to be a bother for me. In the mean time i'm still gonna wait for some reviews on the benq to pop up. Do you have the NEC? if so could you confirm if...
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    24" 16:10 IPS with speakers

    Need the speakers for audio conferencing and just general video consumption (Youtube) so no need for good sound quality. I need the audio over HDMI or DisplayPort because my sound on computer isn't working. I could buy a new sound card or a DAC and a pair of speakers but its extra money, but...
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    24" 16:10 IPS with speakers

    The P242W-BK is definitely out of my budget. I came across the EA244WMi-BK first after reading other threads, its picked up some not so favourable reviews here that suggests dull colours and blurry text :( Think I need some more research on the aggressive AG, as I don't want to drop that sorta...
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    24" 16:10 IPS with speakers

    What about the Eizo EV2436WFS-BK. It's slightly above my initial budget at £410 but lack of PWM has piqued my interests as i generally don't have my monitors brightly lit. Does anyone have this monitor? I've read a few threads but would like to know if it does sound over DisplayPort to...
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    24" 16:10 IPS with speakers

    Title says it all really, i'm looking for a modern 24" 16:10 IPS with built-in speakers. Used primarily for office work (coding and web dev) and reading, with some slight movie watching and gaming on the side. But i care more about being able to read without eye strain than i do about...
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    Thunderbolt Daisy chain question

    Slight bump. My logic tells me it should work, but I would love a definitive answer before dropping some coin. :)
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    Best chair to go with Ikea Galant under $100?

    I to have just purchased a black/brown Galant and was in the same predicament. After vigorious testing (in store :p) i settled on the IKEA Malkolm with black fabric. It was the most comfortable chair i could find in the IKEA store. Im a heavy set guy (~18 st) and sit with my legs...
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    Thunderbolt Daisy chain question

    I need to know if its possible to add a mini DisplayPort monitor to the end of a Thunderbolt Daisy chain. Something like this: PC with Thunderbolt -----------------> Thunderbolt storage device -----------------> Mini DP monitor (with sound). I know they can't be used in the middle, as you...
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    Let's reminisce -- What was your very first computer? Specs please!

    I had the Commodore 16 Loading game demos from tape on this was like trippin on acid while watching a Japanese cartoon, ah the memories.
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    New Laptop for Grad School

    I just bought a Acer Aspire E1 for my girlfriends birthday, and i'm extremely happy with this machine for the price i paid. Specs: Intel Core i5 3230M 2.6 GHz (3 MB Cache) 4 GB DDR3 RAM 500 GB 5400 rpm Hard Drive 15.6-Inch Screen, Intel HD Graphics 4000 Windows 8, 4.5-hour battery life...
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    Is this HTPC Overkill?

    or an apple TV for $99, that is if you want pure media consumption and nothing else.
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    What is your prefered OS?

    Windows 7 x86 (32bit) for gaming. Arch Linux x86 (32bit) for working. I only have an old P4 Processor with no x64 and no PAE.
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    Rubber keyboard feet keep rubbing out

    For a cheap no frills grip check some coat-hangers you may have lying around, some have rubber grips on the arms. Just peel'em off, cut down to size and super glue to keyboard.
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    Does it Still Make Sense to Buy a Desktop PC?

    To most people a laptop does make most sense, after all they are usually as fast as your bog standard pre-built best buy tower, take up less space and are portable, however for the enthusiasts (read: most people around [H]ere) then buying bespoke desktops or self building is still the #1 way to go.
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    My HTPC setup (Pics!)

    Nice views from your windows.... ... from the outside in :D
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    Your 10 most played steam games!

    where can i find this profile? if i click my account name in the top corner it takes me to a page about purchases?
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    Your 10 most played steam games!

    Strange my games list looks different from all of yours (there's also grid view and detail view, but neither are what you guys have posted) and i cant arrange by time played, but as it stands i only got 3 games with time played: Counter Strike Source - 154 hours Team Fortress 2 - 47 Hours...
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    Skyrim vs Red Dead Redemption

    I've played both on the 360, skyrim is bigger and has better visuals, but would say that red dead has better missions and gameplay. Both are fantastic games but i would slightly put red dead in the lead.
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    Cop to some dumb stuff you've done in games

    Basically i was messing around in an area i shouldn't of, and i lost a piece of equipment that took months and months to get, and it hurt me bad.... luckily these days i have game addiction under control.
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    Cop to some dumb stuff you've done in games

    Back when i used to play Eve-Online i was attacking newcomers in hi sec just for sh*ts and gigs like u do, in nothing to expensive obviously expecting to loose what i was flying... cut a long story i forgot about the cool down timer and undocked in a navy thron... needless to say local chat was...
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    Fail is doomed

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    Okay... I need antivirus software. Not too expensive, and not resource hog.

    MSE, although not considered to have the best detection rates its interface is easy going and doesn't have any ads or try to make you update to a paid version. So MSE + Common sense are still my tools of choice.
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    Help with Point and shoot compact choices

    Well we went with the Canon A3300 thx for the recommendation MN Scout. It is a Christmas present so i'll post back what she thinks of it after christmas. :)
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    Help with Point and shoot compact choices

    Thanks for your input, after reading the reviews I am seriously considering the Canon A3300, it's only 5 quid over budget but seems to perform very well for the price. But were not purchasing for another week yet so were still open to other recommendations :)
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    Help with Point and shoot compact choices

    My betterhalf is after a Point and shoot compact camera and we need some recommendations. 1. Must be < £100 2. Must be black or silver 3. Must come with a rechargeable battery This camera will be used for holidays, mostly outdoor shots in sunny conditions. Water and shock resistance...