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    Single 560Ti or dual 460's?

    dual 460's will be on par with a 580gtx. just like 6850's in crossfire will be the same. I have dual 6850's and its usually faster than a 580. 27900 in 3dmark vantage with the 6850's crossfire opposed to the 580 i got 26700
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    e5200 retail + ecs g3 mobo = $88 after rebate, free shipping

    bsel mod your cpu for voltage and you should be able to attain alot higher overclocks.
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    E7200 @3.16 @stock vcore - good odds?

    How did you get your voltage up with the ESC motherboard? I can't find any hard modding to do it with! please if you have the shcematics ,can you link me or tell me how you did it? Thanks!
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    HOT Antec Three Hundred 47.99 FS

    39.99 at micro center.
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    Intel Q6600 + ECS board $198.99 AR @ Frys BLACK FRIDAY

    If the Picture in the ad shows a retail box, then it is coming with a retail processor. If it doesnt show the picture the it is a oem cpu. I have bought over 50 combos in my lifetime at fry's
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    Tonight's Shirt.Woot = EXTREME ROFL

    This one is better..
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    2405FPW lag shots

    Lots of you guys do not know what input lag is. here is a video showing input lag type up input lag in you will see many videos.
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    Weekly Fry's Ad they always have all the ads.
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    Hot: Rocky I-V Anthology Box Set $9+s&h

    DAMN IT! I really wanted to get this for rocky 4 alone!
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    finally got my 3000+ over 2.4GHz

    how do you take off the heatspreader on the athlon 64? did you have to modify the mounting bracket for the heatsink? thanks.
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    AMD Athlon 64 3700+ San Diego $279.00

    you can get the 3700+ san diego for 271 at
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    X800Pro for $149

    that deal is correct, its a grand opening for a new compusa in the tustin market place.
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    3.2 Prescott and Mobo $190 @ Fry's

    I know everyone dogs on ECS boards, I do myself. But they are getting better. I had a 2.4 533fsb proc, and it went to 3.4 no problem on the ECS board. Has pretty good fsb options along with minor voltage tweaks, cant complain when the board is free.
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    vnf3-250 and a 2800?

    Your talking about the ram ratio, well only turn it down until you computer becomes unstable, the next lowest ratio for the ram would be 166. So you can try that when you start to have problems. I would say running your ram at 2.8 should be good for your memory. I have mine set at 2.9 but ocz...
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    vnf3-250 and a 2800?

    I dont know exactly what your stock timing are on your memory, but you should be topping on your memory soon. You say you have it at 464mhz thats 232ddr. You said you have pc -3500 which would equal 440mhz or 220 ddr ( 220mhz x 2ddr x 8memorywidth = bandwidth pc 3520 . So you are already...
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    120mm Panaflo L1A'a at directron

    Oh sorry I thought he was talking about the M1A's Sorry man =)
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    120mm Panaflo L1A'a at directron

    Thats pretty damn expensive at directron, $14.99 . I just bought 2 of them at They are only 9.99 for the Panaflo M1A
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    Best 64Bit OC

    I have ran into 3 DTR procs, I would say they OC better. On air cooling. I had a 3000+ 1.8ghz 1mb cache at 2.425 , a 3200+ 2.0ghz 1mb cahce at 2.450 and another 3200+ at 2.350. I had 3400+ 1mb 2.2ghz desktop that only did 2350. But right now I have a newcastle 2800+ that runs 1.8ghz and i have...
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    Anybody out there with a vapochill or a prometeia

    Hey I'm in the market for a vapochill or a prometeia. Now I'm calling all your phase change buddies, whether it be vapochill, prometeia, or custom phase change out. I was wondering how more has it added to your electricity bill, and how often do you run your computer a day. Do you guys think...
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    Can somebody recommend me a H2O kit?

    personally i think the waterblock for 6800 in a damn ripoff IMO. :)
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    Can somebody recommend me a H2O kit?

    How much money are you willing to spend?
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    OC'ed/Volt Modded 6800GT PLEASE:)

    I have bought many 6800Gts and whenever i hit the limit overclock for the core, it does the freezing and stuttering, I have all top of the line components, so i would say its a limit of the overclock. thats all.
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    Athlon 64 Newcastle 2800 @ 2.55ghz

    I'm not complaining I was just wondering if you guys know of any mods to make it go higher? Any Ideas? Come on I'm sure somebody in [H] Forums knows!
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    Athlon 64 Newcastle 2800 @ 2.55ghz

    I gotta admit is pretty insane for an athlon coming out stock at 1.8 and getting up to 2.55 is pretty damn good on just air cooling and mild voltage. I might need to try another motherboard.
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    Athlon 64 Newcastle 2800 @ 2.55ghz

    hey guys i have a athlon 64 newcastle @ 2.55ghz with the fsb at 283 with a ht multiplier of 3 anyways, 283 seems to be the highest the board can handle after that it doesnt boot, even with the ht multipler at 2. So it seems that 283 is the tops for the board. If I use clock gen i can get the...
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    Post your OC results with athlon 64 2800+

    Post your OC results with athlon 64 2800+ Just as the title says, I have got one on ebay for 95 dollars, and am waiting for it to be shipped. I was wondering how it overclocks and if any of you guys have one? thanks alot!
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    trouble flashing bios with another mobos bios

    Whats up guys! How you doin? I'm have a nforce 150 motherboard its a gigabyte k8n pro (ga-k8n pro) and I'm trying to flash it to the bios of this motherboard called Gigabyte GA-K8NNXP-940 . Lots of people have had great success using this bios becuase it has much better options for latencies...
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    Overclocking with the Athlon 64 3200+

    Now I'm building a athlon 64 system and I was thinking which athlon 64 3200+ I should get, the 2.0ghz 1 meg cache or the 2.2ghz 512k? Does anyone know which one will overclock better? I was thinking the 2.0 1 meg cache would overclock better since it is at a lower mhz rating. Thanks alot.
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    Looking for "the" gaming monitor

    gdm-fw900 sony wide screen monitor 24 inches, awesome monitor. i have it , weighs a ton , but the image quality is outof this world!
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    Show us what you've got.....[H]ard 3DMark team

    ok I think this should work now
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    Show us what you've got.....[H]ard 3DMark team

    Well I'm so stupid I looked in the dxdiag (directx diagnostics) and found out that i didnt have agp enabled.. .duh.......I had to install the chipset drivers for my motherborad in xp. well now that that is said, i have a score of 20182, stills seems a little low but i still have some tweaks to...
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    Show us what you've got.....[H]ard 3DMark team

    Hey guys, I was wondering if you can help me out i have a 2.6c ovc to 3.600 @ 1100fsb with a memory ratio of 5/4 IS7 abit mobo with a radeon 9800 pro oc to 435/750 raptor sata hd 10,000 rpm 512 megs of pc 3500 micron any ways I only get 17200 3dmarks, this is ona fresh install of xp...