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    Best business-grade windows laptop without a gpu

    Trying to find a cheaper macbook alternative. Won't be needing a gpu so I hope to cut costs there. What's a business-grade, 15" windows laptop that has an i7-7700hq or faster, has great battery life, and doesn't look like a spaceship? Cheaper the better, of course. Currently looking into the...
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    Vertical (portrait) screen mount

    Super basic question here - I'm trying to buy a birthday gift for a friend, who has told me on several occasions that he wants a vertical monitor on his computer desk. The thing is, his desk already has two monitors and is cluttered as is, so I don't want to get him a mount with a big footprint...
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    10% best buy coupon

    Expires 8/31/15 First person to PM me gets it. TAKEN
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    Asus ROG G73JH-BST7 Gaming Laptop
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    Toshiba S50 Laptop - i7-4700MQ + GT740 - $540 [Ends 8/14/14]

    Came across this searching for a good college work/game rig for under $600. Pros: i7 and GT740M at this price? Pretty good! Cons: Toshiba. 1366x768 screen. 4GB Ram. Also, did I say Toshiba? You can use two coupons for...
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    Steelseries Sensei Refurb - $30 Free shipping, decent deal imo for the best mouse in town.
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    HP 17" Laptop - A8-5550M - Open Box - $310 Use "Cowboom20" with a new account to get $20 off. After tax it came to ~$310. Not an amazing laptop, but if you're searching for a budget 17" laptop, this should fit the bill. Should throw in another 4GB 1600MHz stick to take advantage of dual...
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    Microsoft Surface RT 32GB - Auction starts at $1, BIN - $140
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    Kaveri Laptop Release Date?

    I've been holding out on a laptop purchase for a long time waiting for kaveri, which was slated to come out in January/February of this year. Well, it's February already, and there's no word of mobile Kaveri chips yet. Does anyone know when they'll be released?
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    Best performance under $700

    Looking for a laptop under $700 for a friend. But he has a very strict budget, can't go up to $750 or $800. He's not a big gamer but he would like to run moderate games (Sim City, for one) at decent settings. Currently the best deal I see is a U410 with a low-voltage i7 and a gt610M. But the...
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    Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason Steam Key $0.99 Under the Death2Spies Bundle or whatever. Pay 99 cents and get the steam key for the game. People bash this game way too hard- it's slow, terrible optimization, whatever. It's one of the few single player shooter games that I really enjoyed (I'm more of a...
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    Like-New Shure SRH750DJ, 01/14/13 @ 12:00PM, $0.01 Listing started at $0.01 but now is $3.25.
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    Free Dota Keys

    Just received 3 dota invites. Looked for the previous dota 2 giveaway thread but it's no longer there. Edit: Im out of keys. Received 5 pm's in 2 minutes. Sorry for the last two who didn't get them!
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    SC2 $9.98 in-store I guess you could get Bestbuy to price match.
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    Razer Blade Refresh

    It's about time I replaced my 2 year old gaming laptop (G73JH) so I've been looking around. And it looks like Razer updated their 17.3" laptop with a 3rd gen i7 and 2GB GTX 660M. (Still ridiculously expensive @ $2500). Link: I used to...
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    Prince of Persia $2.50 @ Gamersgate The cheapest I've seen so far. These won't activate on Steam, but I think will activate on UPlay.
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    75% off Portal 2 Steam Coupon

    Turned on steam today, and randomly found a 75% coupon for portal 2. Already have the game, so I'm giving it away. First PM gets it. PS. I'm not exactly sure how or why I received the coupon, it might just be a glitch, so don't get pissed if the coupon disappears or sth.
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    GT 630M in a 14" laptop - heat issues?

    One of my friends asked me to recommend him a small portable laptop that can run diablo 3 and starcraft 2 (medium-low settings) under $700, so I did some research and found the 14" HP DV4-5100 with 2nd gen i5 and a 1GB GT 630M card. It fits all his needs; the only thing I'm worried about is...
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    Corsair Vengeance M90 $35 Shipped @ The Egg Code EMCYTZT1796 brings it down to $45, and there is a $10 MIR that brings it down to $35.
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    Asus Transformer 300 vs 101

    I've been eyeing the Asus TF-300 for a while now, to use for college. I'm going to be taking notes on it, so a keyboard dock is a must. The problem is, at ~$520, the price is a bit steep (these summer jobs suck :mad:) and I'm wondering if I should just go with the TF101, which can be had for...
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    Asus Transformer 300 vs 101

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    Fear 3 - $4.99 @ GameFly Ends this weekend. I believe this activates on Steam.
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    Etymotic ER23-HF2 $74 Shipped Deal #1. If you want crystal clear sound quality and great noise isolation in an IEM, you can't really beat these. Etymotics are well-regarded on head-fi and these are their flagship IEMs. I have the MC5's and love em. Never seen them go below under $100 yet, so...
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    Free $2 Amazon MP3 Credit Enter code MOMROCKS. Expires 4/22.
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    Logitech M705 Mouse - Refurb - $23 shipped 3200dpi laser tracking, I think I'm going to bite, my MX518 is getting a bit old after two years of solid use.
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    Warm: Acer 11.6" laptop $250 shipped Use coupon code 15319 to drop the price to...
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    Fall of the Samurai DLC Code

    Got a free code of the new Shogun 2 expansion Fall of the Samurai. First PM gets it. :p EDIT: Taken.
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    Need a partner for a round of 2v2 L4D2... fast

    I'm in a 2v2 tourny with some of my friends and my partner can't make it tonight. Anyon wanna sub in? The round starts at 10pm EST (in 15 minutes). My steamid is viralcow. It'll be just a simple 2v2 versus on No Mercy.
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    Sennheiser HD428 - $26 Shipped This is a factory-refurb by sennheiser so great if you don't mind buying refurbished. Use coupon code FACEBOOK to bring down to $25.99.
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    HD201 $14 Shipped @ newegg $13.95 shipped with promo code. It's a buck cheaper than the cheapest I've seen it so far ($15).
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    SD Card for Readyboost?

    I have a Gateway netbook (LT2802U) that I purchased on Black Friday for $180. Good machine for the price, but it's a bit on the slow side because of the slow cpu and 1GB of memory. I tried to upgrade its RAM, but it turns out the max RAM possible is 1GB (you can't even access the RAM slots...
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    500W Power Supply $16 Shipped Very cheap, but don't expect this to perform as well as others in its range, as there are some features missing. But still it works well for a number of budget builds, at least better than those 300W ones out there.
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    Free Steam Coupons

    I'm sure most of us have a few of these lying around from the christmas giveaway event. Expires March 1st. I already have all the Valve games I want and none of the others interest me. x1 -33% Valve x1 -50% Max Payne 2 x1 -50% Disciples 3 Franchise x1 -50% Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee PM me...
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    Woot- Razer Tron Mouse $31 Shipped.

    $25.99 + $5 shipping. This is 4 bucks cheaper than the last sale. I've been turned off by the light scheme, but a 5600dpi razer mouse for $30? too good to turn down.
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    Warm? 25GB Cloud Service $0.99/month I think the price is recurring if you make an account within the next 48 hours.
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    Laptop won't connect to open wifi!

    My bro's laptop works perfectly fine on any secured wireless networks, as long as it has a password. But when he tries to connect on public wifi or any unsecured networks, it says the laptop is connected (the network is identified), but there is no internet access. We've tried a bunch of...
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    Warm: Refurb xbox360 $99;jsessionid=DCB2F52066E90821582E8351044674BB.bbolsp-app03-32?id=1218279315846&skuId=1678705 Keep in mind that this has a 90 day warranty. Also, this is the core system, so no hard drive.
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    Free: Magicka Vietnam DLC

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    Warm: Refurb PS3 160GB - $190 Free shipping. Deal lasts until 1/6/2012 6:00am.
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    Samson SR850 - $40 shipped

    These offer probably the best sound quality for its price. I thought $50 on Amazon was a bargain. You need to register and log in, but it's 34.97+$5 shipping.