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    640x480 without vid drivers (8.1)

    Hey guys, have this annoying issue with 8.1 where once I uninstall video drivers my rez is stuck at 640x480. It is extremely annoying trying to install a newer driver when I have to play the guessing game with the bottom buttons. I had to go through installing windows at 640x480 but cant deal...
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    Corrupt EDID?

    Hey guys sorry if this is the wrong place to post this but I am starting to lose my mind with this. I have, for years, used this tv with my pc and have never had any issues. Always used a generic pnp driver and nvcp always seen it as a Panasonic tv. Out of nowhere it has decided to no longer...
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    Run it till it dies?

    Hey guys, this is probably a dumb question but I'd rather be a fool for a day than to pay the ultimate price. I've been running an Enermax EGX1000EWL pretty much 24/7 since it was released in 2007 (reviewed here at [H]) and while I have absolutely no issues with it but i fear that with recent...
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    in need of advice on new tv

    Edit- Decided to stick with 60Hz and go larger. Thanks guys
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    Epson & nvidia

    Hey guys I recently picked up an Epson all in one printer and it does not seem to like nvidia very much. Since installing the Epson drivers the nvidia display driver likes to crash and recover like there is no tomorrow. Just opening a new window can make it crash and its very easy to do so if...
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    CellFactor corruption

    Hi, nice to see a PPU section in this very nice forum; I'm glad I found ya:) I recently joined the PPU club and all is well except that when I try to play something that uses the ppu I get massive display corruption. This happens with both CellFactor and Hangar of Doom but Ghost Recon plays...