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    Which Xonar version to get?

    I am looking at getting either the D1 or the D2. I have ATH-AD700 headphones and Logitech X-540 5.1 speakers (might upgrade those), and will be using the card for music/games/blu-rays. I know that the D2 has hardware DTS.. will that benefit me?
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    Amplifier for AD700 suggestions

    I just got the ATH-AD700 for use with an AV-710 sound card (envy24 chipset), and at maximum volume it's not quite as loud as I'd like it to be. What's a good amp nowadays for $100 or less? Also should I consider replacing my sound card?
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    LG Xenon - Wifi?

    Everything I read about the Xenon said that it was going to have wifi (ie this) but I checked the phone out at an AT&T store today and it didn't have wifi (very nice phone though). Anyone know if it has wifi that can be enabled somehow perhaps? Two of the reviews on AT&T's site say it is "wi-fi...
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    Sennheiser 555 vs. 595

    Which do you guys think I should get for music & movies (on a Cowon S9 and computer)? Are the 595's worth twice the cost of the 555's? And is this the cheapest I can them new? $90 for the 555's on Amazon...
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    30% off any purchase at

    20% off + 10% member discount, also no tax or shipping. I bought 2 pairs of New Balance 622's for $94 shipped.
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    SSD's - not so silent

    It was my understanding that SSD's were silent, but that's not the case with the OCZ 64gb V2 I bought. Here's the electrical noise it makes at idle and load (recorded as an external drive):
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    Anyone a Lightbox expert?

    figured it out!
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    Sharpness controls in driver

    I just bought a new monitor and the sharpness option is grayed out. Is there any way to control sharpness in ATI's driver? Or with a 3rd party program perhaps?
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    10% off at Best Buy (Sorry if it's a repost) Anyone know if you can use these on LCD monitors? I'm assuming yes as they are Computer Accessories, but it doesn't explicitly say them.
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    Stuck pixel only on a black screen

    I have a pixel (red I think) that only shows up on a black screen. Would this be a stuck sub pixel? Can these be fixed with programs that flash colors? edit* It's stuck on backgrounds of all colors, just more visible on black.
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    Neoflex LCD stand

    Anyone have this LCD stand? Is it easy to install? Looks pretty cool for $45 shipped. If you know of...
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    DVD's not playing in Ubuntu 8.10

    Totem says "Could not read from resource." on multiple DVD's that work fine elsewhere. DVD drive worked fine in Vista. VLC & Dragon Player do not work either. Anyway to fix this without using terminal?
  13. J

    Newegg's return policy

    Wasn't sure where to post this, but has anyone ever persuaded Newegg to refund an item that was listed as non-refundable?
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    Wireless card causes popping sound

    I've noticed that whenever I play a movie/game/etc. I get a slight popping sound every 30-60 seconds from my speakers, and through some detective work I've found that disabling my network card (D-Link DWA-552) gets rid of it all together. Has anyone heard of this problem or know of a way to fix it?
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    External hdd won't detect

  16. J

    External hdd won't detect

    I have this external laptop hard drive that I disconnected in mid file transfer, and now every time connect it & open up My Computer, the window freezes (same result on all computers tried). It freezes in Anacronis as well. Is there any program I can use to wipe/format the drive and start new?
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    Overclocking disabled with Far Cry 2 driver?

    *edit* Still can't overclock for some reason with the latest hotfix :confused:
  18. J

    E2400HD is on Newegg What does a response rate of 5ms/2ms(GTG) mean? I'll probably get one when they drop shipping costs.
  19. J

    Looking for a quiet <$100 PSU

  20. J

    Thermaltake PurePower 500W

    Anyone have this power supply? Is it loud? I'm going to pick it up at Fry's today (it's on semi-sale). Yes I know Corsair is better, I'm returning my 450VX that makes a weird buzzing sound.
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    2408WFP vs. LP2475W

    Which is better for gaming/blu-ray/HDTV? Also which has better black levels?
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    TV Tuner questions

    I'm thinking about one of the 2 following pinnacle tuners: 1st: Is the only difference between the two a remote? Or does the first not have DVR capability? It's...
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    Can a powersupply cause hard locks?

    I'm trying to figure out the source of random hard locks in my system. They're random because the system can run stress tests for 30 mins then hard lock when idling. I've narrowed it down to the ram or power supply (2 year old Thermaltake 430watt). Has anyone ever had a power supply cause...
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    System is hardlocking

    My computer (sig) has been randomly hardlocking (maybe 1-2 times a week) in windows and in games. Which components generally cause hard locks? Changing video card drivers did not fix it. Pretty sure it's not the mobo/cpu/ram/hard drive as they are brand new. Video card was bought used but seems...
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    Logitec MX 1100

    Newegg will have them in stock next week. Anyone planning on getting one? I wonder how good they will be for gaming.
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    CSS question regarding min-height

    I have the following CSS class: #modal { background-color: d4eadc; border: 1px solid #70ba88; position: relative; z-index: 1000; width: 315px; min-height: 315px; padding: 0px; font-family: Arial; font-size: 12; color: black; text-align...
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    How does Acronis work?

    I think I'm going to buy Acronis True Image Home for imaging, but I'd like to know how it works in a nut shell (never used imaging software before). I have 2 hard drives and I'd like to copy an image of one drive to the other, so do you plug both drives into your system and use Acronis?
  28. J

    1 platter vs. 2, WD Drive

    I just bought this WD drive from micro center, I've been reading that some have 1 platter and some have 2; mine has a manuf. date of Feb '08 so I think it is 1 platter. How else can I determine this? Also what are the...
  29. J

    Upgrade from AV-710?

    I've been using an AV-710 (envy24 chipset) for a couple years now, but I'm wondering how it stacks up nowadays and if it supports all the features in the newest games & blu-ray. If not, what is a good sound card to upgrade to?
  30. J

    MSI mobo not running in dual channel

    I just built a machine with a MSI P45 Neo3 FR mobo, with 2x 2gb sticks of DDR2 800, and on the POST screen it says it's running in single channel. I've tried 2 sets of ram, with the same result. Can anyone with this mobo comment? I was thinking maybe the ram should be in slots 1 & 3 instead of...
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    Dynimically changing a CSS variable

    I have this web page that I was given at work that displays a modal (a pop up basically) when you click a link(s). Here's the CSS snippet for that: .modal { background-color: white; border: solid 4px black; position: relative; top: 150; left: 25; width...
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    16:9 monitors available yet?

    Are there any places that sell the Acer 16:9 24" yet? I think it was announced several months ago.
  33. J

    Cannot install stock heatsink on P43 board?

    I just bought a Gigabyte P43 board and a E8400, but I can't install the stock heatsink's 4 pins even when I use a huge amount of force. I almost got opposite push pins to go but the board was bending in half. I followed the instructions and even watched a video on youtube and the guy used 0...
  34. J

    How can I fix this fan connector?

    I received a broken fan yesterday from (will never order from them again). I got an RMA but is there an easy way to fix this myself?
  35. J

    Lowest card that can run TF2 well

    I'm looking for the least expensive card on newegg that can run TF2 in full details with great FPS on pcie (minus AA/AF). Do you think an X1650 could do it?
  36. J

    Does UVD work with Vista 64-bit yet?

    When I play a blu-ray on my 3850, I always get around 50% cpu usage and 1% gpu usage. I've been trying to figure why UVD isn't working and I read an article from July 07 that says that uvd doesn't support 64-bit vista. I'm using the latest powerdvd patch and catalyst 8.2. If this is still...
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    Controlling fan speed on a Diamond 3850

    Is there any way to control the fan speed on this card? I think it runs at 100% all the time. I've tried Rivatuner and that doesn't work, and ATI tray tools doesn't even load for some reason :confused:
  38. J

    Question about Logitech X-540

    Do these things work in 5.1 with regular tv's and dvd players? I bought a set for my PC and now my dad wants some for the TV, but I know nothing about 5.1 setups for regular TV's. Thanks
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    wrong forum oops!
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    Warm - Logitech X-540 for $69.99 With free 2 day shipping and no tax. They are $105 at my local best buy. Ordered it yesterday ;)