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    Klipsch Promedia Ultra 5.1 to toslink?

    Is there an inexpensive way to hook up these speakers to a toslink? Theres this, but its fairly rare and i wanted to know if there was a less expensive way to get these hooked up to my macbook pro. Im...
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    I got my MGS4 limited edition ps3 today!.. with bad news

    So i see a box at my doorstep and it could only be one thing.. my limited edition MGS ps3! Its nicely packaged and i was expecting the color to be a lot more bland, but i actually like the matte finish for my room setup. I finally go update everything and sign up for a new PSN for this unit...
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    Well i just got my MGS:Online beta

    So im watching the videos and damn i really cant wait for the MGS4.. The trailers for MGS4 still blow me away.
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    M1330 or M1530?

    M1330 Tuxedo Black edit PROCESSOR Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processor T7500 (2.2GHz/800Mhz FSB, 4MB Cache) edit OPERATING SYSTEM Genuine Windows Vista™ Home Premium Edition edit LCD AND CAMERA Standard Display with 2.0 Megapixel Webcam edit MEMORY 3GB Shared Dual Channel DDR2 at 667MHz edit HARD...
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    Anyone know where to get a good DS bundle?

    Christmas is in the air and i'm getting my friend a DS.. but i was wondering if there was a good bundle floating around so i should just get that one. Thanks in advance.. now back to work!!
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    Folklore 9.0 on IGN I guess its better than what i expected. I guess ill pick it up next week when it comes out and ill tell you all how it is. It was mildly entertaining when they posted the demo.
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    November Officially the worst month for PS3 owners

    November 5th: CoD4:Modern Warfare November 13th: Army of Two, Assassins Creed, HL2 Orange Box November 19th: Haze, Metal of Honor: Airborne November 20th: Rock Band, Uncharted: Drakes Fortune So basically, November is going to be a terrible month for my wallet. Sure, its shooter heavy...
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    Ikaruga and Rez Announced for XBLA

    Man if i didn't already own both of these titles i would be all over it!!! Ikaruga is seriously an AMAZING game. I still have to beat the last boss in Rez.. but no time! Ikaruga...
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    GT5 Interior shots

    Thats pretty nuts...
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    PS3 Firmware 1.90 Info Change upscaling while ingame ps2 makes me happy :D . Now i can see which games make a difference.
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    MGS4 Gameplay demo (No video just description);title;1&om_act=convert&om_clk=topslot It always amazes me how kojima always throws in very small details that make the game a lot more enjoyable. Staying in a trash can too long makes you smell and...
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    New GT5 Video Great improvements on the lighting and smoke, and the interior shots are pretty amazing.
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    Uncharted Gameplay Video Wait for it to load a bit and then play.. streaming from france isnt so hot. I have to applaud naughty dog in their animation skills.
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    GT5 details from french mag. Source Translated If this is true, GT5 wont be coming out for a long long time, which makes me kind of...
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    The ultimate playstation auction who wants to chip in :D
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    no GTR for 360 :(

    Well looks like THQ wants to drop GTR for their more awesome Stuntman, Juiced, and MX franchises. Wow.. i just cant wait for juiced! Source ^^
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    Ninja gaiden Sigma Demo Out today or tomorrow! apparently some people over there have gotten it already but people been saying PSN updates at around 5pm... hopefully it comes out today!!
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    Need fellow [H] Gamers to populate my CS:S servers

    Swarm #2 CS:S Server FF=ON (32 Players) Location: San Diego, CA Sincity Crew FF|on (16 Players) Location: Los Angeles, CA Swarm Zombie Mod Server FF=ON (32 Players) Location: Los Angeles, CA I myself go as.. Swarm...
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    Replacing th HP pavillion 7965 cd drives

    i cant seem to find where to take the drives out.. anyone know?
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    Somehow getting shuttle to send me an RMA?

    SN25p pqi Turbo DDR PC3200 2gb (2 x 1gb) OCZ (2x512) PC3200 X4ps60840a-50 Well.. i recently just called them and asked them about my messed up ram slot. But before they want me to somehow get one of the rams on the compatibility list. Even after i told them i tried multiple ram sticks and...
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    Windows getting stuck during windows setup

    after reinstalling winXP.. i was able to use it for around.... 3 hours. then my comp just freezes. when i reboot and try to start windows. it freeezes. when i try to format.. it gets stuck at the "setup is starting windows" part. you think its my windows cd messed up or one of my parts?
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    Need suggestions for a new shuttle. preferably AMD64

    recently my old PC died so im thinking about getting a shuttle since i somewhat go to a lot of lan parties. the only 2 cards i use are the 6800gt and a tv tuner card. which of the shuttle pcs would be good?