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    Monitor for photo/video editing?

    I have a TN panel, but I need something with much better color accuracy, not to mention, higher resolution. (My XPS 15 with the 1080p screen has really spoiled me) Here is what I need: - IPS (best color accuracy/representation for the price) - 22"-26" - 1080p or 1920 x 1200 (Preferably the...
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    Skyrim not detecting 525m on XPS 15?

    I was playing Skyrim and noticed I could barely get a good framerate on all low at 720p (I have the 1080p screen). In the launcher under graphics adapter all I can see is the Intel HD Series as the GPU. I'm running the newest beta drivers and even tried to force it to use the Nvida GPU in the...
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    XPS 15 temperatures too high?

    I'm running the i7 2630QM. Usually when I edit photos and what not (Photoshop + Lighroom) my CPU gets warm, say 60C, but not too much higher. However, I was just rendering some videos in Premiere Pro for less than 2 minutes and noticed my temps were getting high. Ambient temp is relatively...
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    Help calibrating my XPS 15?

    I just ordered a Spyder3Express which I plan to use with the Color Eyes software. I understand the process of RGB calibration, 2.2 gamma, and 6500k temperature (for sRGB), but how do I go about setting the backlight of my display? Will the software help me know how to set it or am I missing...
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    Upgrade from 260 this weekend or wait a month?

    I want to get a new card, minimum 560ti. I was thinking about grabbing a 560ti during black friday or cyber monday, but now I'm not so sure. I need the card by December 16th. Should I just grab a deal during one of the two sales days or will something good come out of waiting possibly? Edit...
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    1080p 15" screen vs 1080p 24"?

    I have a Dell XPS 15 with the 1080p LED display which I use for my photo editing. In my school's studio, we edit on 24" iMacs with 1080p screens. Even though they are the same resolution, I feel like the iMac has much more screen real esate such as in Photoshop or Lightroom. Even though they...
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    One last upgrade to put some life back into my system?

    So between BF3 and Skyrim, I want my PC to eat through these games. I play at 1680 x 1050 and I tend to jack up the AA. Running a Q9550 at 4ghz solid, so I don't think it should be a problem. I tend to stick with Nvidia, but if there is a compelling deal, I guess I could switch to ATi. But...
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    Need helping finding a laptop to replace my desktop for college

    Headed to college as a freshman this fall. Here's where I'm at so far: Solid build quality, around $1000, good screen (preferably 1920), and similar performance to my current PC. I need to run Photoshop and Lightroom to edit my photography. Also, I want a relatively color accurate screen. I've...
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    SLI GTX 260 or upgrade?

    I've been playing a lot of BC2 lately, hence the Q9550 upgrade, which helped TREMENDOUSLY. Now that I have the quad, I think it's time to do a (cheap) GPU upgrade. I'm only playing on 1680 x 1050 but I still can't max all the settings with 60fps+. I only want to spend in the $100 range. Will...
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    Overclocking my first quad, Q9550. Goal 4.2Ghz, need advice

    My Q9550 I just got has been a pretty awesome chip thus far. Haven't worked too much on it yet, but I'm running 4ghz 3hr P95 stable with 1.265v. Upped it to 1.275v and it's been going even longer. I still have a good amount of room left with voltage, but the heat is limiting me. P95 brings it...
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    Q9550 temps too high?

    I just got a Q9550 and stared OC'ing it a bit. I'm using my S1283 cooler with MX-2. I have it running at 3.4ghz at 1.256v. After 3 or 4 minutes of IBT, my temp max out at about 62C 61C 62C 59C Are these too high? With P95, my temps didn't exceed 56C. I'm not sure if I have to go back and...
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    Can't boot windows after Q9550 install, please help

    I bought a Q9550 from a user on this forum and just installed it today. Everything seemed fine until I realized I was only running 2 cores. I had the option enabled to start windows with 2 cores. I disabled that option, and now I can't boot up. During the "Starting Windows" screen, I see a real...
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    Been out of the game for quite awhile, upgrade time?

    So I've been out of the PC hardware for over a year now, but I'm feeling an upgrade. I was thinking about tossing in a GTX 470/5870 (or something around that performance), but I'm thinking that's going to cause a bottleneck with the E8400. Since I'm going to college next year, I don't really...
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    Random black outs in windows 7

    Ok, this has been happening recently and it is EXTREMELY annoying. I'm running the RTM W7 64 release. I have 190.38 nvidia drivers. Basically, I'm just using my pc like normal then it just blacks out but music will still play for a good 20 or 30 seconds before it fully freezes. Here are the only...
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    Gaming with one hand

    Well looks like I'll be casted up for 8 weeks. Broke a bone in my right wrist so now I only have one hand. I'm gonna be sitting around a lot, so what are some good games I can play with my left hand? Are there some good pc mouse only games?
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    Best case/protection for my iPhone 3gs?

    I want to protect this thing, it's too damn expensive. I like the invisible shield but I'm EXTREMELY nit-picky about not having any lint or bubbles under it. I don't want a cheapo looking plastic case because those things make my phone look like a little toy for 5 year olds and I don't want the...
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    Which ATT phone to get?

    I want a phone with Windows on it but I don't want something sluggish with bad battery life. I'll only use wifi for internet. ATT Tilt (seems to have a ton of modding possibilities=BIG plus) HTC Fuze (most expensive and is known for bad battery life and being sluggish) Samsung Jack...
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    Worth it to go for LG Xenon from Blackjack 2?

    I don't have internet on my phone, I just text and use it to call, and play a very minute amount of music. Would the xenon be a good upgrade for me? IGNORE THIS THREAD: made a new thread
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    What's left to do with my Blackjack 2?

    So I was going to get a new phone but after a series of stupid AT&T ripoffs, I'm left with my Blackjack 2 once again. I already know of the site but I'm wondering if there is more I can do. Custom roms? WinMo 6.1 tweaks? Ect.?
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    Best smarthphone for ATT?

    It's time for my upgrade and I have $250 worth of upgrade cash. I do not want an iPhone, so don't recommend it. I was really interested in the HTC Fuze but after testing it at ATT's store, it seems incredibly laggy and unresponsive which is one of my WinMo fears. Lastly, I don't get data plans...
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    Multi-monitor in low power 2d mode?

    Well, here is my problem. It seems to be that when I enable dual monitors, my card kicks in to 3d mode which means higher power, high clocks, and higher temps especially. Is it possible to run dual monitors without it changing from low power 2d mode to 3d mode?
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    Need some game recommendations, mostly old school stuff here.

    I have my 8GB thumb drive I bring with me to school and we use laptops a lot there. When I get done with my work early, I get "bored" and would like to be able to boot up some games off my drive. I'm looking for some games that don't require dx and a good gpu. Right now I have ski free on there...
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    Stability with 4x2GB on P5Q Pro?

    Now that my next OS upgrade is going to be to W7 64 bit in the next year about, I figure I might as well pop in some extra RAM. I'm thinking of grabbing 2 more 2gb sticks but I fear it will mess with my OC and cause some extremely screwed up stabality issues that I've heard about in the past. Is...
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    What's the GPU future looking like?

    I'm getting an itch for an upgrade here. I know my card is not bad at all, but I can't get SLI so that's out of the question. What cards are coming up this year, any talk? I'm almost tempted to sell my card and get 2 4870's but I feel I'd be better off waiting until the new chips come out so I...
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    Boy its nice to see this

    Just looked into rivatuner, sure is nice to see my GPU idling nearly 10C cooler than my CPU. Best part was, it loaded at 38C! Who says air cooling ain't good?
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    Western Digital 640GB RAID 0 questions

    I plan on setting up a RAID 0 array with 2 WD640's. I run XP and from what I'm reading, I have to load up the drivers from a floppy. 1) Is it possible to use a flash drive or is a floppy the only way possible to get the drivers into the XP install? 2) Instead of making the RAID 0 partiton...
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    Can I RAID 2 HDD's that are slightly different?

    I currently have a WD640AAKS and a WD640AALS. I'm soon grabbing a WD 1TB drive to replace one of the 640's that is my storage drive. Would it be possible to raid the two different WD's or do they need to be exactly the same?
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    Monitoring North/South Bridge temp. on P5Q Pro?

    I want to make sure my north bridge temperature isn't too hot but I'm not exactly sure how to check it. I've tried speedfan but I don't know what temperature is what in speedfan. Also, what is this other heatsink for on my board?
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    GTX 260 VRM Phase 1 206C!!??

    I figure this is a glitch or something with the software, but my 260 is having multiple spikes on the VRM Phase 1 tempurarue, up to 206C. When this happens, my fan kicks into 100% so it kind of startled me. Should I be worried? Just started happening when I opened up Photoshop CS3 if that...
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    WD 1TB Black or WD 1-2TB Green?

    I need a new storage drive, my WD 640AAKS just isn't big enough. I need a storage drive for all my pictures, back ups, videos, music, ect. but I'm not sure if I should go 7200 or 5400? Is 5400 speedy enough to stream large HD rips and ect.? If that's the case, I'm just going to wait until the...
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    Cheapest low power/profile GPU for second monitor?

    I love using two monitors but it makes my card run in 3d mode, so I'd like to get a really cheap and low power GPU just to run my second monitor. Nothing more. Will this fix my problem with 3d mode and can I get something for around $30? Also, how does that work with drivers? Do I go about...
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    Cheapest place to buy fans?

    I'm looking to buy 3 fans to replace the stock fans in my Antec 900 but I'm not sure where I should order from. Newegg is charging me $2.99 shipping for EACH fan so that totals about $40 for 3 fans. Is there any recommended site I can order these from for cheaper? What are some good fans...
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    Pink screen on boot up?

    Occasionally when I reboot, I log into my XP account and the whole screen turns pink. I checked my event viewer and it seems to be related to my nvidia drivers. Could this be a result of a bad CPU oc though? I've done the whole process of cleaning drivers and it still happens occasionally. It...
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    Is this a sign of an unstable OC?

    So far, I've had no problems with my oc even after around 12 runs of IBT and 12 hours prime. The problem arises when I'm playing games. Sometimes (more frequent recently) when I'm playing games, the game just locks up, then the audio starts to glitch, blacks out, and before I know it I'm at...
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    Should I be worring about my North/southbridge temps on P5Q Pro?

    My E8400 is running 487fsb i believe, and my nb voltage is 1.46. I've never had instability problems but I don't think I can monitor my temps on either the north or southbridge. Should I be worried about them or is stability a sign that the temps are probably ok?
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    WOW! Mass Effect...

    After a debate of Stalker: Clear Sky or Mass Effect, I'm GLAD i picked mass effect. This game is amazing. Granted, it took me only one week to finally get it installed, this game kicks a**! The story is so compelling, I can't stop playing this game. I totally love the the whole sci-fi...
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    Push/pull on xigmatek 1283?

    Would it be worth it to mount another fan on my 1283 to pull? Then I'd have the push/pull going. Would it make any difference? I ask because right now, temperatures are the limit on my overclock.
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    Worth it for a 3rd fan in my Antec 900?

    I'm thinking of buying a spare drive cage with the fan and taking my DVD drive out so I can have 3 intake fans. I currently run all my fans on high, so would getting an additional fan then putting them all on medium be comparable to my current cooling?
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    Mass Effect installation?

    I just got Mass Effect, and to say the least, I'm very disappointed with EA. When I install the game, in a matter of seconds I get the famous "saferun.exe cannot be written" error. I've googled it and tried everything I've read, no fixes still. Can anyone help me out or am I going to just have...