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    Impressed by Dead Space

    I can't wait to pick this game up, it sounds incredible.
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    whats your favorite gaming surface?

    I use the Razer Mantis mouse pad. It's like 6 feet. Precision. : )
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    Woah! Crysis VERY HIGH High looks at HIGH Performance

    I'm sorry, but I don't see a difference in "real" and "cheap" very high. : (
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    Who is looking forward to Quake Live?

    I applied like 6 months ago and have yet to receive an invite. Hopefully this game will bring back competitive 1v1.
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    PS3's new game Heavy Rain, gameplay shown... holy... crap....

    I always die a lot, and I really dislike having to clear my saved data to keep playing the game. QTEs aren't appealing.
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    PS3 & PC Set-Up Using Same Monitor: Need Advice

    I have a similar question, how does sound work?
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    Verizon Cell Phone Suggestions Please

    I just got the env2 two days ago, and I love it. $179 with a $100 rebate=win win win.
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    Far Cry 2 Specs:

    If those are going to remain the recomended specs, than this game must be optimissed to hell.
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    Crytek no longer PC exclusive

    You can't really blame them. They are in the industry to make money, and piracy is killing our side of the fence.
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    Your Laptop Picture [H]ere (read first post for rules please)

    LOL, I am seeing some notebooks from early 2000 it looks like.
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    I discovered an addictive game!

    That looks really fun and addiciting. A lot of people are playing as well...
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    Need Help Choosing A PC Game

    Bioshock for sure. One of the best game's I've ever played. To test your system, try Gears of War, and yet another shining title HAZE next month.
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    w00t! 'Gears of War' going to be getting upgraded!

    I really enjoyed my 5 play throughs of this game. 4 of those were on the 360, and my 5th was the maxed out PC version.
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    ordering today:9800gtx or 8800gtx?

    The 9800 supposedly performs much better in SLI, but like others have said it's not a marginal difference.
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    Multiplayer Unreal Tournament 3 Where is everyone?

    I put a good 250 hours on UT3. Just recently stopped playing it. I'm now back to UT2k4 and having much more fun that UT3. Hit me up on Xfire if you want to be my game buddy or something: a1phaboss I also plan to play UT2k4, until Quake Live. When that shit goes up it's gonna be amazing!
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    So im 10 minutes into Crysis and i am not impressed with the graphis so far.

    ^ COD4 is far from terrible. It is damn overrated, though.
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    9800 gtx SSC crashing and burning

    You are right. The card's core clock isn't stable over 780ghz. Try lowering the core clock to 780 or a little lower.
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    Crysis Screen shots..nothing else 56k no

    What the hell? I am running Very High and my game never looks this good. Even with the tweaks...
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    Assasin's Creed Performance

    Well is anyone else finding this game ridiculously boring? I spend most time walking...
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    So im 10 minutes into Crysis and i am not impressed with the graphis so far.

    I do agree with this comment. This is one game where the cutscenes and the gameplay don't differentiate.
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    Frontlines Fuels of War--Whats the deal?

    How is the online community for this game? As in, are there people to even play with?
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    4/20 release??

    Oh gosh. You're kidding, right?
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    Advice on build

    I prefer build two. I'm not crazy about Gigabyte mobos.
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    I finally beat TTFAF!

    What is TTFAF?
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    9800GX2 or 9800GTX?

    That is an extremely false statement. You need 50+ for a game to feel right, especially in an FPS. 60+ is ideal.
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    XFX GeForce 9800 GTX SLI @ [H]

    Sounds very promising. I have yet to test Crysis on my system though.
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    Graphics are moving too slowly, I want the matrix now.

    Actually, I think we are still very behind in the GFX department. Engines like UE3 just slap tons of bloom on their UE3 based games and call it Next-Gen. Crytek is at least pushing us forward.
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    Questions about OCing a Q6600

    I just recently hit 3.2. I find that hitting 3.4 just isn't worh the excess heat.
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    Intel to restrict overclocking in Nehalem?

    Well can you blame them? RMAs are annoying.
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    Graphics are moving too slowly, I want the matrix now.

    Have you seen Dark Sector? That game is incredibly realistic looking, and it's on a CONSOLE! Anyway, I agree with the 15 years statement. 5 years until it's capable, and 10 year refinement sounds realistic.
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    How will this build fare with newer games?

    Wow. That's an extremely limited HDD, spacewise. The GPU is good, but I'm not too sure about the CPU. You will at least be able to play everygame on Medium-High settings.
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    Lost Planet ... Noob question pls

    Ahh Green Eyes. You're gonna love battling him later. That was hard.
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    So im 10 minutes into Crysis and i am not impressed with the graphis so far.

    Agreed. I ALWAYS tell anyone that asks me that this game is nothing more than a benchmark.
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    Top 15 best stories for a video game

    Gosh. Those game had a crap story. Why isn't Crysis on there!?! ;)
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    So im 10 minutes into Crysis and i am not impressed with the graphis so far.

    Crysis is quite overrated,but STILL it looks amazing. The story is utter shit, but sometimes when I'm bored I just crank it up and walk around the jungle and blow up stuff with a trainer on. :D
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    Need a card to hold me over

    9600GT will be the best bet for the money. Even an 8800GT if you can afford it.