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    Database question

    I could use some advice on how to do the following tasks, i know it has something to do with databases etc but im not very informed on the subject..any help i would appreciate very much.. - I need to prepare different forms with 70-100 questions, some with true/false values, some with numerical...
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    Need a bit of help choosing 2gb ddr3 vs 4gb ddr2..

    Hey guys.. Im in a bit dilemma right now.. I ve been away from hardware market for a while.. with my current budget I will get E8500 cpu HD4870 GPU I'll be using winXP I wasnt sure what should I do, i could get 2gb ddr3 ram or 4gb ddr2... I will choose a motherboard depending on...
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    Big sale today, please help! (samsung models)

    SAMSUNG 22" 226NW 354 $ SAMSUNG 22" 223BW 358 $ SAMSUNG 22" 2232BW 370 $ SAMSUNG 22" 226CW 405 $ SAMSUNG 22" 226BW 475 $ I need to decide between these 5, those are the regular prices here, they have %28 off sale today...
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    Trip to hong kong, need suggestions

    I'll be flying to hong kong this weekend, hoping to pick up an LCD monitor, preferably 24" wide (Could go smaller I suppose if it means a better monitor) What is a good 24" monitor to pick up that can be found in hong kong? I assume dell would be a tough find lol.. This came out of the...
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    Video problem (black-outs)

    hey guys.. i need some help here.. my screen has been going black out of nowhere for a week or so.. It'll just go black&come back like a refresh rate change, it almost is a simulation of a refreshrate change only it happens midgame-desktop whenever... I also see some black horizontal...
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    What driver is best for WoW

    I have a bfg 6800U and What drivers are you guys using with WoW? Which one is the best? Also I've been playing WoW for a week.. and I must say I am REALLY annoyed by the shimmering I'm getting.. All these grassy hills etc.. A fix has been released for this ? Thanks~!
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    WOW servers..

    Hi I started WoW last week on Kel'Thuzad.. I have a 21 mage there now.. However I just realized 2 days ago that the server is located on west.. my latency is like 240ms.. I tried aneast server (Mannoroth) this morning and it was 40ms! I want to start on an east coast server now.. Even...
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    ForceFeedback necessary for flightsims ?

    I'm in the market for a flightstick/throttle.. Looking at saitek x45 and x52 atm... neither of these have FFB though.. Ive never used FFB stick so I'm not sure if it makes alot of differeince in flight sims like it dies in ffb wheels for driving sims. Any ideas?
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    HELP! Weird scratching noise from speakers..

    Hi I've had this problem for sometime, its not there after a clean os install so that makes me thing its some kind of spyware thats sole purpose is to annoy the hell out of the user... note that I had the same thing before I upgraded the whole system... so that rules out any hardware glitch...
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    FlightSim + flightstick recommendations

    I was always a flight sim fan before I got my computer, I used to look at the reviews of various flight sim/arcade games and drool over them.. this was about 6-7 years ago though hehe.. I have yet to play a flightsim game since I bought my first computer few years ago.. So I'll need your...
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    6800 Ultra PCI-E.. where to buy?

    I need to buy 2 of these babies for a friend overseas.. he's willing to buy the gauged prices.. Quick pricewatch search pulled up these resullts Evga @ GameVe - $655 Evga 6800Ultra @ BuyXG $659...
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    CompUSA employees... (How much is a x800XT with the discount?)

    title says it.. How much a x800XT costs with the employee discount?
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    FarCry vs Half Life 2 : which is more taxing ?

    Well.. I'm playin HL2 with my 8500LE 1024x768 medium settings just FINE.. I'm actually suprised how well its running.. Farcry was a slide show unless i played at very low settings
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    steam helps pirates ? lol

    well.. I always thought that valve letting any steam user to pre-load the game is stupid... They should've only let people that pre-ordered the game from steam to pre-load the game.. It's very possible that hackers will make a patch for pre-loaded game content and it will lead to massive...
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    where to get a x800pro VIVO and which brand?

    So i decided on this instead of the 6800GT.. my friend's evga gt that i play tested for a week had similiar fps drops, shuttering and shimmerin issues as other people here described and it was really annoying.. so i decided on getting ati this time.. however Ive been out of the ati loop...
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    Got a raptor.. am i missing something?

    Hey I got a 72gb raptor last week.. ive been trying it out for a few days.. I havent noticed any significant performance increase at all (be it game loadin times or daily windows stuff) .. now I really feel bad about payin $170 for it.. I guess after all its all for bragging rights...
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    laser case mods?

    I was just wondering if there has been any casemods which uses laser pointers and various reflectors to light inside of the case ?
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    Vampire : bloodlines

    I've been seeing different release dates for this game on retailer websites.. Is there a definite date for this game now that release date for HL2 is certain?
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    Antec True430W vs Fortron 530W

    I have $75 bucks to spend on a psu, i heard awesome things about both of these.. Fortron Antec I have 5 HDs (1 raptor) , a 6800GT(on...
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    HL2 ending (no spoilers)

    Well some asshat over at has been spamming ending spoilers all over the message boards registering new accounts etc etc.. and Ive accidentaly read it.. Now its not sure if what he spammed was true or not, but this sucks regardless... I wont have a relief untill I know if its...
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    IE download question

    Is there a way to disable temp file writing while downloading with IE ? When I download alot of large files, IE writes them to temp internet files folder, then copies them to where I initially wanted to download them.. this brings a huge strain if more than one files finished downloading and...
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    Gaming @ Movie theaters

    Hey.. ive heard few times that some people hook up their ps2s or whatnot to projectors at the movie theaters and play it on big screen.. well I work at a movie theater and ive told about this to other managers and basically we wanna try this hehehe Any ideas what kind of equipment needed...
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    21" CRT, more than 85HZ @ 1600x1200 too much to ask?

    I'm looking to buy a cheap 21 used monitor.. most of the monitors I looked supports a max refresh rate of 85HZ @ 1600x1200.. Is this standart for average big tube crts? Is it too much to ask 100hz at the same resolution ?
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    Reliable refurb monitor sellers?

    I'm looking into getting a 21" monitor.. preferably any brand with FD TRINITRON tube.. Any reliable refurb sellers you can recommend?
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    Hl2 Hdr

    Okay, I remember watching this bink video of HL2 HDR enabled.. It looked very impressive.. What Im wondering is if this option will be in the game when released and what kind of a fps hit would be if its enabled? Also will nvidia's openexr hdr usefull at all for HL2? This is the link for...
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    VPN help

    I want to form a vpn between 2 computers over internet... I have never tried this so I dont know if its possible for it to act like an actual network, with file browsing and be able to play old games like on a lan that doesnt have internet support is this possible?
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    XDCC automated pack request/download script

    Hey guys I have some stuff I need to get from some xdcc bots that has no queue slots and they have the pack list disabled.. I need a script that will start requesting from pack #1 to pack one, when the download finishes, it'll automaticly request the next pack till #xxx pack Is there a...
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    Exterminate Forceware.. Part deux aka what is up with you people

    WTF is up with you people ?? I tried to make a joke about getting a x800pro by sending back a GT and claiming that x800 was a better card.. knowing this is the Nvidia side of the forum.. not only some people didnt get it.. but my thread was deleted because of fraud ? WTF is up with you...
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    Exterminate Forceware

    I sent back my evga 6800GT and got a ati pro instead cuz i heard it was much better.. but i dont want to format and install windows again.. What program can I use to wipe off the forceware drivers so I'll have no problem installing an ati card ?? THanks I'm getting...
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    random hissing noise

    I've been having this problem for a while.. I'm pretty sure its caused by a spyware of somesort but adaware/spybot wont find it Randomly out of nowhere a 2 time hissing noise comes out of the speakers and its driving me nuts... Any ideas what it is ??
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    3dmark help ?

    So i just received an evgaGT but my 3dmark scores seems a bit low.. I have epox 4pca3+ mobo, p4 2.8c @ 200fsb, 1gb corsair xms pc3200 @ 1:1 2.5-3-3-6.. its pretty much untweaked and stock settings, so i guess its not the videocard I used fresh winxp install, forceware 61.45 and 3dmark03...
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    just got a gt

    just got a gt... and i'll be installing farcry for benches and stuff just a question is the 1.2patch available ? do i need to install SP2 and 9.0c beta versions to be able to get the sm3 advantages ? TY
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    best buy employees.. discounts ?

    A friend of mine will start working @ bestbuy in few weeks.. I was wondering if I should wait for him to start working to get a video card Can a new employee get discount on video cards and stuff ? Also what is the employee discount for, lets say BFG 6800GT ? If any best buy employees...
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    new gameVE price

    Retail Price: $449.00 Our Price: $394.00 You Save: $55.00 (12%) SKU# VC-EVGA-047 Mfg Part#: 256-A8-N344-AX This item will be released on 7/8/2004 $4.75 Flat Fee Shipping. Is this price gonna change after the holidays ?
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    Where to get an ULTRA or GT

    So i decided to get one.. i tried the compusa deal but I doubt it'll happen Who has these cards in stock ?
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    smart : seek error rate going up/down 100

    well title says it.. I heard some clicking in the case from one of the hard drives, not sure which one.. installed smart start and started monitoring the drives my 80gb wd drive will change seek error rate every drive check in 10min intervals 23 April 2004 04:59:50 :: ALERT [WDC...
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    Stop putting farcry level names or other possible spoilers in SUBJECT

    Please dont put level names etc on subjects or in a thread without a spoiler warning.. Its really frustrating to find out things like that instead of by playing :confused:
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    Asus P4S800D-E opinions?

    Anyone tried this mobo with SiS chipset? Its the cheapest I could find with 2+ SATA ports..
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    a64 fan and mobo question

    I recently downgraded to xp1700 with stock hs/f from a 2.4b with stock hs/f.. and boy.. is xp1700 louder or what.. lol Anyways.. Im bout to sell the intel parts and get an upgrade.. I would like to know.. if i get a retail a64, the fan noise will be as loud or even louder ? What kind of...
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    ram prices

    I bought this ram exactly a year ago for $136 its funny to see its only $10 less after a year... wtf is this all about ?? some ram factories have been blown up and we havent heard??? I am about to upgrade real soon.. i...