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    SSD Types?

    Can someone show me how the below SSD drives look like in term of "appearance"? Maybe a picture of each or something. SATA Flash Solid State Drive Flash Solid State Drive PCIe Flash Solid State Drive The reason i am asking is because i want to know which one is the mSATA (the small type of...
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    Motherboard Recommendation

    I am looking for high end gaming motherboard, anything other than ASUS , I've had ASUS rampage iv extreme and i've had nothing but troubles with this board, finally it died after 11 months of usage. I recently bought ASUS Rampage IV Black and it was already died on arrival. Any suggestion...
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    No Boot screen

    I've Just upgraded my motherboard to Asus IV Black Edition, Tried to turn on the PC after putting all cables and hardware in, however no boot screen show up, By that i mean nothing show up on the Display at all. not even a signal being detected. The motherboard lights remain ON, but nothing...
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    Buying an OLED TV

    So i am looking to buy an OLED TV as an upgrade for my existing Panasonic VIERA 55" TC-P55ST50 Plasma which i hated due to it has slow motion, extremely slow processor when it come to browsing utube and other apps, and finally the chitty advertisements that they pop up each time you turn on the...
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    How to get out data from an on-board memory?

    This might not be the right place to ask this question as it is too techy, but i thought giving it a try anyway. I've a Media Player that is almost completely dead, however the on-board memory flash is not dead, i was looking to see if there is a way i can get my data out of this memory...
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    Best Gaming Monitor?

    Need to buy a monitor for gaming mainly and also for work (just internet use, typing etc), budget is unlimited, any suggestion? I was looking at and i really like it, any thoughts on it? Also...
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    How to connect Apple Cinema LED to PC?

    I have Apple MC007LL/A 27-Inch LED Cinema Display, Is there any way I can connect it to my laptop that only has HDMI output? any adapter, any solution? Tried this guy but it didn't worked...
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    Xbox vs Computer?

    I was just curious, why do some people own xbox while they still own a computer? what is the point in owning both together?
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    Best Glossy 27" Display?

    What is the best Glossy 27" Display that can beat Apple? would be great if it was 2560 * 1440+ too... Thanks!
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    Questions about 3 monitor setup

    Please join this topic only if you have/had 3 monitors setup as i am interested to read about the experience of users who had such setup. Few months ago i built the following setup: ASUS Rampage IV Extreme i7-3930K Hexa-Core 16GB Corsair Dominator 512GB Crucial SSDs 2x EVGA GTX 690 3x...
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    Questions about 3 monitor setup

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    Hardware Issue?

    I've 2x Evga GTX 690 and 3x monitors. When i plug the monitors DisplayPorts into evga gtx 690 slots, one monitor cannot be read. If i change the DisplayPort position the monitor will work. does it have a hardware problem? If i plug the DisplayPorts into other card, they all works. any idea?
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    How to switch between monitors?

    A question: I have 2x 690 cards and 3x monitors + 3x tvs, when i want to switch to the tvs i have to plug out the 3x monitors plugs and plug the tvs plug, is there anyway I can avoid that? any hardware switcher maybe? or maybe a software that allows me to plug in all 6 plugs on both cards and...
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    Pictures of my new setup

    Just completed my new setup and my room, sharing some pics :) Setup: ASUS Rampage IV Extreme i7-3930K Hexa-Core 16GB Corsair Dominator 3x 512GB Crucial SSDs 2x EVGA GTX 690 3x BenQ XL2420TX 3D Displays 3x 55" Panasonic VIERA Plasma 3D TVs
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    Connecting 5.1ch speakes?

    This might be a silly question, but I've never used a 5.1ch speakers in my whole life, I recently get a Edifier S550 5.1ch Speaker system that come with a subwoofer, and i am using ASUS XONAR ESSENCE STX/90 Sound Card. I am just confused about where to connect the cables? I took couple of...
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    GTA IV Problem

    I've just completed setting up my new pc, and I've installed GTA IV, however, when i max out the graphic settings, the game get extremely slow that I cant even play, Does anyone have any idea? Note that i did updated the graphic driver and DirectX is installed, below are my hardware: ASUS...
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    Display turns off automatically?

    I gotta problem with my new setup, everything was working smoothly, but , recently i connected my other displays into pc, the middle display turns on as soon as i turn on the pc but in middle way of boot process i hear a switch sound from my motherboard and then the display just turn off. note...
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    Best way to connect PC to TV?

    I've absolutely zero experience with tvs. I would like to connect my PC to 3x Panasonic VIERA 3D Plasma TVs for widescreen gaming, To ensure the best quality what connectors/adapters i should use? something like active displayport adapter maybe? I've also heard that using HDMI to HDMI for one tv...
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    CPU Fan Error!

    Just completed my new PC setup, however as soon as turn on the pc it come up with the following error: CPU Fan Error! Press F1 to run setup. Then the pc shuts off after like 3-4 minutes and if i turn it on again it shuts off sooner, something like less than 1min. I've checked the whole...
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    GPU Cabling Help needed

    I have a GTX 690 and i need some help to install the cables, the GPU come with two cable sluts and also two red cables, i know that i can insert the black power cables directly into GPU, however, i want to know if i can use those red cables. I've took a picture of my current installation. the...
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    Best Water Cooling?

    I am looking for a good water cooling that also has a nice look, any idea? Would appreciate if you also provide links. Thanks
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    3x Panasonic Viera TC-P55ST50 55"

    I am in my last step to complete my gaming setup which is going to be based on 3x BenQ 24" monitors at the desk, However, at the other side of the room i was planning to place 3 large TV LEDs so that I can enjoy playing games on large LEDs too, So, I was considering getting 3x Panasonic...
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    Help Needed with a New setup

    Hey Guys, I am new in this forum, Hopefully I can get some help with my new setup, I am working on setting up a new PC, I'll list my specs below, Please let me know what do you guys think and if should make any changes. the PC is going to be mainly for gaming and secondary for some...