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    Need to Achieve the impossible

    The only issue that this particular case may present is that it is a hotel environment - which means that when someone's video game doesn't connect over the internet, they're going to call down to the front desk and complain. Is the front desk person honestly going to be qualified to write a...
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    Anyone here use

    We use for our customer's DNS needs. They are for sure a premium service, but rock solid. They also offer DNS failover services as well. I don't know your comfort level is with DNS, but they are a little more on the advanced side of things - or at least the interfaces that I...
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    So whats going on with service in the U.S?

    Clearly too much p0rn is being downloaded. The simple reason why is because all internet consumers have way more bandwidth combined at a botnet's disposal than Steam or any other single internet destination... and yes, I understand it is not that simple as it is a many-to-many relationship...
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    Win 8.1 network woes

    Ok, let's get back to basics then. Disable any software firewalls you may have running on both computers. If it is Windows Firewall, just search for "Firewall", and open up "Windows Firewall". Don't go into Windows Firewall with Advanced Security. If you are using any third-party firewalls...
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    Synology Rep RAGE or Ignorance?

    Sure for a company that has at least 1-2 racks of computers - but in small business where it is hard enough to get customers to buy replacement batteries and LTO tapes for failing ones, let alone invest in 1) deactivating (removing) the existing sprinkler heads, 2) installing and then...
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    Synology Rep RAGE or Ignorance?

    Sure for a company that has at least 1-2 racks of computers - but in small business where it is hard enough to get customers to buy replacement batteries and LTO tapes for failing ones, let alone invest in 1) deactivating (removing) the existing sprinkler heads, 2) installing and then...
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    How to handle updates on workstations

    Intuit would still manage to mess that up. Like I said, former printer-driver programmers. The whole lot of them. :D Note that Intuit does own, which is a web-based competitor of Quicken and it is quite popular.
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    Skype good or bad?

    If you can use skype, then keep it. If you don't use skype and can't find a use for it, then remove it. When you speak about security, there are several levels that you could be talking about here - is the software secured? Is the transport of your conversation secured? Is the identity of the...
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    Java 8 launched

    You mean Java 1.8, right? Why does Java ignore the preceding '1'? Sorry - this has always bugged me. About as much as old Apple computers with a -single- mouse button. :D
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    Synology Rep RAGE or Ignorance?

    Hey, know this wasn't really your question, but I wanted to bring up a few more points Another question is whether or not it is water-tight. :) Firefighters and/or sprinklers are going to be pouring hundreds of gallons of water during a fire. I have a customer who uses a similar setup...
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    Win 8.1 network woes

    Up until the point in your post where you said RDP worked AOK, I was convinced that you have the same problem that I have at my home, which I suspect is IPv6 name resolution over my shitty wireless router that is cabled as an access point. In my situtation, I am unable to access shared...
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    How to handle updates on workstations

    This. Intuit is a terrible developer of software. If there is a place to bend programming rules, it seems they so do at every opportunity. Too bad that there aren't many direct competitors to their software products anymore. (Online malarkey notwithstanding.) In fact, I think Intuit hires the...
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    2008 R2 Cool n' Quiet

    Just did some research, by being a MSDN subscriber you get priority support on at both the MSDN and TechNet forums. There are only select forums that Microsoft supports and they are listed here MSDN Priority Forum Support: TechNet Priority...
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    2008 R2 Cool n' Quiet

    What patches are you considering using? While I personally have shuned AMD CPU servers for years, I have googled and found no less than three updates that may apply to your situation: 1) KB2568088 - This enables Windows to utilize AVX with Hyper-V on the Bulldozer platform. From what the KB...
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    FAO: LigTasm Please help, Win7+Z87 RAID can't install

    To be accurate, the poster said "downloading", not downloaded. Meaning at the time that post there was no resolution. I casually helped someone (IRL) with a similar problem a few months back ago, but they decided against using the Intel raid settings over using built-in Windows RAID0 and the...
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    2008 R2 Cool n' Quiet

    You installed both updates mentioned in that anandtech article then? If so, did you read KB2646060 notes, it mentions the following two important points: 1) When this update is installed, Bulldozer modules will be less likely to achieve the C6 power state. This potentially results in increased...
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    FAO: LigTasm Please help, Win7+Z87 RAID can't install

    Well, what was the fix in case anyone else runs into your problem? Thanks.
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    2008 R2 Cool n' Quiet

    What was the power management profile set to before you started changing things? If you set the power management setting to Balanced or Power Saver. this will enforce throttling for you.
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    Windows XP mode question for Windows 7

    One thing come to mind: Have you confirmed that hardware virtualization is enabled on the motherboard? will confirm this. When the first iteration of Windows Virtual PC for Windows 7 came out, it refused to install without this...
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    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Restart taking for ever!

    Note: The following event ids are observed from a Windows 7 machine, not 8. Hopefully the event log entries that I'm referring to haven't changed, but yymv. So, when a user initiates a shutdown the System log records the following event, Source: USER32, Event# 1074. Between this event and...
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    Anti-keylogging -- does it work? Any downsides?

    The only downside I see is that it lures you into a false sense of security. Security is best achieved through layers - there is no doubt of that. But don't let this new layer of security allow you to skimp out on other security measures. Also - their website is very 'fluffy'. I looked at a...
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    Advice - clone server

    What I can tell you is that you do not want to do what you suggested because the machine is a domain controller - also, has other special software - anything that starts with the letters Symantec. Cloning the disks wouldn't be a bad idea - the only real gotcha would be getting the hardware...
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    Purpose of adding a router to a WLAN

    Sure an unpatched computer is at risk by being connected directly to the internet - but far-in-away, the majority of infections are caused by browsing websites or downloading programs which carry infections. This second vector is not protected by a NAT/PAT device, like what you have at home...
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    Good small business printer

    I like brother printers because they're not HP. Also, Brother's price verses features price points are pretty sweet, including things that a small business would like, such has wireless printing AND having a LCD display to help set it up. (Stupid HP.) Brother drivers are decent and you can...
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    MS Partner licensing questions (not MSDN)

    I don't understand the logic here. Literally Action Pack is a licensing bonanza for a small business. The cost for two Office 2013 licenses are greater than the cost for the Action Pack licensing.
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    Why do people use WhatsApp/Friendster/Etc

    I've used WhatsApp to text to colleagues in foreign countries or to text while in a foreign country with a US-based phone, where traditional SMS texting is costly. Beyond those two use-cases, I otherwise have no need for it and didn't even consider installing it until I was informed that they...
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    10Gbe group for my C6100

    Well - What is your total budget for this? Without a firm number, I can't help you find actual parts. As you could see from my quick and dirty spreadsheet, the CX route generally had the cheapest switches, but the most expensive NICs and cabling. The Copper SFP route had the most...
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    Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 x64 new domain Default Domain Policy defaults

    Fair enough, but if you're at this point - you're kinda screwed. :) Even Microsoft's own documentation clearly indicates it is the option of last resort. But two flaws in both of our plans that I found: 1) dcgpofix and your hard copy won't restore the EFS recovery certificate in the event that...
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    Deployment software (PXE)

    We use a product called Baramundi, for our deployments. It is a lite-touch style deployment for the first deployment. Afterwards, it is zero-touch, as it has an active management agent running on the client.
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    Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 x64 new domain Default Domain Policy defaults

    You can also just use DCGPOFix. Already baked into the operating system.
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    10Gbe group for my C6100

    Really, at the end of the day - you want 10Gb connectivity, and there are different ways to provide the same end result. Since you are not concerned with locking yourself into obsoleted technology, it means that it is a numbers game now. The first group is 10Gb over Copper. The second...
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    10Gbe group for my C6100

    I have absolutely no experience or knowledge with InfiniBand, other than what I've read on wikipedia or whatnot, so I couldn't give you an opinion on it one way or another. Sorry.
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    Upload speeds are terrible

    AI Suite II - Guess the developer didn't know what the letter I meant in A.I, even the second time around. :)
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    Upload speeds are terrible

    Have you called your internet service provider to see if they show any problems on the line? Looking into all these other things first makes no sense if your line is the problem and you cannot diagnose the line quality.
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    10Gbe group for my C6100

    You're still going to sink some dollars. 10Gb switching isn't exactly common-place. or...
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    File Server Performance Issues

    While it was a risk (you know, assumptions), I'm thinking that it is not a share permission issue. Share permissions are very simplistic: read or read/write or read/write/change share permissions. Being able to delete and create a new file requires exactly the same minimum share permission...
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    File Server Performance Issues

    I'm hoping you meant group verses OU. You can't assign an OU to an ACL. There is a concept called "ghost groups", but that's a purely manual thing. I don't know yet - honestly, the error message generated by Office is generic, so yes. it could be the performance of the disks. It could also...
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    What should your ISP be able to do about a bad traceroute?

    The data transferred was based on Sysinternal's Process Explorer's network counters for the program.
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    Need help with CoProcessor Drivers

    Glad to hear - have a good day!
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    Need help with CoProcessor Drivers Looks to be an Nvidia nForce System Management Controller - A hard drive controller. If this is a name-brand computer, then go to that company's website and find the driver for this. If you built this computer...