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    DD-WRT: trying to connect ASUS router to Xfinity hotspot and rebroadcast a different SSID

    I have a TM-1900 ASUS/T-Mobile Router that has been flashed to the latestDD-WRT firmware. I am looking to use my 2.4ghz radio connect to Xfinity WiFi hotspot and bridging that to the 5ghz radio into a new SSID network. Essentially I'm trying to do this: DD-WRT Forum :: View topic - DIY...
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    Klipsch Promedia 2.1 -- two sets; older (heavier) new (lighter) - Sub/amp

    I got a new pair of Klipsch Promedia 2.1s, however, I noticed the subwoofer/amp is significantly lighter than my older set. The satellites feel a hint lighter. Does this mean the quality went down? I notice there were Made in China stickers on every piece. (not sure if my older ones came...
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    Get a free $5 Officemax savings card for signing up for texts

    I saw this over at slickdeals, so credit is due to the OP; sunnybebo. Text "stop" to unsubscribe. I tried this with Google Voice and it doesn't work.
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    What to do?

    Exactly last year I received a white macbook as a gift. It's been through much wear and tear, still working. Over the lifetime it required a DVD slot rom replacement. Now there's a dead line pixel in the LCD. I am going to bring it to the Genius bar this afternoon. I plan on keeping it, but...
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    Brands that offer lower price on same panels doesn't mean anything

    its about the quality people!
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    Logitech Extreme PC Gaming Headset -ChiefValue 12.99 3 Day

    Link Same price at EGG but 4.99SHIP Looks pretty good to me, cause if you had to pay for shipping it would suck I prefer it without the MIC cause I'm too shy to talk :P
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    How to delete win xp setup installation

    I wanted to format my computer I used a newer verision CD and I forgot KEY... so then I delete the installation files on my C drive now it won't boot to the setup but it says I am missing a file When I try to install it again i cannot get it to boot from CD
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    Connecting X-530s to TV

    I'm probably not going to get 5.1 surround I have an extra set of speakers.. I would like to use it with my TV I have regular basic coxial TV... how would I convert it to RCA sound?
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    SLI-DR Signal Freqency is Out of Range

    Signal Freqency is Out of Range Please Change Timings I get when I boot my monitor it is an orange box it doesn't go to bios... it goes directly to the orange box my system is up to par with requirments can someone tell me anything about this?
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    how do you properly solder something.... it just won't melt.... the iron is so hot that is becomes brown =( a bit =(
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    FREE 1 Year Subscription to PC MAG with purchase of the following brands at newegg!!!

    link Over $20 purchase ABS AMD ATI CORSAIR SAMSUNG WESTERN DIGITIAL hmmm added it to the cart and it didn't add sub....
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    RIDATA 4.7GB 8X DVD-R Disc - Retail 28shipped

    RIDATA 4.7GB 8X DVD-R Disc - Retail Ridata DL disc + 1 shipped = 29shipped with DL! pretty hot!
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    what happen to the guy who worked for dell thread?

    ??? it was about small business and teh 2005fpws
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    RIDATA 100pk DVD+R 8x 31.90-10 rebate =mwave

    linky edit:shipping kills it
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    Dell 8200... where to buy backlight inverter

    basically my friend's 8200 backlight went out i'm pretty sure I have to change the backlight are there other solutions other than ebay??? it is out of warrenty btw
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    2.53 at 3volts!

    is this right?
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    Unreal 2004... cd serial work on dvd verison?

    I have the CD Version of Unreal... I would like to have the dvd instead.... can I use it with the same code?
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    who runs dsl naked :P i do!

    does your westell modem get really hot? I decided to leave it on without the shell :) The thing is hot when you touch it :eek:
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    quick partition and partition... difference?

    o.O? I tend to choose quick paritition because it is faster... but is it better for the hd if I did normal parititon?
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    SB LIVE 5.1 drivers? wtf? link me!

    I know there is a site that lets your download the 6XX mb full cd... I forgot, Cd is lost :( help me as I am playing cs and et with no sound :(
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    Mem selection... ultra D and venice 0517

    DFI ULTRA D ZALMAN 7000CU VENICE 3000+ 0517 WAVEMASTER heh ocz value vx?
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    100 cdrs 52x Legacy 9.99 shipped at EGG =O

    =O fiddy twoo x
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    aopen 6200 and battlefield 2

    the card will it work? heh will get the card on thursday for 30 shipped :)
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    9800 pro AIW flashable to 9800XT?

    possible? with the proper core... :)
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    9800pro heatsink remove help? have samsung ram want to flash>XT

    Is there an article or step on how to remove the stock hsf? What are the chances of having a 360 core if I have samsung ram?
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    khypermedia DVD+R 25 pack for 3 dollars at OFFICEMAX! HOT!

    check paper memoral day sale... I would get 4 and test out 1 pack... if bad i'll just return :) 1=3 2=6 3=9 4=12 5=15 6=18 7=21 8=24 HOTTTTTTTT :) ITS 8x videohelp
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    Tomm compusa midnight(6-12) deal....maxtor 200gb for 90

    check your mail..... I believe it is store only oh yah no rebates and retail :) maxtor hd also compusa brand dvd+r 10 pack for 2 bucks compusa brand cd-r 100 for 15 :)