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    gtx 580 displayport troubles

    My old pc has an msi gtx 580 lightning extreme. I'd like to use it with my monitor: Viewsonic xg2703-gs My monitor has only displayport and hdmi, and no dvi ports. Currently they're connected with a displayport cable, but there are two issues: 1. I do not see the BIOS/POST/windows boot...
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    galaxy s5 rom question

    do custom roms include the "screen mode" settings?,AawBwVu#0
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    dvi to displayport?

    i would like to connect my old computer's gtx 460 to my gsync-modded vg248qe, which only supports displayport. my gtx 460 has two dvi-i outputs and one mini-hdmi output. it seems most cables/adapters are designed to connect computers/graphics cards with displayport output to dvi monitors...
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    wtf 144hz 27in ips?

    saw this posted on blurbusters. not sure if it's real or just mislabelled
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    somewhat technical usb/mouse question

    how is it possible that i see >128 counts of movement in one packet? in and it seems that the x and y motion is encoded in single bytes, which allow for -127 to 127 (two's complement)
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    4770k vs 4790k questions

    suppose both are delidded and water cooled so that temperatures are not an issue for either 1. at the same clock speeds, is there any difference? 2. given the same voltages, is the average 4790k better than the average 4770k at overclocking? i have a 4770k on z87 that can do 4.5-4.6ghz at...
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    water path through radiator

    does anyone know the path water takes through a typical radiator? is it always like this? or does the water snake around through each pipe?
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    quick question to kepler owners

    a question to those of you with a kepler card, a 500/1000hz mouse, and windows 7. i'm sure there are a few of you around here :D when you use the windows 7 basic theme, and drag a window around, do you see tearing in the top half of the screen, or do you only see tearing in the bottom half...
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    mouse not working after rebooting

    motherboard: asus z87-pro I have two ssd's in my system. One has windows 8.1 and boots from legacy/mbr. The other has windows 7 and boots via uefi. The problem is that when i reboot from windows 8.1 to windows 7, the mouse does not work replugging it and stuff doesnt do anything. once I...
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    SLI sfr and afr

    Are there any recent benchmarks comparing split frame rendering and alternate frame rendering on modern games? I haven't been able to find any
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    HKC x3: 1920x1080 144hz VA chinese monitor

    I believe it has the same panel as the eizo fg2421. The key differences are that it goes up to 144hz, it's not strobed, it's much cheaper, and it's from a Chinese company. It advertises some 10bit something, but as we all know, that doesn't really matter with most graphics cards. Pretty much...