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    Intel: low prices and sold out CPUs

    Is this an early indication they want to come out with Comet Lake? Because I read there's some kind of delay because they're not satisfied with the power consumption of higher-end Comet Lake CPUs. Their i3-9100F and Pentium G5400 which I find would be very acceptable for Internet...
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    Video acceleration in browsers

    I read they just recently started to experiment on Chromium to allow hardware acceleration in browsers. Do you find this takes away from the appeal of Linux (free, open source)?
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    If you buy a cheap CD Key...

    I mean the seller was just deleted on eBay and the item removed. I find this a bit alarming. Anyway, if my copy of Windows won't work, what's my first step? (I know about asking for a refund but... this is weird as it's an OS.)
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    Am I looking at benchmarks the wrong way?

    Why are people saying AMD is largely superior across the board when the i3-9100F is superior to the Ryzen 5 2600 and Ryzen 5 3400G?
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    Can you benchmark desktop "snappyness"?

    I read someone insisting Intel CPUs are snappier on the desktop. How would you even test this?
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    Choose password for new keyring?

    It says "An application wants to create a new keyring called "Default keyring". Choose the password you want to use for it. (I don't know if this is Chromium or Opera or something else...) Linux Mint Cinnamon 19.1
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    Unable to lock directories /var/cache/apt/archives

    What's going on? I can't install Opera in Linux Mint because I first have to install sudo apt install msttcorefonts. That can't install because of the error message. EDIT: Uh, actually now it says: "Waiting for apt to exit".
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    Lost the picture thingy in Win8.1

    I know this sounds like a minor thing but want to know if I can change it. I installed classic shell in Win8.1 and right-clicked on My Documents to try to copy to put the My Documents icon on the desktop. Well, the sunflower picture is gone. Anyone know how to put it back?
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    Linux Mint on Abit AT8 32X (socket 939)

    I'm just asking before I try it. Does anyone know if Linux Mint will find the drivers for this? It had an Xpress 3200 chipet. Do you think I should try in 32-bit or go ahead and install in 64-bit anyway?
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    Install Windows fromUSB

    Can I directly transfer an ISO file onto a USB flash drive and double click on it to install Windows? EDIT: OK, apparently you need to install a tool on your flash drive. But it says it formats your drive. Once I install Windows though, can I use the full capacity of the drive?
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    Horrible SSD performance

    I have an old Asus M3A78-EM motherboard and connected to a Kingston A400 120GB SSD. I ran a couple of tests and the results are like 76MB/s or even 12MB/s. Any ideas?
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    Phone stops recording

    Just curious if anyone here knows why the Moto G5 Plus stops recording after a few minutes. It's not a huge issue, just wondering if there's a simple solution.
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    Ramdom freezing

    This only happens once or twice a month but just wondering if anyone can guess where it's coming from. My motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-H170M-D3H with an Intel i3-6100. My power supply is an Antec Basiq VP450. One guess is to disable C6/C7 mode in BIOS (which I haven't tried yet). I also...
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    Creative T20 vs T12

    I finally found the difference between the two. Last night I listened to different songs like... Blue Foundations - Eyes on Fire Billie Eilish - Bellyache Pink Floyd - Is There Anybody Out There? OTT - Smoked Glass and Chrome Ozzy Osborne - No More Tears Phil Collins - I Don't Care Anymore Run...
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    Any Ryzen 3 3200G fans out there?

    I know some of you want the fastest you can buy but for those who do light gaming, what is your experience with the 3200G?
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    Intel Comet Lake build lol (planning ahead)

    Comet Lake build OK, I understand Comet Lake comes out in several months. But I was thinking it might be an idea to plan ahead. I know people could debate about AMD vs Intel but I read that the new LGA 1200 socket would be compatible with the Ice Lake 10nm. Case Actually, I already bought the...
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    Deleting Tubeninja cookie

    I clicked on options then manage data and clicked to delete about 20 cookies after using the site. But every time I delete the tubeninja cookie, it re-installs. I tried using Avira and Malwarebytes. Any ideas?
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    Transfer video files android to PC

    I watched a few Youtube videos and clicked on a few web sites and pretty much going around in circles. I noticed if I click on "USB Tethering" in my Moto G4 Play, I can no longer see it in the PC menu. However, if I click on G4 Play inside my PC, it just shows a blank window. Like I can't see...
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    Connecting headphones to Moto G5 Plus

    I don't know if this is going to work or not just wondering. I have old small headphones from my Motorola V9m Razr and I tried connecting them to my Moto G5 Plus. I tried turning on Bluetooth but it doesn't seem to make a difference. It won't turn on. I did not take off the plastic wrapping...
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    4 core to 6 core question

    If I run a virus scan and open a video file, will the process be smoother on a 6 core than a 4 core or would using a SSD make it faster (than a HD).
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    How long will 10nm last?

    I know this seems like a useless question. But, since socket 775 lasted a long while and we've been on 14nm for several years now, when I read Tiger Lake (7nm) (EDIT: I just read it will be on 10nm) will come out soon after Ice Lake (10nm), would it really be worth it to skip 10nm and just...
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    Pentium availability

    I was thinking of buying a temporary mobo/cpu/ram/ssd when support ends for Win7 while I wait for PCIe5 to come out. So, I figured to save money, I could buy a Pentium CPU, 8GB of RAM and 240GB M.2 SSD. But, I checked web sites for the fun of it and saw Pentiums are out of stock in Canada. (I...
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    Antec GX 202 case (nice)

    I've used several different cases in my life for builds but this is probably the first time I'm satisfied (without modifying it). I ordered the Antec GX202 mid-tower computer case and received it today. Here are the strong points to me: - large power and reset buttons near the top of the case...
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    Open letter to Microsoft :D

    Please extend support for Windows 7 UNTIL you come out with a new OS. Hopefully similar to Win7. :)
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    Win10 activation question

    I have Win7 and read the Intel Ice Lake desktop CPUs are coming out sometime in 2020. However, support for Win7 is ending January 2020. So, I was thinking of buying an SSD and installing it temporarily on my Win7 machine and installing Win10 (and unhooking my HD with Win7). I was wondering...