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    Can't Decide between two cheap laptops

    Hi everyone I'm looking to get a cheap laptop. I need it in the next few days. I'm looking at under $500 CAD. And I don't want to order online. I found these two. Which one is better?? Compaq
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    Advanced SystemCare Pro

    Hey guys I've been using a program by IOBit called Advanced SystemCare pro. Its supposed to be this all-in-one spyware removal, tweaking, ram cleaning program. Its supposed to make your computer runner smoother, better, faster etc. Anyone else have it? I've been using it for about 4 days...
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    New Nvidia Card...Need to know what to get (sizewize)

    Hey guys All I want to upgrade is my video card. Because of my motherboard, I figured I would have to get Nvidia (which im ok with). Its just that when I installed that 320mb 8800GTS (its a fairly big card) it fitted fine but with not too much room to spare... I'm willing to spend...
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    Advice on my upgrade.

    Updated for simplicity Sake... Budget: $1000CAD (might spend more) Usage: Gaming (at a current max of 1280x1024) Parts Required: CPU -Prefer intel -Cord 2 Quad preferred (or i7? - don't know whats better) Graphics Card -Indifferent between Nvidia or ATI -Wants the best that...
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    Making a "Watch Folder" in Itunes??

    Hey, I would like to make a watch folder for itunes. What I mean by that is similar to the "Watch Folder" ability in Windows Media Player. That is it has a folder (for example, "My Music") which it will constantly scan (or check every once in a while) for new music, that will be added...
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    Putting a Wii to my computer

    Hello all I would like to use my Wii on my 19 inch Samsung Syncmaster 931BF I would like to still be able to use the monitor for my computer as well. I currently have the computer plugged into the monitor via the the plug in that is not RGB. (I can't see it, its either DVI or VGA or...
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    Headset Mic Not working

    Hey guys. I got a Logitech Extreme Gaming Headset (headphones and mic) for christmas and it worked fine when I first got it. I had it plugged in the front of my tower (using the front mic and front speaker jacks)...The headset is one cable with two ends (mic and headphone end). It was...
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    Videos playing too bright: Hardware issue?

    Generally this is a problem. My videos play too bright, altering video settings doesn't help. I've done lots of screwing around with codecs. I really don't know what else to do. What plays too bright: Quicktime Windows Media Player Winamp DiVX What doesn't play too bright: Any...
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    Do I need 1080p??

    Hi I dont know very much about resolutions and televisons, and progressive scan, and all those facts. I'd like to get a tv (probably LCD) that is really clear quality (not crystal clear) that is really good for gaming i know theres the whole 720i, 720p 1080p etc... What does this all...
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    BlackSite Area 51 anyone?

    Just got the game today, and played through the first couple of levels. Graphics are quite nice, no Crysis, but not an eyesore, good environments, lots of variety it seems. Gameplay is very basic, run and gun, with one squad control (move to this spot) which is useless. Storyline is neat...
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    videos playing too bright - vid card issue?

    hey its kind of hard to explain but all of my videos have been playing much too brightly (both in quicktime and windows media player).... when i go into enhancments to try to turn down the brightness, it makes it too dark and doesn't get to a good level of brightness i'm not sure if this a...
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    HL2 Ep2 Graphic Problems (possible artifact?)

    Whenever I shine a light on a character in this game (e.g. Vortigaunt or Alyx) and its supposed to show the shadow of the character, i get this weird graphic blocky stuff on the top third of my screen, i wonder whether or not its artifacting or something. and here is the example...
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    What kind of an upgrade should I get???

    Ok I want to get lots of opinions on this, I really care what you guys have to say, so please give me a piece of your mind!!! Ok I know my computer is pretty sweet for gaming (not the best, I know, but still damn good)..... However, I am preparing for when I get a little extra cash on the...
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    Lost Planet Lock-ups/Graphical Glitches

    Hey I'm playing the DX9 version of Lost Planet (specs below) Everytime I start the game I get a little bit into the action, but eventually my graphics lockup somehow, or the game freezes, or something happens that eventually forces me to alt-f4. I think it is graphically related, and I know...
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    Lost Planet Locking Crashing DX9 SOLUTION

    I'm sick of reading posts all over the place about this with no one knowing i posted the answer already twice so heres a big thread. Ok guys I know what to do, this happened to me last night and it took me about 10 mins to figure it out.... Turns out the problem is with that Concurrent...
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    Anti-WoW Essay (not mine)

    A guy I go to school with hates WoW so much that he actually wrote a 6000 word essay to show how much he hates it and why he thinks it sucks. I used to be an avid wow player, have since quit but I still think it's a good game, just too time consuming. Anyways I wanted to know what you guys think...
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    Age of Conan Beta - Banned wtf???

    Has anyone else gotten banned from the age of conan beta? I have no idea as to why, i've been patiently waiting for this for a long time. I didn't break NDA or anything, so I'm very confused... anyone else get the same thing?
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    Oblivion Performance not so great

    Hey all my comp specs are in the my sig. I just installed and started playing Oblivion. I put res to 1280x1040 or w/e that res is all settings on high, HDR on, almost all the bells and whistles on max (like distance crap and all that)..... I get decent performance (don't know the FPS...
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    Video Game Console on my video card?

    I'm wondering with my videocard if I will be able to hook it up to a console somehow and find some software to play it.... Which console exactly? lets just say Xbox360/PS2/Gamecube/Wii/Whatever is on the market right now thats my card...
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    Trying to overclock 320mb XFX 8800GTS

    I was using ntune to overclock my card. I click optimal (so it tells me whats the best setting is for ocing) and the screen goes blue and nothing happens, i have to restart.... anyone know why?
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    just got XFXGTS8800 320mb powersupply pin cables?

    um, i just got my xfx 8800GTS 320mb, im about to install but it says somethin bout connecting a cable to the power supply... what cable is this, and do i have it or where do i get it? in the box there was only the card so im annoyed and confused (and ignorent) please help!
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    Cheapest Way To Get Vista (Legally)

    What is the cheapest way to get Vista?? I really want as I'm gettin my G80 tomorrow, but I'm just wondering what is the cheapest way. I know OEM versions are a bit cheaper but thats all I can find. anyone know? p.s. LEGALLY OF COURSE
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    so my fan violently vibrated last night...

    Last night I was playing some Flight Simulator X, all of a sudden my computer started shaking and making an extremely loud noise (like a car engine). I freaked out and shutoff the back switch on the computer. I then opened up my case (specs in sig) to take a look at my fans. All of them...
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    Overclocking my 7600GS

    Apparently I can overclock my 7600GS 512mb video card a bit. My question I know how to overclock a processor, but no video card. Yes I'm a noob.
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    My New Velocity Micro Campus Edition

    I'm eagerly anticipating my new VM Campus Edition computer coming this friday. Specs are as follows: 500W VM power supply (apparently can go up to 550W) E6400 Core 2 Duo 2.13ghz processor (im gonna overclock crap out of this :p) 2 gigs of Corsair Ram Nvidia Geforce 7600GS 512mb 250GB...
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    New Dx10 Video Cards Question

    As we're seeing the D10 cards being released before Vista itself, my question is. Can we use D10 cards on our XP system (of course only running Dx9 software) before we have to upgrade to Vista? Because Vista won't even be commercially availble till Jan 07, it would make sense that the new cards...