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    Lenovo LED backlit LCDs

    I may have missed it being posted here, but I saw this recently: L'Inq: Lenonvo updates monitor line 24" LED monitors. No prices yet but available this autumn.
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    Accessing D-Link DGL-4300 router stats with PHP

    My old router allowed me to access the stats easily with PHP. With the new D-Link 4300, the web pages and/or xml files need a prior login. If I login with a browser and then use the PHP program, no problem. However, I can't get the router to accept a login from PHP. The usual...
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    Thin monitor is 10" thick!

    Ok, in fact, someone doesn't know where to put the decimal point. ASUS Unveils World’s Slimmest 22-inch WS LCD Monitor I suspect the 248mm should be 24.8mm (just under an inch). The problem is in the Asus press release too. A TN panel wrapped in shiny glass and dead cow skin. Looks...
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    PWM fan controller for 4 wire fans

    I see designs on the web for home-made PWM controllers but they seem to just attach to the power and ground wires of a fan and adjust voltage. Has anyone found a controller design that uses the fourth wire on a 4 wire PWM fan?
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    Dremel problem resolved.

    I mention this partly as info for others and partly out of frustration. I mentioned in an earlier post that my Dremel died when I started a mod. Well, the problem turned out to be worn brushes. I replaced them and it works fine. So if your Dremel is acting up, check how long it's been...
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    Dremel died - hand tools live!

    I started a simple mod to add a fan. Everything was on a time-constrained basis - I wanted to get the server up and running the same day. So I emptied the case, marked out the hole and grabbed the Dremel. It started and then slowed to a stop. I spent an hour taking the thing apart, cleaning...
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    RAID messed up on upgrade

    I decided to upgrade from a C2D to a Q6600. To do this, I had to upgrade the BIOS on my Gigabyte P965-DQ6 V1 from F9 to F12. Now that everything is complete, the RAID drives are messed up. I had two 320GB drives in RAID1. When I booted for the first time with the new CPU, it said that only...
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    Multiple computers, one monitor simultaneously?

    No KVM - I'm wondering if there's a monitor or gadget that allows one to simultaneously display multiple computer's output on one monitor. For example, if there are four machines running some apps, have one monitor display each output in 1/4 of the screen - so a 24" 1920x1200 monitor shows four...
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    LCD - Vertical refresh vs scan frequency

    I'm so confused. LCD's don't refresh, right? Then why do they quote vertical refresh/scan frequencies? Is it just because video cards still try to send refresh signals and the monitor has to deal with it?
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    RAM cooler air direction

    I've been looking at a few coolers for my RAM. Upgrading from 2x1GB to 4x1GB increased temps by over 10C and I get MemTest errors now. Corsair Dominator Airflow OCZ XTC CoolIt RAM Fan Active System Memory Cooler Odd question - do these blow air down on the RAM or pull air up away from...
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    Grumble, grumble - dumb feature design... DQ6

    I added a front panel gadget to provide audio connections to the front of my case. This means attaching a 2x5 connector to the audio header on my Gigabyte DQ6 MB. It turns out that they placed some capacitors so close to the header that I had to shave down the plastic on one side of the...
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    UPS Scam?

    I went out looking for new batteries for my UPSes and discovered something interesting. The same battery works in several models - 250VA, 350VA, 400VA up to 500VA. Now the battery capacity is the number one determinant of the capability of a UPS so that means that the cheaper 250VA has...
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    Wheels - the best thing I've ever done

    This might seem silly, but the best thing I've ever done to a case is to add wheels. Caster wheels, specifically. After nearly breaking my back umpteen times over the years trying to lift mid- and tower cases from under desks, tables etc 'cause they can't be slid across a carpeted floor, the...
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    Changing scrollbar colours in XP Pro

    Is there a way to change the scrollbar colours for all windows in XP Pro? I have a vision problem that causes blurring at the far right of my field of view. It's normally not a problem, but with the grey on grey colour of the scrollbars, I have a hard time finding it without looking over...
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    2x2 vs 2x4 CPU power connect

    I'm wondering about the use of a 2x4 CPU power connection (ATX2.2 PSU) when the CPU doesn't require the extra power. My PSU has two 2x2 (split 2x4) plugs. The MB manual says to connect both parts (i.e. a 2x4 power plug) if I have a CPU that requires it (e.g. certain Pentium 4 power hogs)...
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    Window panels and RF pollution

    I was wondering how, or if, these cases with clear plastic side panels meet the specs on radio frequency emissions. In the old days, any plastic case panels were coated with a metallic coating inside. If they do leak, do you ever have interference problems?