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    For those of you who bought an HD-DVD player from Best Buy - $50 gift card free

    Damit I bought my 360 player 2 days too late...
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    Free $25 Amazon Gift Card

    Im in for one, hopefully its legit.
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    HOT: PALiT NE 9600gt $110AR+shipping

    • Limit TWO (2) part numbers per rebate offer and ONE (1) rebate offer per name/individual, household or address. • Maximum rebate amount: $40 on each item, up to $80 Dollars per offer application. • To qualify for rebate both items must be purchased and included in the same receipt/invoice...
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    HOT!! PALiT GeForce 9600GT 512MB - $109.99 after MIR

    No it doesen't 12 hours is 12 hours no matter where you live.
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    HOT: XFX 8800GS $99 AR + Free Shipping

    The 9600GT performs better, for $111 its a killer deal.
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    HOT: XFX 8800GS $99 AR + Free Shipping

    Yeah but the 512mb version is in there too.
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    HOT: XFX 8800GS $99 AR + Free Shipping

    Well its a little faster than the 8800GTS which you can see compared to the 8800GT in these benchmarks. I would say anywhere between 15-30% slower depending on the game. 2 should definetely be faster than the...
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    HOT: XFX 8800GS $99 AR + Free Shipping
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    HOT: PALiT NE 9600gt $110AR+shipping

    Thats HOT as Hell, Im buying 2, rebate can be used on both I just read it.
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    Budget Video Card

    Whats your price range?
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    ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT @ [H]

    As of right now No. I'm most interested in the 8800GTS 320MB as of now out of all the DX10 cards. But then again everyone has different needs and preferences. And I wont be buying a DX10 video card until DX10 games are out, my 7900GT provides me enough power for all my DX9 titles. I think I...
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    ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT @ [H]

    Honestly if they had said the x2900xt is under performing currently or as of right now the x2900xt is showing disappointing performance or the x2900xt is far from what we expected. I would have agreed with the statement. But saying the product is a "Flop" is like saying it allready failed that...
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    ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT @ [H]

    True true but there were some glimpses of the x2900xt's power and then there places were it showed surprisingly weak performance (STALKER). And some newer games weren't even tested, it all points to weak drivers, especially since a number of websites reported driver bugs and strange performance...
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    ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT @ [H]

    How am I assuming to much, it looks great on paper and it performs great in certain games and applications some that werent tested here, I just think that you guys are shutting it down too quick, a month or so from now if performance doesent improve we will have a better judgement and even then...
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    ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT @ [H]

    I'm not too worried about ATI the theoretical performance is there and everything looks great on paper and DX10 games aren't even out yet (That is the #1 reason most of us are getting these 8800's and the seems like you guys keep forgeting) Anyway I think its too soon to say that...
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    Which store has best return policy on xbox 360?

    Sams Club/ Costco, you can return it as long as you are a member.
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    Best HDTV under 1000$

    Go with the Westinghouse, much better.
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    Got my Westinghouse LVM-37W3 37" 1080p display today!

    CyC what wallpaper is that?
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    1000 Xbox 360's $100

    Nice for those who got it.
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    1000 Xbox 360's $100

    Got one. :D
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    1000 Xbox 360's $100

    It comes with Free Fedex saver shipping I believe.
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    1000 Xbox 360's $100

    Yeah theres about 50 minutes left from now. Can't wait. I wish everyone luck. :D
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    1000 Xbox 360's $100

    Usually the question asks you to type a couple of numbers and letters into a box to confirm.
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    1000 Xbox 360's $100

    1 per household.
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    1000 Xbox 360's $100

    Its Thanksgiving, most people won't be at home or traveling. Also some might forget or not be able to make it, and a lot of people have 360's allready. Its also limited to 1 per person, so I am giving it 5 minutes.
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    question about upgrading my video card among other things....

    Yes an Antec 400 watt PSU will be more than enough for those additions.
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    upgrading from 6600gt

    I would save for a whole system upgrade, because a 7600GS is a minimal upgrade.
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    Anyone have a link benchmark to G80 SLI w/ 3 or 4 cardS?

    No the current drivers only allow 2 cards for SLI, however it may change. Also the 3rd PCI Express slot is meant more for GPU Physics.
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    Calling all 3007fpw owners UPGRADE TO 8800GTX NOW !!!!!!

    I fourth the motion and make em good. :D
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    When are we going to see an G8x Go?

    Probably shortly afer the 8600GT/S, mid next year I would guess.
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    7950GX2 vs 8800GTS?

    The GTS is pretty equal to the GX2, in some games it even beats it by quite a bit (Oblivion, Company of Heroes). I would go for it, its essentialy a free upgrade to DX10.
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    Why G80 suffers from 2560x1600?

    Most likely a driver issue right now.
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    Budget Geforce 8 series?

    Yes the 7900GT. But the 7800GTX and 7800GT released long before the 7600GT. Its the same case here, the 8600GT is probably coming with the refresh.
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    Picked up G80's

    Whats the image quality like in games, especially AF, is there shimmering? Did they include ATI's HQ AF option?
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    *HOT* AMD Opteron 165 $100 (Canada)

    Yeah I edited my post, sorry about that. :p
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    *HOT* AMD Opteron 165 $100 (Canada)

    Yeah, but if your in Canade this is a very hot deal.
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    *HOT* AMD Opteron 165 $100 (Canada)

    Yeah its on but they are pretty reliable.
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    Crysis on G80

    Check the dev said that a 7800GTX runs the game maxed out at 1024x768 currently unoptimized (In DX9 ofcourse). So those of you asking about the 7900GT should have no worries.
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    AM2 X2 3800+ retail open box $133

    Remember though this does not come with the Heatsink.