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    Which 970 to get?

    Just heard that it was due to that specific app. On more intense applications, it used more than 3.5, could be wrong tho.
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    Which 970 to get?

    Ah I see, :). Well, I like Evga but not against asus, may check out the asus then. Thanks!
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    Which 970 to get?

    Yall wouldn't recommend any evga cards for 900s? O.o
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    Which 970 to get?

    I'm in the market for a new gpu but don't know which one to get. Any suggestions? I was like at an evga 970 but then there's the ftw and ftw+ and ssc. haha Just want the better one, geez.
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    Post your Mouse and Keyboard pics

    I'm still rocking the g500 even tho I own a g500s as well. I have the button below front and back as "maximize" which lets me maximize and minimize windows and I find useful. For some reason they took that out of the new software in the g500s so I can't do that with it. :confused: Logitech...
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    Reboot shenanigans

    Thanks everyone. It actually didn't do it today and hasn't. So I'm guessing that it was training the ram a few times like some have mentioned. ^_^
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    Reboot shenanigans

    ^^ahh thanks for the info. At least it narrows it down to the mobo. I will try some of the suggestions they noted. ^_^
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    Reboot shenanigans

    Hi, I just recently put a new build together. Here are the specs: PSU: HX650 SSD: Samsung 830 MOBO: Asus Hero VI CPU: i7 4770k GPU: EVG GTX 570 RAM: G Skill DDR3 16 GB Windows 8 Now, the issue is that when I power it on it will turn off after a SECOND, reboot and after that it works...
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    What video card has served you the longest before upgrading?

    EVGA GTX 570 SC. Actually bumped up to a 660ti and there was virtually no improvement. EVEN saw a few fps drop in one of my pc games so I went back to my trusty GTX 570. ^_^'
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    Shoprunner 6 month free

    Shoprunner is hella good! I signed up one time through newegg to get faster shipping. (One month free trial) I was going to cancel and they gave me another 90 days free! ALSOOO if you purchase 3 things within that time they give you a whole year free! WTF?! lol it was legit though. I've been on...
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    New Gaming Build... What do you guys think?

    Good choice! Wish I had the dough to get a new rig myself but I'll settle for a gpu upgrade. XD
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    Printer suggestion 125ish, laserjet

    HL-2250. Brother is the way to go.
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    Lack of good gadgets

    lol, that actually sounds halfway decent. I'd get it. :D
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    Lost phone :{(

    Sux bro. Shouldn't that be a happy face at the end? XD I have the optimus v right now and had the triumph. Triumph is wayyyy better. I had to downgrade though. :(
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    Is CoD:MW3 scared of BF3? Sure does look like it...

    ^^This. Cod is fun and all but it doesn't take all that much effort.
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    Safe to delete these files off my new laptop?

    I leave those type of files alone unless they're huge and I need space.
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    Games you were looking forward to but were cancelled.

    Starcraft Ghosts, idk what happened? O.o
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    Final Fantasy Tactics finally released for iOS

    One of my favorite games, beat it probably 3 times. XD
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    Where my WoW-heads?!

    I'm a complete noob at this game still. Only level 14 and play a little. XD
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    Hard Gaming PSN ID list

    Invader Zim
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    from touchscreen back to qwerty

    lol at people saying man up. I did the reverse and went from qwerty to touch, still adjusting...miss my bberrry curve. :(
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    Do you guys think iphone 4 worth the money?

    Wait for Iphone 5. :D
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    Smart phones

    I think my carrier's cap is 5gb but I hardly use my data that much to go over it.
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    Should I keep my text plan?

    Keep it. :)
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    Sprint, Virgin Mobile or Verizon?

    Been using Virgin for about 2 yrs. It gets the job done but I think verizon has the best coverage so eventually I may move to pageplus.
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    How awesome is this? (Bluetooth cam earpiece)

    Never knew about these things. Looks cool. :)
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    Longest gaming session? Guy dies in UK after 12 hrs of Xbox

    Back when I was into rpgs I would do 12+ hrs on the psx. No effect whatsoever.
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    Kingdom Hearts I or II?

    Kh1 cuz I got to whoop sephiroth. :D
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    Crysis 2 Multiplayer

    It died down so quick. It was an alright game but could've been better.
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    Poll: Have video games driven you to violence?

    ^^lol. And nah, it's just a game. Have fun and don't take it seriously.
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    Battlefield vs Call of Duty (by IGN)

    Both are good imo. I tend to go to the other after playing one for too long.
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    Best phone this Summer ? iPhone5...EVO-3D...Windows Mango ?

    ^^Right on the battry life fr the evo 4g. Mine barely lasts a few hrs and I always carry the charger.
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    XFX HD6990 *in stock* at TigerDirect

    havent tried tiger i usually stick to newegg
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    Ocn'g Evga Gtx 570 plain

    What is a good place to start? I don't really oc much so any help is great. :D
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    Most powerful low-profile card?

    Fan noise is a key factor for me as well but mostly when I don't wear my headphones.
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    Wait or buy?

    Get it now if you have cash. ^^