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    Micro Center: i5 3570K $189.99 + $50 off select Z77 mobos

    Just picked up a 3570K and a Sabertooth board for $328! I originally bought the UD5 but was reading some iffy reviews on it so I took the drive back and exchanged it for the sabertooth. Im not sure what the customer service rep did but after I walked out and looked at my receipt it showed...
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    Intel 320 160GB SSD + Battlefield 3 combo for $154.99 AR FS

    I sent mine out on the 31st of november. USPS said they recieved my documents on the 2nd. I didn't get a confirmation that they had gotten my documents until a few days ago. A day after that they sent the email saying I am going to recieving my rebate in 8-12 weeks. Just be patient it'll come.
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    Seasonic X-1250 vs Plat 1000. Better value?

    Ended up going with the X-1250. Seemed like I couldn't go wrong with either unit and I'm sure having the extra power available isn't a bad thing. I got in in the computer earlier in the week and have been satisfied with it. The finish on this unit is top notch. They give you enough cables to...
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    Seasonic X-1250 vs Plat 1000. Better value?

    I think you are right. I will monitor the 2 and wait for one to be at good enough deal to jump on. Thanks for the insight!
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    Seasonic X-1250 vs Plat 1000. Better value?

    Would you agree that 3 overclocked GTX480's + i7 920 overclocked is going to draw somewhere close to 1000watts? I currently only have 2 but as the used prices for them drop I may end up picking up a 3rd. If I go with the Platinum 1000 I have pretty much ruled out the possibility of 3 480's. I...
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    Seasonic X-1250 vs Plat 1000. Better value?

    I am deciding between these 2 ps's and am having trouble deciding which is the better value. I have read all of the Plat 1000 review and it appears to be a near flawless unit. My issue is that I would be better future proofed If I went with the x-1250 but there are no reviews yet to confirm it...
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    HP 23" LED Monitor XP598AA#ABA: $75 AC shipped @ (starts 11/13)

    Mine is currently sitting at my local staples. I ordered it online and had it shipped to them. I will be picking it up tomorrow and making a custom VESA bracket for it
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    HP 23" LED Monitor XP598AA#ABA: $75 AC shipped @ (starts 11/13)

    Just ordered mine. $75.00 + $2.50 (had to buy a coupon) Pretty damn good deal if for a second monitor me thinks.
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    Triple Mount Large Screen with smaller side.

    The general recommendation for the side panels is going to be to use something with an IPS panel so that you can take advantage of the better viewing angles. LED or not, TN panels offer poorer viewing angles that are greatly exaggerated when rotated in portrait. As for a mount, any mount...
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    G.Skill Sniper Low Voltage (1.25v) 8GB DDR3 1600 + 4GB SDHC = $50 shipped @ NE

    On my P6T6 motherboard with 3 sticks of this ram (1.5v version) the ramsink clears my Noctua NH-D14
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    Seasonic Platinum-1000 Drawing

    daddy needs a new PSU!!! Seasonic > *
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    Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD Sound Card $47.99 @ BB

    Im going to stop by the store again tomorrow with the receipt pic and my receipt and see if they will credit me the difference. Figured at $60 it was still worth it but why not try and get it for $48.
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    Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD Sound Card $47.99 @ BB

    Just picked up the last one at the Manalapan, NJ BB for $59.99+tax Sweet deal, thanks OP!
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    Gigabyte AMD E-350 1.6GHz Dual-Core APU + AMD Hudson-M1 Mini ITX Motherboard $59 AR

    Im pretty sure it was from Amazon directly and it was available for at least an hour or 2 before it died.
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    [H]OT! Crucial M4 64GB SSD $115 shipped -ends 5/17

    You lose TRIM support if you raid 2 drives together but gain read/write performance. I have owned a couple single drive SSD's as well as raided SSD's and I don't perceive a difference in speed between the 2 when using my computer normally (benchmarks tell a different story). If you are doing a...
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    MC Post-Mother's Day XFX Event

    Taken from: Microcenter is located in Patterson, NJ which also happens to be an Urban Enterprise Zone.
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    MC Post-Mother's Day XFX Event

    Im not sure I agree with that. I believe they are like any other store in that you need to shop at the appropriate time to save the most. Microcenter regularly has great deals on Power supplies, Hard drives, DVD burners, etc. For guys like me who live in NJ its tough to beat MC. Sales tax at...
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    Intel® Core™ i3 2100 LGA 1155 3.1GHz Boxed Processor for $99 with mobo at microcenter

    i was reading that h61 doesn't support clear video. would this affect its ability to function as an htpc?
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    New HTPC

    Since most people are more interested in busting your balls then actually helping I will offer some insight. Phenom II x4's paired with an 880/890 chipset motherboards are more than capable at playing HD content without the need for a video card. I do not believe you will get bitstreaming...
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    what to look for in a sceen for HTPC

    I would also look closely at the televisions input lag if you are planning on using a TV for PC gaming. Most TV's do some sort of post processing to the image before it is displayed and in many situations this can greatly increase input lag. Just something else to consider.
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    Warm ? microcenter B&M i3-2100 bundle...I3-2100+H61M-E33 $159.99+tax In store only

    Just got back from microcenter in NJ. Was going to pick up this combo but decided on the this motherboard instead. Using the $25 off intel mobo coupon that has been circulating brought this up to $195 (after $10 rebate)...
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    Sony to Get PS3 Hacker’s PayPal Records

    Of course, but what is Sony doing here that is different then any other software maker TOS? I guess actually pursuing a civil case against someone? Someone was going to set the precedent at some point, right? Jammie Thomas was made an example for the RIAA, The Hurt locker torrenters were...
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    Sony to Get PS3 Hacker’s PayPal Records

    LOL, c'mon dude, please use common sense. Just because I choose to leave my door open does NOT give somebody the right to steal from my house. Oh and btw, our judicial system says its the robber fault. Your logic is ridiculous. Sony is selling you the product, you own the physical hardware...
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    Sony to Get PS3 Hacker’s PayPal Records

    TOS should be challenged as they appear to merely confuse someone into agreeing without actually understanding or reading said TOS, nonetheless it is why you always hear about "reading the fine print". His system yes, not his software. Like most software I'd be willing to bet you are only...
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    Sony to Get PS3 Hacker’s PayPal Records

    I am not supporting or defending what Sony is doing, rather just trying to clarify that some people are misinterpreting the situation (if you were referring to me). The solution to what you are talking about would be to simply not purchase products from companies who do not wish for you to...
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    Sony to Get PS3 Hacker’s PayPal Records

    Isn't it less about what you are doing to the physical purchase and more about what you are doing to the software that is on the physical purchase? This is not the same as you taking apart your PS3 and installing some leet cooling fan or upgraded processor. This is about modding software which...
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    Micro Center Coupons $25 off Intel Mobo+more

    can anyone get the memory link to work. i cant seem to get one to go through without saying its been printed too many times.
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    40" NEC P401 WS LCD 1920X1080 for $267 (Dead Deal)

    :mad: its possible, the 30 on ebay could have been legit and not updated on their site.
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    40" NEC P401 WS LCD 1920X1080 for $267 (Dead Deal)

    dont forget that its only $40 more on amazon which is still pretty damn cheap. 3 places with cheap prices, I hope that means it wasnt too good to be true... crosses fingers
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    40" NEC P401 WS LCD 1920X1080 for $267 (Dead Deal)

    wow I just bit on this. I guess if it doesnt work out as a bedroom TV I can always craigslist it
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    Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Studio only $170 ebay

    Well received on head-fi
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    32in Vizio "1080p" Refurb $269 free ship

    The spec for "supported computer resolutions" has to do with connecting via VGA connector. If you are going via HDMI then you will be able to use the TV at 1920x1080
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    ABS Canyon 595 (Lian Li x500) + CoD: Black Ops for $159 AC

    Got the case in earlier today. Came in perfect condition and is probably the best deal I have ever seen for a computer case. After selling COD:BO the case came out to roughly $120. truly a steal! I was worried about this dimension but to my surprise ABS includes an black anodized aluminum...
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    ABS Canyon 595 (Lian Li x500) + CoD: Black Ops for $159 AC

    Mine shipped separately too, from the same warehouse also. Odd :confused:
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    Seasonic X-560 Give-Away! 3 PSUs!

    in in in, sweet
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    sennheiser hd595 $120 for 2 more hours @ amazon

    and like magic, the goldbox price reapplied to my account and they are ordered. ok I am happy again :-)