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    The Future According To Microsoft

    Another "This will be your future" video... :rolleyes: Two thing come to my mind: 1-) All this touching interfaces: disgusting! I'm freaking out cleaning my iPhone 1000s times a day. 2-) Where the hell is my flying car???????:mad:
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    McAfee Android Malware Problem is Worsening

    A meeting of top executives at McAfee's: "Humm, sales are really slow! What can we do?" "Smartphones are a hot product today. Android is selling like water. Maybe we can scare the hell out those user just like we did in the past with PC users!" "Yes! Maybe we can even create some of those...
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    Sony S1 and S2 Android Tablet Hands-On

    It is amazing how many players are out there fighting for de 3% of the tablet's market that don't belong to iPad :)
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    Average Gamer is 37 Years Old

    39 here and I try to play something everyday. My step-son is 13 and we play MW2 whenever possible and he beats the crap out of me! Oh, and BTW, he knows it is not real and does not want to kill real people.
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    F.E.A.R. 3 'Contractions' Trailer

    I second that too. Found it pretty lame...
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    Crysis 2 DirectX 11 Patch Debunked

    I will buy it when its price drops do US$ 29,00 (or less) on Steam.
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    Crysis 2 Workarounds Rounded-Up

    While trying to enter the MyCrysis forums... "An HTTP error occurred while getting: Details: "Unable to contact target server after 1 tries."." hummm.....
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    Breaking NEWS! Apple Removes The Home Button

    What is news? News is what people want to know or care about and, right now, all over the world, a lot of people want to know and care about Apple products. That is why the removal of the home button is huge news. It is related to the only interface that was successfull on the table market...
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    How to Fix What's Wrong with PC Gaming

    Nothing is wrong with the PC's game industry other then sometimes it makes games that really sucks. Good games sell a lot, earn big bucks for companies and bad games, well, they are bad games. Why even bother to buy then? Increase quality control, stop releasing sub-standard and unfinished titles.
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    Microsoft Office Ultimate, Now With Built In Alarm

    We can draw a conclusion from this: They all look around to see if anyone else was looking. Everyone would take something that did not belong to them if no one was looking! We only respect the laws because there are forces on society (police) that obligate us to do it. If we did not fear...
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    New York City 3D in Google Earth

    Sure, and that is why we never had a terrorist attack in NY before this tool was availible... :rolleyes:
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    Steam Hardware Survey - September 2009

    Folks, New survey from Steam is online at: For those who believe that Nvidia is going down, there are some pretty interesting results to see...
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    Teen Wins $150k In Amazon Kindle Lawsuit

    People will sue for anything because there is allways a company willing to settle before its "image is demaged". If Amazon took the kid all way throuh court, with very heavy legal expenses the outcome could be different.
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    Controversial Ad of the Day

    War is a very controversial subject. The "truth" is only told by the side who won the conflict. The oposing force is allways the vilan. Harry Truman ordered the drop of two atomic bombs over the civilian population of Japan. 140.000 died in Hiroshima and 80.000 died in Nagasaki. Who could...
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    Gmail Outage Hits 'Small Subset of Users'

    Problem here too. All day very slow and problems with contac list. Still bad at 8:45 GMT
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    Brazil, US Biggest Spam and Virus Sources, Study Finds

    At leat we are first at something... dam!:mad:
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    PETA Comments On Google’s Goats

    On the extermination they were not open, on the contrary. The majority of the German people had no idea about what happened on the concentration camps. I read a lot of history books. English is not my native language and I will run a spell check before posting this (thank you for the advice)...
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    PETA Comments On Google’s Goats

    You know... I am not a american, and I don't know if you are, but I beleive Nazis were bad enaugh to be compared with PETA. I hope you don't compare Jews to animals too. Nazis were more than hypocritical and their objective was the extermination of Jews and other "so called" inferior humans...
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    PETA Comments On Google’s Goats

    Folks, Generalizations are almost allways wrong. Please, don't call PETA a Nazi organization, it is really unfair. I disagree with some points they beleive in, but I am most gratefull for other actions they do. I am not against people eating red meat, fish or chiken. I do and I have no...
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    Shattered Hard Drive Mystery

    He would never open the hard drive if it was on warranty. Or it was not, or he did something very extreme to the drive (regardless of what he said he did or did not do). If it was a newly replaced drive, on warranty, why open it? He would have to pay for it! It does not make any sense to me.
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    Man Busted for Child Porn Solicitation via PS3

    I don't know how to write what I think should happen with this kind of people...:mad:
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    Windows 7 Beta Goes Public

    I already downloaded via torrent. Just want the activation key... they could have distribute it via torrent. It would be much faster for us and a lot cheaper (bandwidth cost) for then.
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    Black Mesa Source Trailer

    I just finished replaying HL1 one month ago and I will play it again when this mod is released.
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    XFX GeForce 9800 GTX SLI @ [H]

    Trepidati0n, you have been registered for 3.5 years and you still don't know how to be polite on a forum. For shame. Miscommunication, thank you for answering my question.
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    XFX GeForce 9800 GTX SLI @ [H]

    Why the review does not use the settings on very high on Crysis?
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    Are you ready for Crysis? At [H].

    Two words: Battlestar Galactica
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    Not happy with my EVGA 8800GTS 320

    Timbowens, 12000 would not be impossible with your system. I was able to squeese 10302 with my sig system ( and I don't have a quad as you do. 3Dmark06 scores make huge jumps when you can do something more with your cpu. As for the OP...
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    Acceptable temps for an E6700?

    Also, where are you taking those temps? They look a little too high. I have an E6750 with a Zalman 9700 and with 3.36 Ghz I get ~43ºC with both core at 100% in Prime95.
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    Asus P5K-Deluxe and E6750 Overclock

    I manage to get 420 Mhz (3,36Ghz) out of it increasing the vcore to 1.46 and just a litle the FSB and Chipset volts, but nothing above that seen to be stable. At 425 Mhz (3,40 Ghz) Prime95 erros but everithing else works fine...
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    Asus P5K-Deluxe and E6750 Overclock

    Lou, Thank you. I didn't know I could go much further. As soon as I get home I will try it. Vaiks
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    Asus P5K-Deluxe and E6750 Overclock

    Hi, I just build the system on my signature but I'm facing some troble to pass the 3 GHz barrier. Today, the system is running at 8x380 with volts and other parameters on auto. On CPU-z, the core volt is already at the teoretical limit of 1,35v. What should I do to get better results? Pass...
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    Zalman CNPS9500 + 9700 on Asus P5K Deluxe?? - Does it fit?

    Phobos-82, I don't know if there is still time to change your order but, IMHO, you are building such a nice set but the video board is not par with the other parts. As more games are designed with DX10 in sight, 320MB os ram just don't seem to be enough for large and heavy textures. If you...
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    P5K boards - how to flash BIOS to work with 1333fsb CPUs?

    Bona Fide, I just bought a P5K-Deluxe and it came with the first BIOS release (0202). It worked with my E6750, but on every boot it gave me an "bad CPU ucrocode error". I download the new BIOS - 0404 from the (crappy) Asus site and used the E-Z Flash utility on the bios itself. I placed the...
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    Top Vista Tweaks and Hints @ [H]

    The gadget that displays your drives free space has a memory leak. Leave it running for a few days and see what happens...
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    Xbox 360 Elite Spy Pics

    The only thing I want to know about the Elite unit is how fast it will give you de 3rl sign of death.
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    DirectX10 GPUs From NVIDIA & AMD In 2Q

    nVidia Vista drivers finally ready??? Where? I can't find then... :mad: Every time I switch on SLI something funny happens...
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    Pirated Vista Only $10 In Latin America

    Starter Edition is to be sold only with a new computer. If you already have one, you are out of luck!
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    Microsoft Ignores Vista Upgrade Loophole

    How many people here have used Microsoft's support? At least here where I live (Brazil), the few times I called I was (not) help by one person more retarded than the other. Support suck's...
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    Pirated Vista Only $10 In Latin America

    Folks, I live in Brazil, in Sao Paulo. The history that pirated copies are full of viruses and doesn't work are miths. They are the same software every one in the world can download via torrent or other P2P networks and they work prety well. I used then in the past and never got a virus...
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    Comp re-start when playing DVDs

    I'm facing a problem with my machine that puzzles me. Whenever I try to watch a DVD on Windows Media Player, with nVidia's Pure DVD installed, the computer plays for a few seconds and re-starts. The problem does not happen when using PowerDVD, only Media Player. I already did a clean install...