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    50% off Razer peripherals 24 hour sale 1/11/2013

    If you select 7-10 day shipping when you are checking out the shipping cost does go down a little bit. Still quite expensive however. To anyone who plays counter strike or battlefield with a razer naga or naga hex would programing the weapons and knife and grenade and so on, on the mouse make...
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    660ti $179 after rebate and v by me, newegg

    Coupon works just add a filler to the order like link and you will get the $20 off. Worked for me :).
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    Motherboard Power LED Blinks 3 Time Help Please!

    I recently purchased the parts to build a Super Nintendo PC pretty much like what is shown here SNES PC BUILD. I bought the same motherboard and I purchased a Intel Core i3-3220T. I used the molex power connector that is shown just like on the video. The system powers up just fine but nothing is...
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    Steam 2012 Summer Sale 7/12-22!

    Here are my damages(rounded totals) Saints Row: The Third Franchise Pack $13 L.A. Noire Complete $6 Beyond Good and Evil $3 Dungeon Defenders - Summoner Hero DLC $.25 Dungeon Defenders Lost Eternia Shards Complete DLC $1 The Doctor Who Cloned Me $3 The Walking Dead $15 The Witcher 2 $16 The...
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    Amazon DD Best Sellers Recap Sale 1/31 (last chance to combo with the $5 promo code)

    Quick question for Civilization fans out there. I want to give one of these games a try for $4. What game is better Civilization V or Civilization IV Complete Edition. I am assuming I can use Steam with both of these. I tried Civilization 3 back in the day and wasn't a huge fan of the game...
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    COUGAR SX700 $51.49

    Shell Shocker $84.99 Rebate $25.00 Promo Code PSU0112 $8.50 Plus a cheap mouse for free.
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    Steam's Daily Wishlist Giveaway

    Yeah I was going to update the first post everyday with the new deal of the day if people kept posting while this deal was going on, but since this got moved to free stuff I see no need to update the deal of the day everyday now. BTW Dungeon Defenders for 3.74 is a great deal today!
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    6-7 hours now standard SP gameplay?

    There are plenty of excellent 20+ hour games out there. There are also excellent 6-10 hour games out there. A few years ago I thought the same way you did when it comes to game lengths being too short, but this year there are excellent long games that have been released. Batman, Skyrim, Deus...
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    Steam's Daily Wishlist Giveaway

    This is taken directly from Steam's Website. Daily Wishlist Giveaway What can I win? You can win the top 10 items on your Steam Wishlist How many people win? 10 people each day How do I enter? Log in to Steam (via the Steam client or on the web) Make sure you have 10 items on your...
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    Total War SHOGUN 2 $14.98 I think this deal is pretty hot, it says it requires a 3rd party download and account so I am wondering if this will download with Steam.
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    WD1502FAEX 79.00 No Rebate

    Yes SATA 2 is compatible with SATA 3. The only difference is a small boost in speed with SATA 3, but probably not enough of a difference to tell with the naked eye.
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    WD1502FAEX 79.00 No Rebate

    Been looking for a large and relatively fast dedicated drive for all my steam games. Currently I only have enough space to install half my games. Might just bite on this later today. Thanks!
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    Which next gen console do you have the least interest in?

    Since this was my thinking last generation this will probably be my thinking this upcoming generation again. I enjoy the Playstation for its first party games. I enjoy Nintendo for its classic Nintendo games with Mario, Zelda, ect. Then I get everything else PC. I don't enjoy Microsoft games...
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    Poll: Have video games driven you to violence?

    People are violent in nature, so playing video games and watching violent movies is a way to calm ones violent nature, so in conclusion video games create a better society to live in. :D
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    Games as a kid you got but were bad but you had to stick with.

    As a kid I generally rented games before I purchased them so there wasn't many stinkers in my collection. There were some sports games I bought that were horrible however. I remember NBA Live 96 on the PC. The console version of NA Live 96 wasn't too horrible but the PC version was god awful...
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    EA will cancel your "Entitlements" and may cancel your account after 24 months?

    I can't believe so many people are fine with this. Now lets say I create an account and never purchase a game from Origin and after two years your account will be deleted I'd be perfectly fine with that. However, if I purchase a single game off Origin that account should be locked and never to...
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    The Game Worship Temple thread

    My list from oldest to newest: Super Mario Bros. Mike Tyson's Punchout The Simpsons Arcade Game Sim City 2000 Secret of Mana Goldeneye 007 Starcraft RollerCoaster Tycoon Grand Theft Auto III Counter-Strike: Source
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    Which of the big 3 won E3?

    Here is my all important opinion of the conferences. Funny how Microsoft has totally turned from the hardcore gamer to the casual gamer within a few years. I've always thought E3 is made for the hardcore gamer yet Nintendo turned that idea around with the Wii and there conferences turned into...
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    Duke Nuke Em Demo

    Well after reading previews I knew what I was getting into and it was what I expected this game to be. If this game is going all out old school so be it! The only problem is if the design was to give an all out old school feel then why the regenerated health and weapon limits? Other than that...
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    Quick question on a video card with sound

    Thanks for the info, glad to hear sound works for this card!
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    Quick question on a video card with sound

    I'm slowly trying to build a media system for my big screen TV. I am waiting for good deals on parts before I purchase anything. Newegg has a good deal going with the XFX 4850 1GB video card for 40 bucks if the mail in rebate goes through anyways...
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    SSD - Worth the Price

    Generally speaking you would use a SSD for your operating system and other programs to load fast. Most people put there games on a secondary drive. The only real benefit SSD would give you in games is with loading screens loading up faster. When it comes to actual gameplay SSD has no real...
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    SHOCKER: Duke Nukem Forever delayed, again...

    Thank God, for a minute there I was really getting worried this game was actually getting released. Now I'm looking forward to next month when Gearbox will announce the game is being totally redone on another game engine. Thank you Gearbox for keeping the tradition of Duke Nukem Forever alive...
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    Crytek swears they love pc gamers. Honest. Really.

    Kinda funny that review sites have only gotten the Xbox version to review. Review sites have said that they had to buy the PC and PS3 versions on release day just to do reviews for those version, that's why there are Xbox reviews everywhere and hardly any reviews for the other platforms as of...
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    Will you buy Duke Nukem Forever?

    I am getting it when I can find it for $20 or less. I can see it hitting this price point after a couple of months on a sale. It is a must buy for me when it's on sale though, I don't care if review sites give it a 6 out of 10. Hale to the king baby!
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    PS3 gaming w/controller?

    There are options to use a keyboard/mouse combo on a PS3. I haven't used them, since a play FPS on the PC and play the other exclusive titles like Uncharted and God of War on the PS3 and I really don't have too many issues playing with a PS3 controller, though I'd rather play Uncharted with...
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    Rumor: Crysis 2 Will Be DX9 Out of the Box

    Here's a guick quote of what IGN says about the PS3 version. "There are jagged lines everywhere, and shadows are especially messy. There's a muddiness to the graphics that's hard to stomach in the wake of the PS3's other flagship showpieces, and worse, the variable framerate really hurts...
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    Rumor: Crysis 2 Will Be DX9 Out of the Box

    If anyone has checked out IGN recently they have an article on the PS3 with Crysis 2 running on it. It looks like not only the PC version is consolized now the PS3 version is going to have a horrible port. From the sounds of it there are going...
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    Favorite Defunct Gaming Company?

    Looks very interesting. I am not as big of an adventure fan as I used to be, I don't seem to be able to spend hours at a time solving small puzzles like I used to be able to do. Now if I get a little frustrated with a puzzle I look online for answers kinda killing my love for the adventure...
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    Favorite Defunct Gaming Company?

    This is easy for me, though there were many companies growing up I miss, Sierra stands out to me the most. This company used to constantly release new games and software on the PC. In fact, I remember subscribing to Sierra's seasonal magazine back in the day InterAction. Too bad when the...
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    What PC gaming titles are you looking forward to in 2011?

    This was my first time I've bought any games off of steam this holiday and with all the deals my backlog is currently enormous thanks to them. For example never thought I'd buy the Stalker games yet here I have 2 of them thanks to Steam. List I am looking forward the most to: Diablo 3...
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    Morrowind 2011 Brings New Life to an Old Classic

    I never got into Morrowind, maybe this is the time to start. Anyways, what should I try doing the long guide and downloads for Morrowind 2009 or the Morrowind 2011 torrent? Is Morrowind 2011 just an updated and easier to install version of the 2009 guide?
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    What 2011 games you looking forward to?

    I only bought a couple games this year. Down year for me with buying games but that's ok, my backlog now is only 4 games, lowest it's been in a long time. Next year though will probably be much different. List I am looking forward the most to: Diablo 3 (unlikely) Batman Arkham City Elder...
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    How Bad is Your Backlog?

    I'm hoping to get rid of most of my backlog by middle of next year sometime since I have no plans for anymore purchases until around then. Late next year I know my backlog is going to get up there again, with many great game releases then! I usually play through my PC list first so my console...
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    Mass Effect 2 now or wait....

    Thanks everyone, sounds like I'll just wait since the downloadable content adds alot to the game. I really want to play the game, but I'm glad I waited for the Fallout 3 Game Of The Year and I'll be glad I waited for Dragons Age Ultimate Edition. I'm sure when it eventually comes out I'll be...
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    Mass Effect 2 now or wait....

    I'm stuck with a small question and would like some help with people who have purchased the downloadable content for Mass Effect 2. Mass Effect 2 is on sale for under 15 dollars for the next day, and I'm tempted to buy the game for that price, since it's the lowest I have seen by far and don't...
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    Mouse pad and Steelseries decision help

    I got my Destructor a couple days ago, and I have done a limited amount of gaming on it so far, yet my first impressions are good. I generally use very low mouse sensitivity playing FPS, however I played a few rounds of CounterStrike Source and with the gliding of the mouse I feel like I have a...
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    Mouse pad and Steelseries decision help

    Thanks for the help, I'm going to try the Destructor. It's coming on Wednesday. After a few days I'll let everyone know how I like it just in case someone else out there is wondering. I'm pretty sure I'm going to pickup a cloth pad too but I'll let everyone know what I'm planning on doing...
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    Mouse pad and Steelseries decision help

    I currently have a Logitech MX 518. Studying up on mouse pads and what I think I'll like is headache inducing. Everyone likes something different, and the only way I can tell what I like is by testing out mouse pads myself, and unfortunately nobody I know would spend more than a dollar on a...