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    Delayed audio response from receiver after inactivity

    Sorry for replying to an old thread but that fixed this issue 100%. Saved me from buying a new receiver.
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    the best 4k, 120hz, active shutter, gaming monitor?

    Sorry bud your only option is 8k OLED 100hz passive 3D. Sorry to disappoint.
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    Planetside 2 is looking wayy too much like bf3

    The explosions in alpha are placeholders.
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    Planetside 2 is looking wayy too much like bf3

    The kill cam is gone:!/mhigby/status/203228445407322114
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    Lenovo N5902 (Enhanced Multimedia Remote) $35.99 shipped

    Do these work with TV's? (Panasonic Vieras)
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    Is Plasma TV Dead?

    Burn in is 100% real with current plasmas... in the first 100 hours of use. The word "Menu" from the OSD is burned into the top left corner of my ST30.
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    Is Plasma TV Dead?

    Was it a high end plasma? The low end plasmas tend to have low lcd-like contrast ratios. Direct sunlight also washes out plasma filters.
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    iPad Owners Are A Bunch Of Apes
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    Screw the SGS3 - this is the phone I want!

    You mean Panasonic?
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    Voodoo5 6k Water Cooled

    GMA 3000 or X3000 according to Tom's Charts (assuming it was somewhere between a Geforce 2 Ultra and a Geforce 3).
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    Looking for a good Plasma TV

    I have an ST30 so it's not like I'm partial to the new ST50's, but the ST50's are brighter than the ST30's, have deeper black levels, and have a newer anti-reflective filter; hardly indistinguishable.
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    Looking for a good Plasma TV

    The Panasonic ST50's are coming within this month.
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    Laptop HDD Clicking Noise

    I have the same drive, it's normal for it, but it seems to become much less frequent over time.
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    Samsung 830 - Magician Software and Sleep

    Having a similar problem. The magician software is waking my computer up after I put it to sleep, after about 30 seconds of sleep, every time. Scheduling is off.
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    HOT: Netgear WNDR3700 $85 FS

    Does the lack of an external antenna affect the range?
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    43" 720P TV worth getting at this point?

    They have these set up in most BestBuys.
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    Please, PLEASE let this work as a Windows Media Center remote!! new xbox 360 remote

    Say what? My media center remote is far superior to a mouse when I'm sitting on my couch.
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    Please, PLEASE let this work as a Windows Media Center remote!! new xbox 360 remote

    Side note, but why are there no high end WMC remotes? I've tried the Harmony line, but it has latency issues and commands queue up.
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    Best mousepad for the $$?

    Didn't think so either and wouldn't have recommended it, but amazon has a bunch right now:
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    Upgrading my htpc, video card question.

    Doubt it.. maybe lower CPU usage but it shouldn't matter with a q6600.
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    Best mousepad for the $$?

    func 1030
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    How do you calibrate your monitors?

    Windows 7 calibration test +
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    Where can I download TV shows in 1080?

    On blu-ray, since TV shows are only broadcast in 720p/1080i.
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    LGs 55 inch OLED TV

    Digitalversus says it's on par with the 2ms 120hz TN's:
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    You need to change the windows registry to enable ahci support: Reformat is not necessary.
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    Got my Tribes Ascend Beta key

    The pre-selected layouts annoy me but the combat and graphics are really great.
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    When will PCI-E 2.0 be bottleneck?

    In the year 2000..
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    What's the best 24" LCD for Pes & Fifa?

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    Are they seriously planning to make even wider wide screens??

    Most "widescreen" movies are 2.35:1 or 2.4:1, with the rest in between that and 1.77:1 (like 1.85:1 and 2.2:1). Disc labeling is usually irrelevant unless they list the specific aspect ratio like 2.4:1. When a widescreen movie is in 4:3 format, either it was cropped, or in the case of the Back...
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    LG OLED 15" Review

    Don't forget quantum computers.
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    LG OLED 15" Review

    Samsung is the only oled manufacturer that uses the non-standard pentile matrix to improve red/blue subpixel life (it's proprietary). LG and others use the normal RGB pattern afaik.
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    New 24" ViewSonic 120 Hz V3D241wm-LED

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    LED LCD vs IPS

    Have a read:
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    POLL: Do you shut-down or let sleep?

    S3 sleep.
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    Just pulled the trigger on a no review monitor(New Asus Model)

    A 16:9 image displayed in fullscreen in a 16:10 aspect ratio must either be cropped or stretched. SC2 is fullscreen at your native resolution and does not use black bars, so its 16:9 image is cropped in 16:10 and 4:3.
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    55inch Samsung or 30inch Dell 3700wfp-hc?

    A TV like that is likely to have a lot of input lag. AVSforum has a thread where people test input lag on new TV's:
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    Gaming microphone for use with ATH A700's

    This one is good but out of your range:
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    Can you still get screen tearing on CRT's?

    Used to play Quake 3 Arena with a Geforce DDR on a crt and had a lot of tearing.
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    My Captivate Review

    No they were all x264.
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    My Captivate Review

    Some of my 720p mkv's work, and some don't (audio but no picture). The ones that do work are a little jerky but watchable. edit - Tried two 720p H264 Mp4's, picture but no audio. Also tried the new Rockplayer; it stutters on anything 720p, but imo plays SD xvid avi's smoother than the default...