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    Anyone send their chips to SL for delidding?

    Debating on sending my new 8700k to Silicon Lottery for their delidding and binning service. Comes out to something like 64.99 before shipping. I figure I'd do this over delidding myself as mainly because I'd have to buy a delid kit (and no way in hell am I doing it with a razor blade or vise...
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    Buy a tradtional SATA SSD or wait?

    Currently running a z97? board that doesn't have the latest and greatest nvme2 slots. Should I wait until I upgrade to a newer mobo (waiting on Coffeelake 8c) and then pick up a NVME2 ssd or just go with a traditional sata SSD if cost isn't a factor? Currently running a 500GB 860 Pro that I'm...
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    Anyone use a soundbar for PC gaming?

    Due to constrained desk space I can only really consider a sound bar. Anyone have any recommendations on a decent set? I still have my M-Audio AV40s that I hope to eventually re-incorporate but for now I'm looking at soundbars to compliment my headset setup when I don't want to wear a headset.
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    Does CPU paste degrade over time?

    I have an old 4770k, no OC or anything that I've had since the release. I've had a H80i on it as well. Today when I was rebuilding my current build into a new case I booted it up and saw that idle I was around like 50C, load I hit 100C. It was NOT like this before. Could the CPU paste have...
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    AIO WC cooling solutions, yay or nay?

    Currently considering upgrading to the Corsair Hydro 1080ti for an AIO WC solution. I did custom watercooling way back but just don't want to/have the time to deal with setting it up and all that jazz. Are the AIO WC solutions any good? I see most of it is cooling the main chip and not things...
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    Anyone have the MSI 1080 Seahawk X?

    Talking about this card: MSI GeForce GTX 1080 DirectX 12 GTX 1080 SEA HAWK X 8GB 256-Bit GDDR5X PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Support ATX Video Card - Any thoughts on whether it's good? Bad? I'm inclined to think it's pretty solid given the review of the 980 version but just...
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    Any game pad users?

    Anyone use gamepads? Nostromo N52, Razer OrbWeaver, Logitech, etc? Been looking into one since I've heard it's more comfortable for long term gaming. Any thoughts, stories, opinions? So far I'm really leaning toward the Razer due to being mechanical but there's been reviews saying the...
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    Black screen of death

    Anyone ever get these? Recently upgraded to a 390x. Sometimes when running something GPU intensive like a game, my computer will just black screen. Fans and everything are still running. A hard reboot fixes it and it goes away. Usually only happens once and then on the reboot it's good for...
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    mITX GPU recommendations

    i7-4770K Currently on a 6950. mITX board. ASUS Gene VI SG10 case I play on a 30" 2560x1600. I only really play WoW/Guild Wars 2/FFX14. Really just looking for a card that will let me have 60 FPS in MMOs and some olderish games like Hitman Absolution. Seems like right now AMD isn't...
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    Shopping around for a new GPU, what's the current outlook?

    Currently running a 6850 @ 2560x1600 (or wahtever my 30" monitor is, can't remember now). Been looking to get a GPU upgrade for awhile now that has a great cooling system (air) that will run semi current games at top FPS. I've stayed away from keeping up to date on the latest GPUs but what I...
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    New Blizzard FPS, Overwatch

    Thoughts for those of you that saw the trailer/gameplay videos? For myself, it looks amazing. I can't wait to play. It has a UT feel with blizzard's magical touch. Also, that introduction video/movie, Blizzard full length movie pls.
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    New Razor 14" Pretty much everything I wanted (though the screen res is a little insane....) except for not having 16GB of ram. Honestly for that price, ram is dirt cheap for 2x 8GB cmon Razer. :rolleyes: Most...
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    Single Player FPS, a dying genre?

    Will we just never see any good single player FPS's anymore? :( For reference, I just want a FPS with a SP that's 1) Modern 2) Not obscenely short 3) Real FPS, not third-person with some FPS elements R6 Vegas was a good length. Am torn whether I want to get COD:Ghosts or BF4...
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    Got the itch again, SFF Gaming build

    Any thoughts on any parts or changes? Goal is to make a small as possible gaming machine that takes up very little room and is easy to move. I'm open to any part change and smaller cases :) PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant / Benchmarks CPU: Intel Core i7-4770K 3.5GHz...
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    Free BF3 Close Quarters Expansion Pack

    Saw this on SD and tried it out myself. Works like a charm! Use code BF3E3 under "Redeem a product code" in Origin.
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    Mirror's Edge reboot All I can say is hell yea! Might have to get one of the new consoles just for this....:D
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    Synology DS1512+ for a pure NAS

    I've gotten to the point where I'm tired of piecing together left over hardware to host a NAS. And I've looked into building a custom box but I realized that I'd only ever use it to store stuff, backup stuff (Mac/PCs), and stream stuff over something like Plex. I was thinking of a Synology...
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    NTFS Read/Write, what software have you guys used?

    Trying to figure out whether to pay for Tuxera: 29.95 macupdate Paragon bundle 29.95 for a bunch of products, normal retail at 99.95 or go with the free open source version OSXFUSE. Anyone have any opinions? On a brand new rMBP 13.3
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    Good files to listen to music to test out music quality?

    Anyone got some recommendations of what kind of songs to listen to test audio quality? High end MP3s, FLACs, loseless, whatever hit me!
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    Anyone use Element Cases? I've got to say, despite the crazy price tag, the S5 Black Ops makes me almost want an iPhone 5 just to rock that case.....anybody on [H] have one? :eek:;)
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    Hell has frozen over. Thunderbolt getting official ICS wow.....i'm sort of speechless that this actually happened lol. Too bad I'm on my Note 2 now ;) but for the rest of you still on the TB, say hello to non-crashing OSes and random reboots! Yay!
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    CM Storm QuickFire TK

    This may be the board I replace my BWU with :) Unfortunately it looks like only blues are currently available. I use the bWU at home but I use a CM QFR reds at work and I think I like the reds better (though some say the BWU blue switches are just shit so that could also be why I prefer the...
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    Logitech finally releases mech kb!

    Not sure if there's a thread but... Pretty good review from anandtech: TL;DR brown switches...
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    IntelliJ Personal License/Upgrade is 75% off! The newest version just recently...
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    Took apart a Mac Mini, I never want to do it again.

    So I had to take apart my Mac Mini Late 2009 to upgrade the RAM (and it looks like I'll have to do it again to upgrade the HDD) and I Just want to say...I never want to ever fucking do it again after I upgrade the HDD. Prying it open was stressful enough thinking that I'd accidentally snap...
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    RAM Upgrade Q, seems kinda dumb but...

    I have a late 2009 Mac Mini wtih 2GB of ram that I'm thinking of upgrading. It takes: DDR3 PC3-8500 • CL=7 • Unbuffered • NON-ECC • DDR3-1066 • 1.35V • 512Meg x 64 And I have 2x4GB from a Early 2011 MBP that's: DDR3 PC3-10600 • CL=9 • Unbuffered • NON-ECC • DDR3-1333 • 1.35V •...
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    Non-removable batteries, what happens after your warranty?

    So I'm really curious. My TB was on the verge of being an unusable POS until I bought some new third party batteries for it. What are all the people with the new non-removable battery phones gonna do when the battery starts malfunctioning/dying after their 1 yr warranty??? I mean this sort of...
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    What game is immensely popular that you just can't seem to get into?

    For me it's the Fallout series. I love the franchise's story but for the life of me I just cannot like the game itself. Same goes for Morrowind and any of the Skyrim series. (Thought I haven't tried Skyrim itself, I did try Oblivion)
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    VMWare Player Disk keeps getting corrupted

    So this is really starting to piss me off but every time I'm using VMWare Player in my VMs I always get "disk corruption" errors. Anyone else noticing this? I seriously doubt the 4 different HDD/SSD's I've built new VMs are actually corrupting the VM. Windows 8 Pro, just building Mint/Ubuntu...
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    Paid IDEs, how many use em?

    As topic states, how many of you use paid IDEs (whether you paid for it or your company doesn't matter) Examples of paid: IntelliJ Dreamweaver (not sure if real IDE but...) Visual Studio Examples of free: Eclipse NetBean Aptana
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    Ultrabooks with 4gb+ ram, where are they?!?!

    Are there any Ultrabooks that come with more than 4gb of ram? I find it a little ridiculous that these new ultrabooks that I would want to replace my current laptop with and am more than willing to pay the cost just do not come with a ram upgrade option. At this point I'm seriously...
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    Galaxy Note 2, whose getting one?

    Well the reviews are coming in for the Galaxy Note 2 and so far it looks like a winner to me for those that are looking for a phone with a stylus. I'm debating between this or the GS3. My main concern is the lack of developer support due to the Exynos processor (CM is pretty much a no-go...
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    PSA: Google App Store top apps $0.25!

    Google is celebrating 25 billion downloads by having some of its top apps for 25 cents only! These deals refresh every day at around 10 AM PST. Edit: URL Fixed courtesy of white_devil! Today's daily apps:
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    Full limb damage and effects possible with current-gen?

    Is it possible with current technology to have multiplayer games that would have full limb damage and corresponding effects? Or are there games that already implement this? Such as If I put a bullet through your character's hand, it renders that hand unusable or impaired or would the CPU...
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    Laptop recommendation, Macbook Pro (Retina) or ...?

    Basic Reqs: 4GB or more of ram dedicated GPU if possible 13" > screen size "lightweight" the MBP Retina display is about as heavy as we're willing to go with Trying to pick out a laptop for the GF going to pharmacy school next year. Windows Store right now has a great deal of 20%...
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    Biggest peeve with macs, is there a fix?

    So I'm use Windows at home but Mac at work/on the go. The biggest pet peeve of mine is no Windows-L to automatically lock the computer. I know there's "Hot Corners" but is there really no way to set a hotkey like command-L??? :confused::mad:
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    CM QuickFire Red just ordered!

    Getting sick and tired of typing on my Mac laptop KB at work so I finally ordered a CM QuickFire Red switch for work. I have a Razor BWU at home so we'll see how this keyboard stacks up against it! :D Still debating if I want to get o-rings just in case....:D
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    Diablo 3 Build Discussion Thread

    Figured I'd separate it from the massive thread on general D3 stuff as I'm interested in seeing what other people have come up with. :) I'm congalong#1581 on Bnet if anyone wants to add me. If you see Soulesschild in game that's also me on my Wizard ;) Current Planned Wizard Build: Mouse...
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    Anyone use a front intake on their 700/800D?

    Just curious if others have used it and if it's helped any. I was thinking maybe a Scythe bay but if others have used similar products I'd love some links :) Thanks!