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    New, leaked AMD drivers (Nov. 18)

    Seems to be a good day for AMD drivers... First we have the leaked 8.93 (Nov. 18) drivers (I believe this is a form of 12.1 beta, which offers some new features in CCC such as CAP settings) and now we have the AMD Catalyst 11.11a "Performance Driver" (8.911.1 November 18) Personally, I...
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    BF3 Performance Questions for Eyefinity players

    Hey AMD card users (WITH EYEFINITY), I'm curious what kind of performance you get in BF3 with Eyefinity -- In-game I've tested a few different graphics settings using the 11.10 Preview 3 drivers with CAP4 at 5760x1080 - I can seem to get 55 to 85 fps however despite the decent FPS numbers, the...
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    New Counter-Strike Coming in Early 2012?

    Edit: nevermind, has already been posted here
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    New build soon, when is the i7 970 out?

    I'm building a new machine soon and I'm trying to plan/budget accordingly. I've done some research on processors and I originally was gonna go with the i7 930, then I *very* briefly considered the 980X but couldn't justify spending $1,000 on it. I just now came across the i7 970. I was wondering...