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  1. Dan

    Lost Ark Post launch thread!

    Hey guys! Here we are for all things Lost Ark. the other thread was made years ago and figured a update would be good. This game can get bery complicated fast but is amazing. Im going to start a guild and discord for anyone and everyone who wants to join or has questions. US East Danube...
  2. Dan

    I need an impossible to find laptop within a budget.

    So Id like a mac like windows laptop. Reasons are because I play Escape from Tarkov. I know the natural go-to is the razer blade but I hear the support and reliability is dogshit. atleast the RB15. Mostly when it comes to support and battery bloat. 95% going to use it for school with 5% gaming...
  3. Dan

    3070ti doesnt show stats on nicehash miner?

    Id like to be able to see stuff like power and effeciency. Using the new nbminer with the LHR buff
  4. Dan

    no idea what im doing, 1080ti FTW3 hybrid low numbers

    I scooped up my buddies 1080ti ftw3 hybrid for my main rig and figured i may as well mine with it when im not gaming. when i set up nicehash and set it to high settings, im only getting 34mhs at 175 w. People are reporting online upwards to 47. Any ideas?
  5. Dan

    whats needed to "Clip games" using nvidia?

    system is a ryzen 5600x 16gb ram rtx 3080 1tb OS SSD 512 Gaming SSD 3440x1440@144hz I want to buy a HDD where I can offload clips from COD + other games. will a traditional 3-4tb 7200 rpm drive work just fine. assuming clips can get large fast.
  6. Dan

    questions about evga step up 2070s -> 3080

    Sold my razerblade 15 and im down a PC. Can I buy a 2070 super, and just enter the queue for the step up? i understand it may take a few weeks but atleast ill be able to work on my PC and play games. The last GPU i bought new was a GTX 780. I dont want to screw myself.
  7. Dan

    what desktop gpu would be around the 2070 max q performance level?

    just curious on what desktop gpu would be about equal?
  8. Dan

    **buyers only** Were you able to secure a 3080?

    if you had your money in hand ready to buy, please vote. I had all the sites up and couldn't get any.
  9. Dan

    just bought a razerblade with a 2070 max-Q. should i get a razer core and a 3080?

    I know it wont be like running a full blown desktop, but would i see a nice performance bump?
  10. Dan

    $1k budget - Want to upgrade my MSI GS with a 970m. Need more gpu

    Edit: Found a 2019 Razer blade 15 mecury white with a 2070 maxq for 1400 at best buy. So I have a MSI GS6-something with a 5th gen i7 and a 970m. I absolutely love this laptop because its slim and light. I have no issues buying used but does anyone have a reccomendation for atleast a GPU that...
  11. Dan

    Phantasy Star Online 2 is finally out for PC/Xbox in english!

    When you use the Friend Referral System to begin Phantasy Star Online 2, both you and your friend will receive wonderful items! P lease input the following information during registration. Your friend's Ship: Ship 02: Ur Your friend's Player ID: 10521674 <- enter this during character...
  12. Dan

    cant figure out how to play CO-OP in Halo:MCC on xbox gamepass (PC)

    I signed up for the game pass and downloaded halo... I dont see a single place to play coop? I dont care if its split screen/lan/xbox. Ill sign up for another account for my sons PC. Its only Online 4v4 or Firesquad (halo reach unlimted wave things) I want story coop. What am i missing? Xbox...
  13. Dan

    world of warcraft 9.0 *spoilers*

    Well, I really dislike retail BFA. The only thing I care about now-a-days is the lore and it seems like a new data-mined image was just found on's store. I have been waiting for this moment since WoTLK, Seems like Our main squeeze Bolvar is ready to go. No Nathrezim runes on his...
  14. Dan

    What am I doing wrong? 3600 +3200 ram

    The 2 benchmarks i wrote the scores down on are Final fantasy 14 and super position. So I bought a new ryzen 3600 the other day and Installed 1x 8gb 2133 while waiting for my gskill 2x 8gb 3200 trident royal to come today. I ran a few benchmarks to see the difference the ram speed alone makes...
  15. Dan

    time to switch to team red! but is it worth it?

    current system: intel i5-4670k @ 4.5 (cant get any higher) Shit Asrock mobo since my asus died Xfx vega 56 5760x1080@144hz + 2560x1080@75hz. 1tb SSD with 4tb 7200. games I play: Destiny 2, FFXIV, WoW, and occasionally Dab into other stuff. I want to buy a Ryzen 3600, Gigabyte b450 pro Wifi...
  16. Dan

    WoW Classic 8/27. Beta is May 22–Thurs May 23

    Make sure your beta preferences include you in WoW classic stuff! WoW classic schedule and opt-in info!
  17. Dan

    Best gpu for $600 or less for 5760x1080@144hz.

    So im going to have about $600ish +/- for a GPU in about 3 days and its time to get back to my 3x 27" 5760x1080 144hz setup. Buying my GPU now because once I buy my house I cant see me coughing up the money for a long time. I have 3 Acer ed273 144hz Gsync compatible (poor man gsync i guess...
  18. Dan

    division 2 work with 5760x1080?

    Has anyone tried it?
  19. Dan

    pure gaming, 8700k vs 2600x. 5760x1080, 1080ti

    Im rocking a i5-4670k @ 4.6 right now and im getting an upgrade itch. I have a 3x 27" 5760x1080 144hz setup right now with a EVGA 1080ti ftw3. Im trying to ball on a budget cause we are currently saving for a house. think I would see a noticable gain in games like WoW, COD:BO4, destiny 2? If I...
  20. Dan

    Trouble Mapping Network Drives

    I have a brand new Windows 7 Pro PC and I'm trying to map drives from a different Windows 7 Pro PC as well as a NAS. When I simply just map the drives and than reboot the PC the drives are either missing or have a red X through them and need to be clicked on to "activate" them. To resolve this...
  21. Dan

    Great budget gaming monitor! $200 Acer ed273 144hz

    144hz 27" 1080p 1800r curved screen. Acer ED273 Abidpx 27" 199.99 after coupon EMCPXRE33 I have 2 and they are great.
  22. Dan

    AMD, where are you?

    now that we have no idea of actoual real performance of RTX line... When is AMD going to come along with something
  23. Dan

    Dauntless. The Free MHW thats really really good!

    Downloaded it last night and its really, really fun. So far the wife and 2 friends are into it and we are all having a blast. No pay to win so far. Its free! My name is Espin679 and my wife is Midna845.
  24. Dan

    out of ideas troubleshooting a Asus z87 Deluxe mobo.

    Edit: Dead mobo. Got a new one So I was playing WoW last night and my entire system just died. Noticed that the "reset" button on the mobo was flashing. just on off, on off. No patterns or anything. Consistantly blinking. I brought it to work today and tried a new PSU, RAM, Bios reset, removal...
  25. Dan

    Bag for Mixed reality equipment?

    First of all. These things are amazing. I used the Samsung phone and was impressed... Holy crap beat saber is amazing. My wife absolutely LOVED the lab. Although got honestly upset when she realized you cant play portal at the end of the robot repair. Onward was awesome for the tutorial so far...
  26. Dan

    Must have VR games?

    I grabbed the HP VR deal for 150 and need some games. Im worried that my PC will run like crap though i5-4670k @ 4.6 16gb RAM GTX 780 Reference. This has been upgraded to a gtx 1070 FE... Edit: Has been upgraded to a 1080ti HP Mixed reality The game that is making me buy it is beat saber. Im...
  27. Dan

    FS: i7-3770

    Done messed up
  28. Dan

    Access Point Reccomendation

    I'm looking to set up 2 or 3 POE Access Points on a network. I'd like the location to only have one SSID and PW and cover the entire area with no "breaks" in signal. Any suggestions on access points and the best method to go about this?
  29. Dan

    Acer ED 273 abidpx. 144hz 27" 1080p for 198.99 Anyone have one of these? Ive been looking for a new monitor past few months and just saw this today. 27" 144hz VA 4ms panel 1080p 219.99 with 22 dollar coupon EMCPREU32 The reviews seem pretty decent. Anyone have one?
  30. Dan

    Acer ED 273 abidpx. 144hz 27" 1080p for 220. Anyone have one of these? Ive been looking for a new monitor past few months and just saw this today. 27" 144hz VA 4ms panel 1080p 219.99 with 22 dollar coupon right now. The reviews seem pretty decent
  31. Dan

    32" 2560x1440@144hz or 34" 3440x1440 @ 100hz.

    I need a new monitor. Its really just used for gaming for the most part. Ive given myself a budget of around $550-600 bucks. I really enjoy my 34" 2560x1080@75hz right now. I do like the 21:9 aspect ratio. but going from 100 to 144hz could be a big deal. I mostly play Pubg, D2 crucible, R6...
  32. Dan

    World of Warcraft: Classic IS FINALLY COMING!!!!

    As the first announcement! I was seriously ground pounding my computer desk almost in tears! Now I can ruin my 30's just like I ruined my teenage years!
  33. Dan

    Dragonball online is back!

    Ive been playing it the past 3 days and its been a fun MMO so far. Its obviously not very popular but ive had a good time hitting 32 so far. I havent collected all the Dragonballs so i cant go SSJ yet =[ Im actually going to be streaming it for the next few hours if anyone...
  34. Dan

    I need a 8 pin CPU extension, but only have a 8 pin gpu extension

    They are the same damn cable except one has 1 pin shape different. Im assuming they are the same thing and i can just trim the plastic to make it fit. I just figured I would post here before doing something stupid
  35. Dan

    Auto mapping drives on a domain? I think thats what we are trying to do atleast.

    I don't know anything about this type of networking yet but I figured I'd ask on behalf of a co worker. He sent me over this question to ask the good people of hardforum. Need some help. I stepped into an organization that was already setup / half setup. The server is basically brand new and...
  36. Dan

    vsync vs adaptive sync? gtx 1080 + 75hz freesync monitor

    I know I cant use freesync obviously but what is the difference between vsync @ 75hz or adaptive sync? I read a few posts online but they dont seem to make sense edit: closing thread, Nvida has a video right on their page.
  37. Dan

    looking for crackhead gamer to play Playersunkown battlegrounds with like... right now

    Steam: espin679. My buddy just went to bed and want to replace him.
  38. Dan

    Not an audiophile at all but Have a question about USB DAC/AMP would benefit me

    Ok, so Im building a am4 ITX combo. I recently just picked up a set of Philips SHP9500S upgrading from a pair of logitech "7.1" headphones to these were huge for me. I dont really have intentions to drop big money for baller headphones but would buying something like this make my headphone...
  39. Dan

    best cost effective way to run 4 monitors for just browsing+viewing. No gaming or anything

    3 monitors is NP, I do eyefinity/nvsurround all the time. But can you just buy a monitor with 4 ports? I know some monitor share "lanes" or what ever they are called. Like a Dvi-D and HDMI may not be allowed to be connected at the same time.
  40. Dan

    Gigabyte ITX now live... Doesnt show up under any searches though Placed my order