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    Ancient Software, how to back up?

    I have some ancient language training CDs that I am trying to figure out how to back up. Some sort of copy protection make copies fail. I would like to back up on USB so I don't lose them. I even had to dig through the junk pile to find a cd/dvd player. Anyone have memories of the old days and...
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    Where do I find a 17 or 19 inch display?

    I have to find a good 17 to 19 inch display. Does not need to be 2 or 4K. I can't find anything but left over scrap on ebay. Anyone selling new ones that are worth getting? Why a small display? I am married and that is what she wants.
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    Cloning with external dock problems?

    I understand that cloning a HD/SSD in an external dock can result in the drive being seen as a removeable drive under some circumstances. I believe this happened to me but an upgrade in place install from 10 to 11 seems to have cleared it. Anyone else see the problem previously?
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    For laughs, found an OLD one

    Digging through junk drawers and found an SSD I pulled from a "gaming laptop" and forgot. I don't ever remember SSD SATA 2 drives. It still works.
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    Need some advice for a new monitor

    I have to get a new monitor for my wife. She says the 27in. monitor I gave her is too big, the only smaller I have is 14in. She is not a gamer but needs a good quality monitor for 2D production work. Her rig is an X570, 3600XT, 4 gig 5600 GPU. I would use a small 4K TV, or a monitor but any...
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    Old timey case question.

    I have a need to run a Blue Ray drive, and easy testing of spinnys. Just bought an old Thermaltake Level 10 GT. I won't be OCing anything but wonder if anyone ever fit an AIO in one?
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    Need some AM4 upgrade options

    My wife has an X570 with a 3600xt used for production work. I have an X570 with a 3800X used for some gaming and production work. There is no TRUE need to upgrade, just the itch but modified by budget. I was thinking that if the 5800 refresh comes out maybe some 5950X chips would become...
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    Where to get laptop vid cards?

    A friend of mine has an Alienware laptop with a discrete 1070 in it and would like to upgrade at least to a 1080/1080Ti but I can't find a price that doesn't just mean "Might as well buy a new laptop". Anyone have any idea where cards can be sourced at a slightly more reasonable price?
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    Dummy PSU queston

    I have an OLD Rosewill Bronze 1000. I was going to connect the power to the MB on an X570 and see I have both a 4+4 for the MB and a plain 8 pin cable. They both fit, are they the same? Have not built a PC in five years and going slowly. Will an X570 power on without a CPU or mem?
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    Need PSU help. I am out of date

    Just grabbed an Aourus X570 board and pulled an old EVGA 850 gold out of a drawer. The issue is that the EVGA main MB plug wont go all the way in. The plug has two raised rails (due to the 4 pin unit) that stop the plug from going in far enough. I was tempted to just cut them off but also tried...
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    Found a 3070, any reason to keep my 1080TI ?

    I finally found a run of the mill 3070 from EVGA at MSRP $671.00. I have a spare old 980 in case warranties are needed at any time on the EVGA. With the current prices, I am thinking about just trading out my 1080 TI FE so as not to lose the current value. Please tell me this drought isn't...
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    Do I need to upgrade?

    Current, 3800X, 570 MB, 1080TI FE, 1K pwr supply. I do not OC outside of "legal" OC. I just got a LHR 3070 at MSRP from EVGA. Should I upgrade to a better CPU and how high would I have to upgrade to actually make any difference in gaming?
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    Finally.......a 3070 will I be happy about it?

    My number finally came up in the EVGA lottery. I got a Product Price Quantity Total Price EVGA 08G-P5-3755-KL GeForce RTX 3070 XC3 ULTRA GAMING This LHR card will be replacing/upgrading a GTX 1080TI FE. I had asked opinions on this all the way back to Jan 2021. Will I see the...
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    Screwed by EVGA

    I have been on the EVGA waiting list for months. Finally got an email saying they would hold the card I wanted for 20 hours. I was there in a couple of hours..............Guess what? No card, no response from customer service. I don't think they really want to sell them at the promised price.
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    How to get WiFi distance without going broke

    Getting Fiber. My company ONLY provide a modem with hardwire connections as they want to upsell you to the wireless unit. No way. I have been sharing my internet with my brother in law 300 feet away and while he can connect he sometimes loses the signal and sometimes can't connect as you would...
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    Question about an old 1080TI and 11 gig

    Surprise, I couldn't find a 3070 $499.00 at BestBuy. I grabbed a used 1080TI FE. How did the argument about the usability of having 11 gig onboard work out in the long run. I am thinking about the current 3070s with 8 gig DDR6 vs the ancient 1080TI with DDR5 and 11 gig. Obviously no direct...
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    Can't believe it

    I was coasting on my 1070 3800x rig a while back and figured I would just order a RTX 3070 when they came out...No prob. I can't believe I had to break down and buy a 1080TI FE and consider myself lucky to get one with some missing screws from the shroud. At least I can play Cyberpunk to some...
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    3060TI preorder at Kwest

    Probably not great but here it is. CORRECTED, THANKS TO RETSAM.
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    Laptop mystery. It can't happen but it is.

    I have a Gigabyte P25X v2, 16 gig, SSD main drive, no overclocking. Link to original configuration Battery at about 40%. All power button settings, lid closing etc. set to shut down. I shut it down by picking shut down. Here is the mystery...
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    P.S.U.s Keep or toss?

    I have a few older P.S.U.s and a huge pile of PSU cables that might fit the PSUs or not. Any suggestions on anything useful I can do with one not knowing what cable is which or should I just toss them? Ahead of time: Yes, I do have a VOM but I am very lazy and need the space.
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    AMD memory question

    I have an X570 P mb, 3800X, and 2x8 gig Corsair chips that run at 3200 with no OC, just XMP setup in the MB. Can I just add 2 more of the same for 32gig? I remember early on there was a big go around about only using two slots. Is that still valid? Thanks for any help.
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    What do you think the 3000 and 6000 series prices will be by June 2021 and will early adopters be crying?

    The prices of cards are so far out of line and the effort to get one unless you are renting a room in a Best Buy or Micro Center is so hard do you expect to see a large drop by June 2021?
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    Looking for help picking a monitor

    I have several conditions I need to meet. 32inch absolutely the minimum due to eyesight and would prefer a 39 to 43 inch. It is my feeling that since my $350.00 budget limit won't get squat for a real gaming monitor I will just buy the least bad 4K tv I can find. I have been using an old Seki 39...
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    Pixel 3A signal weak

    My pixel 3a has dropped bars wherever I am. It still works but the Total Wireless, Verizon CDMA antennas has started being weak wherever I am. Could the SIM card cause that? I ordered a new one but have put off changing it out because Total Wireless tech support does not deserve the name. Any...
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    Will my AMD 8350 stock heat pipe cooler fit my AM4?

    Just noticed I still have a cooler for an 8350 and I was wondering if it might be a better solution than the Wraith Stealth I am using on my 3800X. Runs at 4200.
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    Keep my PSUs or toss them?

    I was building a new rig after 4 years and pulled out a Corsair CX750M, Rosewill 850-E, and a Raidmax 850-AE. Over the years these were pulled from PCs all in working condition and with little usage. The problem is Cables were pulled out and mixed, now I am not sure what to use where and don't...
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    Should I return it ?

    I ordered an Asus x 570-P from the egg. The MB box was not sealed, the static bag was not sealed, there was no protective cover over the CPU pins. The box looked fine and I could not find any obvious damage. Should I put off my upgrade and return this unit? Complained to the Egg and they blew it...
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    Need Advice new Asus X570-P build

    I have an older Corsair CX750M. Is there any way to make this work on the X570 board? My config is going to be 16gig, 1070 moving to a 1080TI or 2070, SSD, and a spinny. Pretty bare bones. Any suggestions on Power supplies at or under $110.00 shipped? Not concerned with lights just want...
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    CLOSED Memory for Asus 570 P ???

    Asus 570 P on the way. Looking for a solid advice for brand and model 16 or 32 gig. Not looking to tweak timings of run more than two slots. I see 16 big as low as $57.00. I only want it to run and leave me alone. Almost all gaming usage. Looking for plug and play. If I can set it to run at 32...
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    Cheapest AM 4 ?

    Just bought a 570 MB but won't have my 3800x for a few weeks. What is least expensive CPU that will run in that MB? Just want to test the MB. and would like to know inside the 30 day return window so I don't have to deal with RMA.
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    Does the 570 chipset fan make noise?

    I would like some input from owners of different MBs. Does the little onboard fan make noise and when and how much?
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    Just bought asus-prime-x570-p

    I just bought this board, I am looking for comments on memory type and any surprises in general I might find. I can read the QVL but respect the input I get here more. Also purchased the Square Trade 3yr warranty...
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    FOUND Where can I find AM4 hardware for H100i ???? FOUND

    I have a H100i and need to find AM4 mounting hardware. The problems seems to be that mine is a Version 1, as far as I can tell. The box only has labels for H110I Hydro series. This thing was a used purchase and collecting dust on the shelf. It does not have any round mounting hardware and I...
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    Buying a vanilla 570 and a 3600x to start with the intent to move up in CPU speed as prices drop. No OC intended. Mostly gaming. I hear the debate between 16 and 32 gig and never use all four slots looking for suggestions to meet the no OC plan. What do you think. ?
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    Anybody want to guess on this 1070?

    Just bought a 1070 here to replace my 980. I am using an ancient 4K TV for a monitor but with the right resolution it was working fine. I put the 1070 in and get tears, slips, and some stuttering. I already left the seller POSITIVE HEAT as there is no way I think this is his issue. Running in an...
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    Need some Ryzen Opinions.

    I am not up to speed on Ryzen and need to replace my current Intel 4690K system. For used systems on the H I can see the 450s, the 370s, and the 570s. How do I limit my budget to $400.00 and still get the basics that will last a couple of years? Is a 450/3600X good enough for me to see a...
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    Laptop 880m to 980M upgrade, is it worth it?

    I have an 8 gig 880M vid card in my laptop. The new prices on an 980M are way out of line for an older card. I am wondering if it would be worth it to try to find a used one? Would I get much of a boost in the real world, not just bench marks?
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    Building up an old laptop

    Just bought an old laptop. Can anyone think of any upgrades beyond memory and SSD? Not intended to game, just to have fun building it up as far as possible. Specs below. Lenovo y510p I7 4700mq 8gb ram GeForce 750m has ultra bay 1tb hdd with 24gb ssd Win 10 pro
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    Can I use a 4K TV ? Need some forum help.

    I have an old 1080P led screen. My eyesight is getting worse and I need a much larger screen, can I use a 4K 40 inch TV for a monitor? I would be happy to run it at 2K just to get the size and I only have a vanilla 1070 running on a 4770K rig with 32 gig ram. My gaming is almost all single...
  40. N EFI partition

    I have my complete Windows installation on a drive that I erased all other partitions from.....dimwit. I have tried to follow 50 sets of directions to restore the boot but it seems like everyone out there posting leaves out steps, makes an assumption you know way more than you do, or just can't...