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    Soul by Ludacris SL150 & SL300 Headphones Review @ [H]

    Thanks for the review Kyle, certainly helps me to keep to what I know instead of venturing out for the "name". I'll stick with my Senn's thank you. :) He used an open mind, the summary was written after he reviewed them. Honestly he could have skipped it, well if it wasn't for the fact that he...
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    No Booting To Desktop In Windows 8?

    I'll still dual boot my 7/*Nix. I'm learning more and more each time with linux, so it'll be a matter of time before i find myself using it more and more.
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    Demonoid Busted By The Police

    5 times! :D Seriously though, I get what you're saying, But it's still not right. And no doubt they paid hackers or did it themselves with the DDoS attack. But whatever, a new site pops up every time one goes down. Eventually they will be back and this starts all over again.
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    Microsoft Apologizes for "Big Boobs" Coding Gag

    This proves some people have way too much times on their hands. :rolleyes: Childish. Okay, I can say yes. But Have a sense of humor about it and you're proving to the person that you don't care, you're gonna go along and just keep on doing what you're doing.It's when you call attention to it...
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    ‘Mature' Star Wars 1313 Game to Premiere at E3

    Although I've never read any of the books, I supposed you could consider them more depth? I dunno, I always though 4 - 6 were kinda Straight forward. 1 - 3 is prolly what lucas wanted to do with the whole battle scene's, but didn't because Fox didn't believe in the series so they didn't give...
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    ‘Mature' Star Wars 1313 Game to Premiere at E3

    Some Bounty Hunters have been known to kill Jedi's, So ya never know, maybe you get to hunt some?? It's all Speculation until something more comes out, I'm interested though.
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    6,000 RIM Jobs On The Line

    You sir deserve Cake! And on topic, I saw this coming a long time ago. I hope they don't fall, cause believe it or not, this will most likely drive prices up for other phones. Maybe not, time will tell.
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    38 Studios Lays Off Entire Staff

    I can agree with that. They both lost. But who has to pick up the pieces? That's the issue at hand.
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    Time Warner Cable Hit With $2M 'Porn' Lawsuit

    I thought porn was supposed to make you rub it the right way? :D So I'm guessing If i work for TW, i can watch porn and get away with it? And get paid to do it to boot.
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    BitFenix Shinobi XL Full Tower Case

    I don't disagree with his points on not having a fan controller. And the Drive install looks off, they even had issues, and I'm sure they know what they are doing. Over all, I like it. it's Big, and has plenty of room.
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    Violent Video Games Quote of the Day

    That and Bill Gates, Oprah, and Martha Stewart. The root of all evil I say. But seriously, I feel like going out and killing hundreds because of Battlefield 3 made me do it!! Ohh yes that's Not me thinking that, it's the game!!! :rolleyes: Seriously, when are we going to start taking...
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    $44k Random [H] Sighting

    from all of us poor people... Ass[H]ole. :p I say that in good faith, no ill will towards the owner of said money. lmao. I like this random [H] sighting. makes me feel like there is hope in this world for this shitty economy to get better. lol But awesome pic. good to see something light in...
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    Meatball Sub 4S

    +1 on this for google plus users. Awesome linkage. :D
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    This Explains why Rage Sucks on the PC?

    so i guess that means it's not worth me spending my XP points on to get it free then?
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    Turn a PC Off or Leave It On?

    Know what you mean, I actually wake up when there is a power outage. :D
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    Turn a PC Off or Leave It On?

    I leave my main rig on 24/7 but shut the monitor off when not in use, my laptop gets sleep mode. so far on the main rig the only thing that has died is one of the fans.
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    Top 20 Games of 2010

    you know, it used to be when you pointed out a mistake with steve, you dissapeared. :D I'm not surprised at the list, and certainly not surprised to see MW2 to still be on the list. And they may not have a steam sales figure, but if you have one you can find out how much your account is...
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    Cool Custom Computer

    Is it really worth that much scratch??? Other than the price, it's a Damn good looking design. One very talented individual there.
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    Linux IQ Test

    Well my mother always did say one day i'd go blind if i kept doing... wait..
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    Linux IQ Test

    I got 4/20. :( its ok i haven't touched a linux system since i last installed gentoo way back when.
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    Kicked for Being Deaf

    QFT. If it were my guild I'd have ya, then again I don't play WOW, But I don't say "yer Deaf, fuck off". Welcome to the world I see everyday, sorry for those who don't, but it's coming hard each day. No matter what I do to See things in a better way, I think were screwed if we need to see...
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    Nikki Sixx Gets New Consoles for Children's Cancer Ward

    Can we leave the "Hate and disgust" for another thread, at least someone stepped up to the plate and helped out instead of sitting back and doing nothing, which is more than I can say about most people these days (I work retail and see shit loads of asshats). So thank you to the [H] members that...
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    Galaxy 6th Week of Christmas Give-Aways!

    Count me in, but then again, you should say why shouldn't you visit the [H]ot|Deals forum. If you wanna save money or get a damn good jump on hot items. this be the place.
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    Dynamite + MacBook Air = Fun!

    People are way too uptight in here. It wasn't the most hilarious thing, but still funny.
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    [H]appy Birthday, Steve

    Happy Birthday old mans.. Ohh wait, You'll never be old!
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    Facebook Parent of the Year

    Only in florida. :-P
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    Seasonic PSU Drawing Winners

    Congrats to all the winners. May you all get shocked! :p Seriously, Congrats all. :)
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 Final Specs & Pricing Revealed

    I didn't read all the pages, but damn does anyone else think that this is way too high for a single GPU solution? You'd thinkn with what tech we have today, we could make a smaller impact on wattage. Ohh well, nice to see they are finally rolling out something new. Kinda getting annoyed at all...
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    Damned Pirates: Hollywood Sets $10B Box Office Record

    I totally agree with you. I mean 14 dollars for a popcorn, a large drink, is a little ridiculous.
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    Should I step up to GTX 275?

    I'm going to redo the thermal "paste" with some MX-2. Let ya know, i don't think cooling is the issue but it threw a blue screen at me with a 1200 MHz Ram clock and a 725 Core.
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    Should I step up to GTX 275?

    Got my 275. Stock clocked came in at 11788 Vantage marks and Slightly OC'd it comes in @ 14793 (700/1552/1175).
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    Should I step up to GTX 275?

    Heh, I paid 254 and change for the 260/Core 216.
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    Should I step up to GTX 275?

    sent my card out yesterday, will let ya know how long it took, and the perfomance of the card seeing as I have a baseline of benches for the 260/216 core already.
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    Should I step up to GTX 275?

    I have to send mine in, I was # 49, got an email later that day, uploaded my invoice, go an RMA # about 2 hours after that. Now I just have to send it in.. Now of course that doesn't mean I'll get the card sometime next week, but hell I can wait.;)
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    Should I step up to GTX 275?

    I believe so.
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    Should I step up to GTX 275?

    Next Step: Waiting In Queue: #49 Ugh. too long a wait. seeing as I did it the day it launched. :p
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    Gigabyte ga-ep45-ud3P motherboard

    running 9x445MHz right now. I have had it @ 450, and am looking to go higher.
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    Figured I would start after all these years

    folding with CPU and GPU, might even go next door to the rents house and fold some there seeing as They always leave the puter on. Never hurts to add a p4 2.53GHz into the mix. :)
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    Figured I would start after all these years

    So starting the folding while I'm not at the keyboard or doing anything like gaming. Figured I would post to show I'm supporting the [H]orde. Same username as the forum, I just started but I'm looking to see what I can do with this q9650. :)
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    Gigabyte ga-ep45-ud3P motherboard

    the 533MHz is correct, Multiply by 2 to get 1066 (DDR = Double Data Rate, Double is the key word.) I believe slots 1 & 3 will make the the ram Dual channel not Single channel. Someone else correct me if I'm wrong. :) as for temps.