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    Figured I would start after all these years

    So starting the folding while I'm not at the keyboard or doing anything like gaming. Figured I would post to show I'm supporting the [H]orde. Same username as the forum, I just started but I'm looking to see what I can do with this q9650. :)
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    Edit button

    I couldn't edit one of my post, not sure if it's a browser thing, or if post editing is no longer allowed. thank you. Hmm it was in this thread.
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    Setting up wirless in Kubuntu.

    Running Kubuntu 8.04 beta (dual booted with wubi). How do i setup linux with passworded router? I'm new to setting up linux with wireless. the router if you need to know is a Netgear WGR614 v6. I'm used to windows just popping up the necessary credentials box. thanks.
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    Virus scanner for Linux?

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    Has anyone Gotten the latest ATI driver and Xorg 6.8.1 to work?

    Just wondering, I've tried al sorts of voodoo to get them working on Gentoo, and still no luck, this has even caused me to bork the kernel. No big deal though I wanted to reinstall Gentoo anyways. :P :D
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    Virus scanner for Linux?

    Does a Good free virus scanner exist for linux? i saw an ad for drweb in a linux install or something like that But i could never reach the site.
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    Question about LGA

    I get the numbers part, but what does LGA stand for? Whatever happened to the same old PGA :p :) Thanks
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    Anyone here play Tac Ops/Frag Ops?

    Just wondering what servers you hang at. I dunno, maybe even get a [H] members game going? When someone post a server, I'll post the ones I hang at. Don't wanna seem like I'm pimpin. :p this is also just plain curiosity. Also what name you play under?
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    Is being XHTML compliant a big deal these days?

    Just wondering, cause i took the time to clean up my vBulletin board to make it valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional. is it really that necessary??;verbose=1
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    Has anyone Bios modded their 9800 Pro to 9800XT?

    I just modded the Bio to my Sapphire 9800 Pro 256MB to a 9800XT 256MB. Worked without a hitch, Just wondering, how many here have modde their cards to a different Bios. Be it the 9600 NP/Pro etc... And how did it effect your 3dmarks and overall performance. thanks, Just wondering if it's...
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    Trying to install Gentoo and

    It will boot from CD, but after I continue it stops, the line it stops at is HDA: Attached IDE-Disk Driver. This is the same for other flavors of linux. System Specs P4P800 Deluxe 1.25GBs Ram 2-2-2-5 Wetern Digital 100GB, 20GB 200GB on a SIIG ATA133 Card SBLIVE LiteOn CD R/RW...
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    As the title says, the Who's online page is still enabled for members. I'm not sure if this is supposed to be or not. But there is still an uncomment line in the footer where Privacy Statement is. -->