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    P67 -> Z68 Motherboard swap, RAID Arrays intact?

    If I swap my P67 with a Z68 motherboard, system in sig, will my RAID arrays still be detected? Meaning I want to leave my data on my RAID5 array in particular without having to figure out some intermediate way to transfer it.
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    Laggy GeForce 250 Card

    This has been an issue with my video card for a while. I have the NVidia GeForce 250. When I go to play my games, it lags so bad that I can't play at all. Also, opening and closing windows like my internet window lags as well. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver MULTIPLE times...
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    Oracle Create Table help

    I'm getting the error message REFERENCES CONTACT_HISTORY(Contact_ID), * ERROR at line 7: ORA-02270: no matching unique or primary key for this column-list when trying to execute this command: CREATE TABLE CONTACT_REMINDER ( Contact_ID INT NOT NULL...
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    Visiontek 4850 w/ new heatsink + pcb issues

    I just got a new Visiontek 4850 and I'm having some issues with fan noise. At idle it is quite loud(like its moving a lot of air, not because somethings wrong with the fan) and catalyst control center reports it as running at 6%. When I switch to manual fan speed control the minimum is 20%...
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    Farcry 2: Stuck at the beginning(probably embarassing)

    I'm stuck near the beginning of Farcry 2 where you have to get the car started. I went to the car engine and fiddled around in there and then nothing happened. I tried the "use" command all over the car and nothing, and I can't get back into the shack. Its probably glaringly obvious, but...
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    Is there an easy way to swap the data on two drives...

    if I don't have a spare drive, and the operating system is on one of the drives? My current situation: I have vista/a bunch of games/some movies stored on a Seagate 500gb 16mb cache drive I have some other videos, pictures, music, other documents stored on a Maxtor 500gb 32 mb cache drive...
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    Anyone try bionic commando for pc?

    I just got it last night, and other than difficulties with the xbox360 controller(terrible d-pad imo) and the price($15 compared to 360/ps3 $10) I love it...
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    Assassin's creed saved game

    I was just about to get to the mission where you assassinate Robert and my computer crashed. Apparently my saved game is corrupted, if someone near that stage of the game could copy their profile for me it'd be greatly appreciated. I believe its located at: documents and settings\<your...
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    8800 GT Woes

    I have an XFX 8800GT 512mb that has recently developed heavy artifacting leading to crashes when left on for approxamately, but not always exactly, 5 minutes. The artifacts are fixed immediately after reseting the pc, but the behavior repeats itself. This happens regardless of whether I'm...
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    My Modified Chenming(Qpack Clone)

    Front View Side View(Case on), replaced the plexi glass window with some perforated aluminum and put in a 80 mm fan Slot Bracket View(More perforated Aluminum) SoundCard/Video Card View(Notice the custom CDROM/Harddrive Bay, theres a reason for this, theres an XP120 on the other side)...
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    Warm Gears of War PC $39.99 @ CC circuit city considering the 360 version is still over $50, and the pc version is just being released Tuesday, this seems like a good deal. Edit: just noticed you cant add it...
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    x800 gto or x1600 xt for WoW

    System specs in sig. My lcd monitor has a native resolution of 1280 x 1024, I would like to play WoW with all the settings turned on full and some AA / AF. I play other games on occasion, but WoW is my emphasis. I know the x800 gto(especially if I go for the conect 3d 16 pipe one) would...
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    qpack + antec neo power owners

    How short does the cd/dvd drive need to be to fit? I'm considering buying a qpack, but I have a samsung burner which measures 7" from front to back without power/ide cable and I don't want to buy a new one.
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    Is this card salvageable

    I have a 6800 gt that has been submerged in tap water. After thoroughly drying it it exhibited screen corruption. I have tried submerging it in isopropyl alcohol and then drying it again, but it still exhibits corruption. I would like some suggestions to salvage this card(if possible)...
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    Doom 3 $22.88 Promo Poster $0.01

    Found this while looking for ressurection of evil, seems like a good price. Doom 3: Promo Poster:
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    culprit for failed prime 95

    Here is my current highest stable overclock cpu: 260x9 @ 1.475 volts ddr: 260 2.5-3-3 @ 2.7 volts htt: 3x all other voltages stock Any higher in fsb and prime fails. I have tried lower multipliers and prime still fails at anything over 260. I have tried loosening the ram timings...
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    AMD Experience Tour Sunnyvale was a blast

    The majority of the computers weren't networked, but the food was good and the farcry tournament kicked ass. First time I've played farcry multiplayer and I qualified in round 1 with 5th place. During the Finals I was 1rst up until the last minute or so under the alias (Perkins>You), I ended...
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    slowing down a computer to run old programs

    anyone recall a program that eats cpu time so that it slows down the computer? A friend of mine needs it for an old game, and I remember seeing one but I don't remember what it's called.
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    MX 510 RED $23 Blue $25 AR

    Red: Blue:* $10 rebate Free shipping too :)
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    It's been ~2 weeks since I got my 3000+ 939

    and I've finally settled on 278 x 9 for 2.5 ghz, 1.575 volts stock cooling. It's odd though, at 280 x 9 it will fail prime within 3 mins, while at 278 x 9 it will go over 24 hours. I'm running my ch5 based mushkin ram at 227 2-3-2-10 @ 2.8 volts, this is much better than my athlon xp/nf7-s...
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    My winchester arrived :d

    along with my abit av8 :D. Everything is working smoothly and monarch even upgraded my shipping to 2 day from 3 day so that it'd get here by friday :d. I'm only doing 250 x 9, I'm not going to push it further until I replace the stock heatsink which could be a while(Note: girls are expensive...
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    Modified Xdreamer

    Sorry about the quality, my sister killed the family 3.0 megapixel camera so I had to make due with a $50 1.3 one. outside: Acrylic window replaced with a sheet of perforated decorative aluminum, it has a screen door effect where you can't see what's inside until the computer is on and the...
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    AIM s/n to Real Name PHP Script

    Hello, I don't have any experience with php, but I'm sure this can be done easily with php. I would like help making a script that translates an aim s/n to real names. I want it so when people click on my "subprofile" it looks up their real name predefined in the php code(No databases) and...
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    XP 120 heatsink + av8 Thermaltake says it should be fine, but it blocks dimm 1, would it be ok if I used dimms 3 and 4 for dual channel? Does this affect performance? BTW: I plan on picking up an av8 and 3200+ 90 nm next week, wish me...
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    nv silencer rubber grommet failure

    So I fired up doom 3 and I was replaying one of my old save points, when all of a sudden I started getting horrible artifacting before it finally crashed. I looked at my card and felt the underside of my nv silencer and it didn't feel warm. Then I noticed one of the rubber gromets was missing...
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    Recovering from a bad flash: 6800 gt

    I recently had a bad flash with my 6800 gt, the card won't even load, so I went and found a friend with a pci gf2 mx and put it in. Low and behold I load up using the pci card, only to run nvflash442 and receive "no nvidia adapter found" or something to that like. I have both the 6800 gt and...
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    id Software's Official DOOM3 Benchmarks :)
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    Facry Installation Woes

    I recieved farcry with my evga 6800 gt. I installed farcry(all 5 cd's worth), but it refused to run, it would just crash after sitting there reading the cd for a bit. So I decided that since its about time I did a fresh install anyways that I would reinstall windows(should clear up any driver...
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    Freeware partition magic type program?

    Are there any good free partition magic alternatives, I loved partition magic's features, but I can't see me plopping down $70 for it.
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    Affordable Companion to Mushkin 512 Pc3500 Lvl1

    Does anyone know what would go good with my mushkin pc3500 lvl1, I could use a gig of ram for ut2k4 and probably hl2/doom3. Fry's is out of them(I got my stick a couple months back for $105) and I'm not sure what other sticks have ch5 in them.
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    Generic DVD Drive Not reading dvd's

    I got this generic drive from frys over a year ago, it started off good, but after a couple of reformats it stopped ready dvds, it will read regular cds, but not dvds. I believe the region is set to 1. I recently tested it with ut2k4 se and LOTR: ROTK with no luck. I do have a combo cdrw/dvd...
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    Win Xp Fedora Dual Boot Problems

    So I ran into the win xp fedora dual boot problem ( ) and I try to do the solution "sfdisk -d /dev/hda | sfdisk --no-reread -H255 /dev/hda" in terminal but it says "bash: sfdisk: command not found" What do I do to fix it?
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    Best Upgrade Path for $800

    Well here I go again, I'm looking to upgrade my computer and I have $800, preferably I would like some left over to pay for doom 3 and hl2 when they come out. I play tfc and ut2k4 the most, but I am expecting to play a lot of hl2/doom 3 :D. Based on my system below what do you recommend me...
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    mushkin pc3500 level 1 vdimm to vi/o results :)

    System in sig, I just did the mod this afternoon. Had a few close calls because I'm new to sodering. 240 fsb ram timings 2-2-3-11 (So far it's prime and memtest stable.) Tommorow I'm going to try 2-2-2-11, and maybe I'll try 250 fsb later, though my cpu only does around 2.4 ghz and there...
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    3.3v + CH5 worth it?

    I have some mushkin pc3500 level 1 (ch5 I believe) that I want to push farther(My computer will boot all the way up to 250 mhz fsb, but memory gives me problems at anything over 230 with even lax timings) I am aiming for 240 x 10. How safe is it to give the ram 3.3 volts?(vdimm=I/O mod)
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    os cd read problems/corruption

    ok my dad recently upgraded his pc to: amd athlon xp 2800+ dfi kt600 motherb0ard (frys combo) and 512 mb generic pc2700(I know :/). The other parts in the system are an antec case w/ antec 350 watt powersupply, geforce 2 gts, 2 x western digital 30 gb 7200 rpm 2 mb cache (not in raid or...
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    Getting rid of grub

    ok so I got tired of messing around with redhat linux, so I deleted the partitions containing it, but grub keeps loading still(I'm on a dual boot with windows xp) How do I get rid of grub?
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    NF7-S + Redhat 9 Network issues

    I installed redhat 9 on a new partition on my harddrive because I was curious about linux(I tried out knoppix and it worked great except for the lag caused by running off the cd) and I haven't been able to get my onboard network card going in redhat(knoppix detected it fine) I tried installing...
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    UT2k4 Benchmarking

    How can I benchmark in ut2k4. I remember it was easy with ut2k3 beta that I played before the full ut2k3 came out(and I see a lot of benchmarks with ut2k3 including hardocp's utility). How do I do it with UT2k4. I do have fraps, but I was hoping for an ingame utility with standard flyby etc.
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    Measuring 12v Rail

    anyone know/have a guide to measuring the 12 v rail using a multimeter and a molex connector? The voltages in the pchealth section of my bios seem to fluctuate a lot and are around 6-8% off on the 12v rail and I think that might be inhibiting my overclock(when I hold down keys on my keyboard...