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    Networked Windows machine instead of Parallels 17

    I currently have Autodesk Inventor running on Win11 inside Parallels 17 on my M1 MBP. It works, but it isn’t fast. So I’m curious about running a networked Windows machine instead of using Parallels. What would be the best approach to putting a Windows machine hooked up to my gigabit home...
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    How to connect 5 devices to VCC on Arduino for 3D printed mouse?

    I'm in the process of assembling an Orbion Space Mouse, I'm a newbie to electronics. The OLED, rotary encoder, 3x rear switches, neopixel, and joystick all connect to the single VCC wire. How would you go about connecting all of these devices...
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    Really newbie question, when my AT&T router is unplugged, whole home network goes down

    I unplugged my AT&T FIOS router this morning to do some cleaning and rearranging. When it was unplugged, my entire home network went down. I couldn't access my Wifi from my laptop and I couldn't access my various Raspberry Pi devices running stuff like my 3D printers. My WiFi access point is a...
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    Finally finished my custom built printer furniture and a Klipper Ender 3 Pro

    Project long time in the making. I built a sideboard table to fit 2 standard size 3D printers (Prusa MK3S+ and Ender 3 Pro frame), plus drawers for tools and cabinets for filament, etc. There were no furniture pieces on the market that fit my wishes so I found some sideboard plans, drew it out...
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    Finally got my Ender 3 dialed in with direct drive and dual Z

    Got my Ender 3 perfected, I think. This is the direct drive printed kit I settled on, after trying 2 other ones that I didn't care for. I used the new SKR Mini E3 v2.0 which has two separate Z stepper motor ports. I tried a belt driven dual Z from...
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    Microcenter Powerspec Duplicator i3 Mini 3d printer, shipped!

    Microcenter has the Duplicator Mini for $120, and they offer shipping on this one. I have its brother from Monoprice and its a great little printer. It needs the heated bed wiring relocated due to a design issue, but otherwise for the price its great...
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    Folding Arduino lab made out of wood PLA

    Thought you nerds would appreciate this. Found the file on Thingiverse. Made it out of Hatchbox wood filament, very stringy stuff. Lots of sanding, then clean with mineral spirits, then stain with mahogany gel stain, finished with lacquer -> steel wool...
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    3D printed double laptop stand

    I use my MacBook Air for 95% of my work. I use my Thinkpad mostly for astronomy related apps that aren’t available on the Mac. I wanted a clean way to store them together when tied into my monitor/keyboard/mouse. Designed this in Tinkercad. It’s a dual laptop stand. Modern 3D printing...
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    Any idea whats up with this Inspiron 7775 RX 580 Starcraft 2 glitch?

    Bought a new, fully loaded Dell Inspiron 7775 27" AIO. Overall it has been badass with no issues. But when playing Starcraft 2, after awhile it gets these pretty bad graphical glitches. Any idea what is causing it?
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    Budget build for my dad

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Light duty stuff, internet, bill paying, MS Office, photo library (probably using Picasa) 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? With the preliminary build I showed him at $425, he is comfortable...
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    Question on strap and bag for D7000

    2 quick questions on some gear for my new full size SLR. Last camera was m4/3, and one before that was Fuji X. I used a leather wrist strap for those cameras. The D7000 came with a Nikon branded (and uncomfortable) neck strap. What strap do you guys use for your large DSLR? And what bag? At...
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    Nikon D7000 w/ 18-140mm lens, $566 at Best Buy

    Found this on Slickdeals today, picked it up on my way home from work. BBuy price is $629, minus 10% with a USPS Best Buy movers coupon, paid $566 + tax. Good deal considering the lens alone sells for $495 on Amazon. D7000 for $629 at Best Buy
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    Thinking about selling OM-D, next step question

    I currently have an OM-D EM-5 with some decent lenses. I also have a Canon T1i that I hang onto to use with my telescope. Things I don't like about the Olympus: 1) deep software menus compared to Canon. Canon is easier to adjust with little brain effort while shooting. 2) to get decent lenses...
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    Thoughts on AOC Q2770PQU? Or Asus PB278Q?

    I'm looking to get a 27" IPS LED monitor for my birthday in December. I looked at the Korean ones, and they all seemed to have their drawbacks. The Qnix multi-input 27" matte screen did look nice, but it was barely cheaper than a name brand model off Amazon. The AOC 27" model looks nice...
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    Win 8.1 weird timezone error pop-up

    I keep getting this damn pop-up notification about a time zone error on my Windows 8.1 install. Any thoughts on how to fix it? Google returned zero helpful results.
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    New vid card for mini ITX build

    I built a new mini ITX rig based around my i7 3770k. I reused my old GTX 460 in it. I'm looking at putting the smaller and cooler running (and quieter, much quiter) GTX 750 TI into it. I realize it isn't actually an upgrade, more of a sideways move, from the GTX 460. Bonus to the 750 TI is that...
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    Thoughts on the Dell Venue 11?

    I currently use a Nexus 7. It can be a little sluggish. Especially when web browsing and typing into Chrome, the text can lag behind what I am typing, and it usually then screws up what I was trying to type as it falls too far behind. Other niggles I don't like about it: harder to get stuff...
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    Windows Surface RT

    Hey all, I'm looking at replacing my aging (well, aged) iPad 1 from back in the day, it's slow and apps crash too much for my liking. I need a reliable and fast tablet for use in the OR for writing orders and looking up patient charts, and quite a few of my colleagues use the new iPads for this...
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    In honor of Pizza Friday

    For those of you wanting to engorge on some pizza to celebrate Pizza Friday, enter PAPA50 to your online Papa John's order and get 50% off your favorite pizza pie. Works for the Arlington, VA location, got a large supreme for $8.50. I believe your local store has to participate in order for...
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    Newegg (via eBay) Xbox Live $38 FS
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    i7-3770k good for a build designed for 4 years or so?

    I'm getting a Gigabyte Z77 motherboard as an xmas present and am trying to decide on a CPU to get that will last me for the next 3 or 4 years. I live near a Microcenter, which has the i5-3570k for $190, and the i7-3770k for $230. I mostly do some PC games (games like Skyrim, Starcraft 2...
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    Soundproofing foam?

    I have a Lian Li PC-6 that I would like to be a little more quiet. What are you folks using on your aluminum cases to cut down on the noise? What products/techniques have you found to be the most efficient?
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    Sell iPad 1 and get Nexus 7?

    I currently have an iPad 1 32gb, thinking about selling it and getting the new Nexus 7 32gb. I could easily sell the iPad with Otterbox and Logitech keyboard for $250-$275 on Craigslist and get a new Nexus. Negatives to the iPad that I'm not liking are Apple's closed ecosystem, and it is...
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    WD MyBook Elite 1tb USB 2.0 at Costco for $49.99

    Just got back from my monthly Costco run and they had a stack of Western Digital MyBook Elite 1tb external USB 2.0 HDDs for $49.99. The Costco I went to was Pentagon City, VA. It is the identical drive to this one listed on Amazon: Amazon MyBook Elite 1tb Edit: Its pretty darn nice. I didn't...
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    Free DVD burning software?

    I need to burn some TV shows to a DVD for a friend from .mkv format, can anyone recommend a good DVD burning software?
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    Canon Elph 300hs $129 Best Buy, free 4gb SD, case, and $15 GC Nabbed one of these today, came out to $135 after tax, not a bad deal considering they're usually on Amazon for around $170...
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    Music management software for Android

    Does anyone use a program on their desktop that makes it easy to manage playlists on an Android handset? I'm looking for something that is as easy to use as iTunes for loading playlists onto the iPhone. I tried DoubleTwist and all it does is copy music over, I would like to make the playlist...
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    Are these results correct for my first calibration?

    Just did my first ever calibration of my Dell 2408wfp using a X-Rite 1iDisplay 2. The following screen shot shows the results of the calibration. For those of you experienced in this, are these the results I should be seeing following calibration?
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    Buy used Q6600/mobo combo or new Phenom X4?

    I have a budget of about $150-$170 for a motherboard and CPU. I have seen several Q6600 and motherboard combos going for about $150 range. The downside as far as RAM goes is DDR2 is expensive for 8gb. Or I could get a new AMD Phenom X4 965T with a budget motherboard for about $180. The...
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    Thinking about getting an AT&T droid phone, which one?

    Looking at jumping into the world of droid, away from my iPhone, never was a huge fan of Apple. I'm looking at picking up a used Atrix 4g, seems to be a pretty good phone with the 2.3 update from the reviews I've seen online. They also go for pretty cheap on Craigslist around me as well. Any...
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    Microcenter $50 off iPads (new and refurb) in store

    Microcenter has their iPads for $50 off. I know an email was sent out for new ipads at $50 off, but they also have the refurb iPads for $50 off. I went to the Fairfax, VA store, and the stick on the box shows $400 for the 32gb iPad 1st gen I bought today, but they ring up as $349. Good deal...
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    Budget desktop versus GTX 460 eGPU i5 Thinkpad I have?

    Just out of curiosity, with BF3 and Skyrim up and coming this year, I am wondering how much benefit I could get by going with a budget gaming desktop versus the laptop I'm running with an eGPU. Grad student at one of the most expensive universities in the nation, bought a Thinkpad for...
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    Learning to program, Visual C++ Express error

    So I'm learning to program using this book, Absolute Beginner's Guide to C (2nd Edition) (0752063051009): Greg Perry: Books@@AMEPARAM@@ I Google searched and it seemed that Visual C++ Express is the best...
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    Custom external GPU case for laptop

    Posted this over at NBR where I got my inspiration from their DIY ViDock thread. Thought you guys might like to see it as well: Finished my eGPU case, designed it from ideas from Shuttle XPCs I've owned in the past. All construction done with hand tools, a drill, and a Dremel knockoff by...
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    non-Sandforce SSDs have any problems with sleep?

    So I bought a new 64gb A-DATA Sandforce based SSD and tossed it into my Thinkpad T420, all the right settings, AHCI all around, latest firmware, blah blah. Long story short, BSOD when I come out of sleep mode. Sleep mode is pretty convenient as I shut the lid of my laptop when moving between...
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    Learning C programming for a non-CS person?

    I have an interest in teaching myself how to program in C/C++ in order to use development tools for PIC programming in the future. Specifically for programming controllers for various high altitude rocket sensors/charges (and personal satisfaction of achieving this, always wanted to but always...
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    Best powered USB 2.0 hub?

    I need a USB hub that I can plug my iPhone into to charge, my Logitech G15 keyboard, mx518 mouse, and an external USB 2.0 backup hard drive all at the same time and not get issues with bandwidth. I currently have an el cheapo $10 powered USB 2.0 hub from Newegg that sucks, can only have the...
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    Win7 backup software

    I need a program that will reliably and automatically back up my XPS 15 laptop to an external hard drive. I saw the Acronis program on sale at Newegg for $15, seems like a good deal but there are a lot of negative comments about it on here and on Newegg's reviews. I also saw Ghost 15.0, but...
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    Bose Quietcomfort 15 or AT ATH-ANC7b?

    Anyone have any experience with these? Is the noise cancellation as legendary as reviewers make it out to be? There aren't any stores with them out to listen to (unlike Beats headphones, those things are out to listen to everywhere) and try before I buy. I'm looking for the best noise...
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    Core i5 or i7 for laptop to last 2 to 3 years?

    So my mine uses of my laptop are schoolwork for my master's program, occasional games like SC2, Diablo 3 next year, Fallout games, Oblivion, thats about it. Also do PS CS5, not pro, just amateur photog with TIFFs usually around 80-100mb on the high end. And I convert a lot of 700mb-4gb movies to...