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    Cooler Master HAF 700 EVO

    I am liking this case. Supposedly it will retail for $650 in the US.
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    PC not poweimg on after GPU upgrade.

    So I just upgraded my GPU to a 3080ti tonight and my PC won't power on afterwards.. All I get is all LEDs flash for a split second none stop. The clear CMOS button in the back also just flashes. I rechecked all connections and swapped out to 2 different GPUs and get the same thing. I tried...
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    PSU or GPU issue.

    So tonight my system black screen while mining. I rebooted and everything worked fine when idle or doing web browsing. After a few minutes running a game or mining it would black screen. When I start up Tomb raided it works til gets to the option screen before black screening. When I start up...
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    Anyway to use Valve Index with HDMI or TB?

    I got a new laptop which lacks DP and wondering is there a way to get the index to work with it? All I read it will only work with DP. I would like to use the laptop as portable VR system. It has a 3060 in it.
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    PC crashing when turning off display.

    So ever since I added my LG CX to my setup my pc crashes when I turn off ether the TV or my Samsung g7 monitor. It doesn't crash of I turn one off while the other is on but when only one is on and I turn it off it will crash my system. Never experienced this. The only thing I changed was using a...
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    Sony walking back shutting down PS3/Vita store.

    You can continue to make PS3/vita purchases but they are shutting down the PSP.
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    Issues safely removing a external drive connected to USB type c port.

    So I can't safely remove my external HDD when it is connected to the type C port. It doesn't even show up in the list. It shows in file explorer when connected. It doesn't even show up in the right click send to list. It works perfectly fine when I connect it to a type A port. All drivers are...
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    Seasonic warranty for coil whine.

    So today i noticed my new Seasonic FOCUS PX-850 platinum psu developed a loud ass coil whine while gaming. It is pretty damn bad. Does the warranty cover coil whine. I didn't see anything on there site about it.
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    EK pump stops working randomly.

    Yesterday I noticed all my fans ramped up to max while it was mining and the computer shut down. I notice that my pump was not working when I turned it back on. I figured my pump just shat the bed. I tried turning it on this morning and pump was working fine. Do EK pumps have overload or thermal...
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    Sony's State of play 92/25/2021

    Sony had their state of play and it was pretty damn garbage. It is so awesome we getting getting DLC for a incomplete game. SE can suck it. I am surprised they are offering a free upgrade for FF7 to ps5 tho. It might be a shiny turd now but still a turd.
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    Issue with Alphacool water block for 3080 ftw 3.

    So a couple weeks ago I got a alphacool block for my 3080. I installed the block and it worked perfectly for a day and then it died. I just got another one back from rma this week and installed the block on it. It failed to display from the start. I am really distracted with this atm. I had no...
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    Evga RMA Process.

    Is it me or is Evga's RMA process garbage? I been trying to RMA my 3080 since Sunday. I can't start a RMA cause it keeps asking me for a service ticket. I submit a ticket and they just giving me a run around with trying several things which I already tried before trying to RMA the card. I have...
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    Gigabyte X570 master error code 62

    So I just installed a new wb on my EVGA 3080 ftw 3 and everything worked fine most the day. It just rebooted mining. Temps and everything were in 40s under load the entire time. After it rebooted I get no post with a error code 62 on the board. Manuel says installation of PCH services. I am...
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    New system extremely laggy.

    So I finally got my new system up and running with a 5950x and 3080. The system is super laggy even in the bios. I just finished it last night and didn't feel like trouble shooting it anymore. I believe it is possibly the riser cable in my lian li that might be the issue. I did a clean I...
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    WB for 3080 ftw 3 ultra availability.

    Anyone know where I can find stock of a wb for the ftw 3 ultra?
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    3090 water blocks.

    Where are all the water blocks for the 3090. I plan on buying a 3099 tuf when I am able too get my hands on one and all water blocks I see are coming soon. I see some Bykski blocks for sale on aliexpress but they are a month plus for delivery.
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    Gigabyte X570 Aorus Master chipset fan.

    Alright I know I bitched about people complaining about these chipset fans had no reason too. Well in the past couple days this fan is running none stop at 100%. I don't seen any fan control in the bios to adjust it driving me nuts atm. I didn't change anything. I have the latest bios on the...
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    Valve index face gasket.

    Is there a place I can buy bigger face gasket for the index? I guess I have a wierd face that leave a gap I can see through by my nose and is annoying. No one else seems to have the issue. Even kids. No mater how I try and adjust it I can't get rid of that gap for me. I didn't have the issue...
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    Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes Kick Starter.

    New kick starter from the creator of Suikoden 1 and 2. This the first KS I will back. Suikoden 1 and 2 are my favorite JRPGs. It looks like a spiritual successor to the Suikoden series.
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    Over kill system.

    Just browsing youtube came across this computer build by Xidax. Pretty good damn over kill. It has 4 radiators and 30 fans. I wonder how it would of cost. I though it was a threadripper and disappointed it had a i9-10980XE.
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    High idle temp on 3950x.

    So my idle temps have gone up to 50c out of no where. This is under a custom wc loop with 2 280 rad and a 1080ti in the loop. I was idling in the low 30s before. While running prime95 my temps go to the low 70s which is normal like before. This at stock settings. I redid the thermal paste and...
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    Godfall PS5

    First look at a PS5 game.
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    Xbox series X

    Yawn. Might as well just make a PC for the living room now. Looks like one.
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    Barrow fittings o-rings

    So I brought some Barrow hard line compression fittings that came with a weird blue gasket instead of the the normal o-rings. Doing a test fit they feel snug. Are these ok to use?
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    I freaking hate USB type C connectors.

    So after a month my pixel 2xl replacement is already showing signs of issues with the connector. Google replaced the last one for the same issue. This is the 3rd phone I had with a USB C connector and they all developed issues with in a year. I have been extra careful with the replacement and...
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    Lian Li 011 XL availability.

    So wth is going on with this case. I been wanting to buy this case since release in August and have yet to catch it in the wild. Newegg been sold/out backed order since the initial release. Only stores I found it at is shady ones online or price is jacked up. Hell even eBay has none.
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    Manufacturers thermal paste application.

    So I took my PS4 pro apart today cause it was getting really loud and hot recently. Not that it was quite to begin with since I got it. When I took the heat sink off there was barely any thermal paste on the die. All the past was splatter around the socket instead. I cleaned it up and applied...
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    Sony State if Play 09/24/19

    So it was meh til the end where last of us 2 got a new trailer and a release date of 02/21/20. Can't wait. Game of the year.
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    ASUS ROG 2

    No one talking about this phone? Seems like a very solid phone for $700. SD 855+ 8GB 6000mah battery and 120hz OLED 1080 screen. There is a 12gb model also but don't see prices for yet.
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    Barrow wc parts.

    So what is the consensus off Barrow stuff you can get from AliExpress? Seems like good prices for solid wc parts. Thinking about some case and wc changes in the near future.
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    Need 140mm slim case fans for radiator.

    So since I had to swap out my MB the ram slots interfer with my rad/fans. What are some good slim 140mm fans for my rad? Searching on NE and Amazon has failed me filtering out slim fans from standard ones. 15mm thick fans should be able to to barely clear it.
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    Computer can't keep OC anymore.

    So over the past couple weeks my computer will not boot anything but stock settings. Even rasing memory about the base 2133 would cause to get the failed to apply OC setting. This is with a MSI x299 tomahawk with a 7820x and g.skill 3200 c17 memory. Even a slight bump OC will cause it to fail to...
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    Defective DP cable?

    So last night while gaming my monitor crapped out. Wasn't getting any picture to come up over display port. It has been acting up by randomly losing G-SYNC A quick input change would fix it tho. I tried different DP on my 1080ti and still nothing. Went to hook using a HDMI cable and picture came...
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    New EA Shady Patent.

    This some scary shit. Of course this is going to used for nothing but to manipulate people to buy micro transactions. This needs to be illegal.
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    MSI tomahawk x299 USB type C port issue.

    So I have a issue that when I plug in my pixel XL 2 into the type C port it takes up to 10 minutes before it decides to recognize the phone. Everything works fine if I connect the phones to any of the type A ports. I tried different cables and they all do it. I dug around the bios and didn't...
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    Radiator issue.

    So I have a custom loop setup with 2 280 rads. The rad that is getting water from the CPU gets really hot under load while the other rad stays pretty cool. Is this normal? I am positive I got all the air out. Loop order is: Pump>Front Intake Rad>1080TI>7820x>Top Exhaust Rad> Pump. Temp are...
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    Sponsored ads in Street Fighter 5.

    So Capcom is sinking to a new low. With today's update they are pushing in game ads. Sure it can be turned off atm but only a matter of time before it gets forced down our throats. This makes me have no confidence that DMC isn't going to go full retard.
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    Water cooling loop issue.

    So I just put together my first water loop with a 7820x @4.8ghz running 1.25v with a 1080ti. I have 2 280 30mm thick in the loop. When I run prime95 temperature hold around 70c then suddenly shoot up to 100c and starts throttling after 5 or so minutes. What would cause this? The 1080ti stays...
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    All video cards in stock onnvidia site for MSRP.

    Nvidia has stock of everything atm. Get them while they hot. I need them to sell out before I plop money down for a 1080ti for myself. Starwars Titan on sale for $1138.99 also!
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    Asus z-97 Anti surge protection issue.

    So recently I been getting random shut downs on my PC. When it boots up I guess a message saying Asus anti surge protection has detected a over-volt. It randomly happens. It happens in middle of a game, sitting idle or just browsing the web. I have a surge protector connected to my comp and been...