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    EVGA RTX 3080 FTW Ultra......for sale, Brand new.

    Ebay sale by my son. Brand new unopened, sealed. He already bought one last year. Took a year in the queue. Fair price......cost him 1000 once paid for tax and shipping.
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    What exactly is the deal with GPUs

    So here we are.......6 months in and you can't find a new GPU anywhere for even a modest jack over MSRP (Im talking etail, not eBay) What the hell happened? poor production? poor planning? sudden demand? lack of parts? "the COVID" greed? what is the truth Mulder?
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    Doom 3, W10 and AMD

    Ok. I have 2 systems, both W10. One with GTX 1080 Ti installs retail Doom 3 fine runs great. One with 5700 XT, wont launch, shows default.cfg error. What am I missing? I read everywhere people have no issues.
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    Why does Doom Eternal suck?

    Is it me or has Doom turned into some kind of jumping game? Maybe I'm getting too old, but there's way too much jumping around from platform to platform, swinging from things, trying to "stick" to walls...... Look, all I want to do in Doom is shoot the bad guys and chainsaw shit. If I could...
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    Advice.....Flashed BIOS on ASUS Crosshair VIII and now it won't find BOOT SSD

    Flashed BIOS successfully. PC booted fine before I flashed it. Now the board won't boot to Windows which is on a SSD. The BIOS can "see" the SSD but does not list it in Bootable discs I can "override" through the BIOS but if I shut down the PC......same problem. If I override, all is fine.
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    The EPIC games Launcher and Reinstall of OS

    This is probably somewhere on the internets, but I had a hard time locating a single thread that could help me, so I decided to make it happen. I reinstalled my OS, Windows 10 I needed to reinstall the Epic Launcher. BUT, it can't find my HDD with all my games stored.....unlike Steam, which has...
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    Beware the Wraith

    Lesson to learn here. Never use the pre-applied manufacturer TIM when you mount your CPU. Bought a new Ryzen 3700X and ASUS Crosshair VIII Hero. Set the board up just to make sure it POSTed before I mounted my Heatkiller. OK I was lazy and just slapped on the Wraith cooler, fired up the...
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    Help me..please...Metro Exodus save file

    I was about an hour from finishing this damn game...... playing under the latest patch All my saves are gone. The game wants to start from scratch. Can anyone send me their save m3 file from the dead city level? I'd like to finish this damn thing. I looked everywhere and my files are gone...
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    Ok, I have a fairly old system that has Crossfired R290X GPUs. I was going to use it to run the new mMod in HL2 to see how it looks. I guess when I loaded new drivers a while back, I clicked and accepted Wattman. Now I guess it is directly conflicting with MSI Afterburner, my GPUs wont ramp up...
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    AuzenTech Forte 7.1 + Windows 10

    So, I really like this sound card. I am still using W7 (I know, I know) but figured it was time to move on.... Anybody have experience with these older cards and drivers for W10? I saw a blog by a guy named DanielK and he apparently has some drivers that work?? I'm just wondering if my W7...
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    Where oh where did the Maximus go????

    So, I get it.........Intel releases the 8xxxK series of CPU and my friends at ASUS have a slew of ROG Maximus X motherboards in the pipeline. I think the only one available so far is the Maximus X Hero WiFi model. It's a really nice board. I bought one for my son for Christmas in a newegg combo...
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    Need help please.....I need to add a second WAP for better coverage

    OK. I moved into a big house. I have one Engenious EAP 1750H, which is a pretty good piece. Unfortunately on the far side of the house the signal is shitty. I have electric and hard wire ethernet on the weak side. If I buy another EAP 1750H I need some simple instructions on how to configure...
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    I'd like advice for 4K......please

    So now that the 1080 Ti is out, I'm probably going to replace my 980 Tis and I decided it's time to dump Surround and buy a single monitor. My inclination is to get one of the Samsung 40-46 inch slightly curved TVs the JS 9000 family I think. My desk would better accommodate a 40 inch but...
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    Expanding a partition in W7

    Have a SSD with three partitions. C: E: F: C has the OS and Electronic Record software E has critical software for another device F is open space The C drive is "full" and interfering with E drive software function. I can shrink E but the free space is not "adjacent" to C so I cant simply...
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    Select Corsair PSUs now with 10 year warranties

    Got an email today that AXi, HXi and some of the RM series have been boosted to a ten year warranty. From what I read, models that had a 7 year warranty when purchased are now bumped up to 10 years....... damn, thanks Corsair.
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    DooM 2016 and multimonitor, help me

    OK. Has anyone had any luck running the new Doom on multimonitors? I use NVidia Surround, three 24" 1920 x 1200 from 980 Ti in SLi using 365.10 and 365.19 (game ready, both fail) IF, I have this enabled I can't even get the game to load past the Bethesda screen. I CAN play the game on one...
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    Galaxy S4 help.....

    My wife and I both have S4 phones. Mine is Verizon and hers is ATT. Her screen cracked yesterday and it completely FUBAR'd the phone. Screen is worthless. She replaced it with an S7. She had the S4 password protected and due to the screen being toast we can't get into the data. She never backed...
  18. M closes shop, unexpectedly and abruptly......

    My two college children both use MSI laptops I bought from over the past 4 years. My daughter 's is less than a year old. I liked the company, they built to specification using chassis from MSI , Lenovo or Sager. My son had an issue and we were going to the website to look...
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    MacBook Pro ? FUBAR'd

    My daughter has a MBP. About 4 years old and actually in good shape. Problem is I have no Apple experience. The machine won't boot. I get this greyed out screen and a circle or something that just keeps spinning. I've gone on line and tried the basics, even tried to put in the rescue...
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    I have currently....... ASUS P35 MB with S775 dual core CPU (E 8400, I think) DDR2 RAM 4GB AMD dedicated GPU HD 6950 Monitor is a Sony Bravia 46" LCD TV. I use this for primarily streaming Amazon Prime and Netflix, rarely a DVD. Would I have an advantage building a new system? I...
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    Printer help, network

    OS: W7 Pro Environment, office Stations: 20 Access to network is primarily hard wired, some WAP I have a Laser printer configured as a local printer to one of the PCs. I would like to share that particular printer with several of the stations in the immediate area. The printer is not...
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    I need help.

    OK. Here's the deal. My computer just shuts off randomly. It only happens during gaming. Latest game is Mad Max. Start game, play anywhere from 10 -30 minutes and it's like someone flipped a switch, off it goes and then reboots. No blue screen, no warning in the game....poof. My system...
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    Doom MP Alpha Code, want it?

    I have one code for the Doom MP alpha that is being run this weekend. I'm not much of an MP person, so if anyone wants the code, they just have to ask. I guess the trial runs from Friday to Sunday this coming weekend, October 23rd at midnight eastern.
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    GreenManGaming---23% Coupon

    As it says.... Just picked up Metal Gear Solid V for 45 dollars. I DID NOT see where there were any specific limitations.:D:
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    Corsair AX 1200i, New in Box

    I had listed this in the For Sale thread here with no luck. Here's the EBay link, price reduced quite a bit.:D,ext=ext Thanks for looking.
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    Wireless extender help.

    I have a Western Digital router that has 7 wired ports and is also wireless. The wireless signal is pretty good in my house but degrades on the second floor. The router is in the basement. How can I hook up an extender or whatever it is called to have better signal in the entire house?
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    Question about PSU cables......

    So I bought a new Corsair HXi 1200 PSU, because of a DOA on my older AX 1200 after 5 years. This new PSU comes with 4 PCI-e flat ribbon cables. Each cable is the same. They have 2 PCI-e 6+2 connectors on each cable now, rather than 1 as I am used to. The PSU is fully modular. Now....I...
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    PC shuts off within minutes of loading a game

    I have what I think is a bad GPU? Just a couple days ago I would notice my PC simply shut down during gaming. It did this in Mad Max, Dying Light and Metro LastLight. It's like someone just flipped an off switch, no advanced warning. I have a very stable X79 system at 4.5 GHz and a 1200...
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    Laptop cooler

    Anybody use a cooler? I'm talking about the deals the laptop sits on. Generally come with a fan/s. Any recommendations appreciated.
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    Advice for AIO

    I build custom loops. Im rebuilding my sons pc and want to use an AIO. I have no experience with them. All I can use is a single rad 120mm, due to layout of his FT02. Cooling a 4790k that we'll probably OC just to 4.2 Suggestions welcome. thanks
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    Trouble with P55 FTW 200

    I added some upgrades to my son's computer this weekend...... Now the system won't POSTcold unless I reset the CMOS. He has.....P55 EVGA FTW 200 S1156 MB with i7 750 CPU. added 8 more GB of 1600 memory, now 16 GB of 1600 Vengence 1.5V memory @ 1.55V, not OC'd Added two GTX 980 4 GB...
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    Kudos to EK

    I recently ordered some waterblocks and backplates from EK, direct from their store in Slovenia. I got my stuff in 2 days, which was pretty amazing to start with. Unfortunately, the nickel plated backplate I ordered was covered with someone's hand and fingerprints.:mad: The marks seemed...
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    How sensitive is OSX to the hardware of the computer? I'm contemplating trying to load OSX 10.6 (snow leopard??) on a system based on a GB Z97 iTX board and a Core i5 CPU.
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    Corsair, thanks.

    Bought a new 16 GB kit of DDR3 RAM for my x79 board over the holiday sales. Upped the RAM speed from what I originally bought a couple years ago. Bought Corsair Vengence. Installed it about 3 weeks ago. Last week my computer started to freeze up and crash running games that had been...
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    Gigabyte Z97 mITX WiFi...questions

    Ok, so Gigabyte has this thing called Cloud Station. It's a wifi app with several functions. I'm trying to use their hot spot function...... I enabled the Intel Wireless software I enabled the Gigabyte software My wireless devices "see" the Gigabyte hot spot and will connect, but the hot...
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    So my Seasonic X-1050 (less than a year old) couldn't handle loads under gaming. The second I went into a game, the computer just shut down. I did a bunch of trouble-shooting and identified the PSU as the culprit. Amongst the testing was a Kill-a-watt measurement of wattage during full load...
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    Metro LL: Redeux, please comment

    I'm having an issue with this game..... I'm not sure if it's the game, drivers,Crossfire, or my computer. Here's the computer: Core i7 4770K @ 4.3 GHz, ASUS Maximus VI Formula,16 GB Vengence 1866, MSI R9 290X in Crossfire, watercooled by Heatkiller 3.0 and XSPC, Custom Corsair 600T, power...
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    So is it the PSU?

    I am getting complete shutdown of my computer here: System2: Core i7 4770K @ 4.3 GHz, ASUS Maximus VI Formula,16 GB Vengence 1866, MSI R9 290X in Crossfire, watercooled by Heatkiller 3.0 and XSPC, Custom Corsair 600T, power by SeasonicX-1050, Dell 2410s in EyeFinity. I can run the computer...
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    Migration Software......Any good???

    So I bought a couple of SSds (one Intel and one Samsung) to use as OS drives in my computers. They are 240 GB capacity drives. I'll have plenty of space to migrate my OS and everything else on the current C drive. Is the Intel and/or Samsung data migration software any good? Or should I...
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    Pono Music

    Anybody here join the kickstarter for Pono Music? I got in on it at the beginning and my player is en route. I was wondering if anyone here got a player and what they think of the sound quality? I'll report back once mine arrives.:D