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    Is there a site that's good to go to learn about creating vlans? Any tips? I am just trying to get my Poe cameras seperated, but still access them over computers that need internet access I do have an hp 1820 J9983A
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    HDD for nvr

    Which hdd is best for my camera server? I am currently using a Samsung 2tb and want to save more than 7 days of video for 11 cameras. Are the nvr specific drives reliable now?
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    Gt 710

    Anybody habe experience with a gt 710? If so any issues to look out for? I have a home surveillance computer and just need an output signal. It had a gtx 780 in it because that's what I had lying around. Even at idle the 780 is dumpping 35 degrees celcius into the computer. It would be nice to...
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    Odd issue with Asus RT-N66W

    I have had this router for a while now, and had no issues up until now. I turned on 5ghz wireless last night and 6 out of 11 of my wired hikvision cameras lost signal. I mean I couldn't get through with either Blue Iris or their ip addresses. Besides the obvious the router may be dying, is there...
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    GTX 980 class action suit.

    Has anyone else received a message about a GTX 980 calls action suit from newegg? I have a 980ti, an I have no clue why they sent me the email. here is the body of the email minus my name. We have been informed about a class action lawsuit settlement with NVIDIA regarding the GTX 980 graphics...
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    Dead island: game of the year edition

    first come first serve A very special gift just for you
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    Beta codes for heroes of the storm

    I just got a set of beta codes first come first serve. These codes are for Blizzard not for Steam. :) Can you please post when you use a key. Key 1: J4NWEP-RJD8-W6XVF6-YZYH-FCNGED Key 2: N8GCTE-YHC6-ZDE4HY-F2PE-RTCBKM Key 3: 7XEPK9-RR48-6TZC9M-WRVM-VCPFZ8
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    LG 55ea9800

    Not sure if this is a pricing error or not. The Microcenter in Sterling Heights. Mi had this for 1999.99.
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    Mouse question

    Is there any mouse out there with ergonomics like the dell tactx mg900 mouse? I know it is based off the logitech g9x. It is just the g9x is just not as comfortable with either case on it. I also tried the corsair m90 but after months of using it my hand was always hurting.
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    K i have a Ga-p35-ds3l and I just overclocked my 6400 to 2.88. I had it set at 2.6 for a while and had the memory set at 1to1 with timimings of 4-4-4-10 set manually. However when I set the overclock to 2.88 no matter what I set my timings to it goes to 5-4-4-10. It is stable but I wonder if any...