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  1. drutman

    Has Intel Abandoned the HEDT Market?

    Looks like Intel is resurrecting the HEDT, my Intel ex employee tells me that when server chips have cache defects they get marketed as HEDT.
  2. drutman

    One of the worse PC builds you seen.....

    Had the CCFL vibe too.
  3. drutman

    One of the worse PC builds you seen.....

    And it was fun to watch the IT guru cringe when he saw a bent IDE or SCSI cable. Too worried about stress on cable.
  4. drutman

    Researching AMD processors for x570 chipset for gaming PC ( Ryzen 5800X3D vs. Ryzen 5950x )

    1. I don't buy into the "gaming" marketing hype. I look at core count and my workload needs. 2. I plan on waiting on Intel and AMD's next move. Not sold on DDR5 but prices are dropping fast. 3. If you want to game now it will not come cheap even though GPU prices are dropping. my Zotac...
  5. drutman

    1000w PSU choices for gaming w/ 3080 Ti

    Just a money grab
  6. drutman

    1000w PSU choices for gaming w/ 3080 Ti

    As a scientist I would look at MTBF for long term reliability decisions, I have never had a PS fail, again I do not go cheap on brands(EVGA, Seasonic branded units only).
  7. drutman

    1000w PSU choices for gaming w/ 3080 Ti

    EVGA 10 yr warranty is great, I wouldn't worry about OEM too much.
  8. drutman

    1000w PSU choices for gaming w/ 3080 Ti

    EVGA has recently introduced the fully-modular SuperNOVA G7 80 PLUS Gold-certified ATX power supply series with integrated system load indicator LED bars. The power supplies measure only 130 mm deep while featuring a half-bridge LLC Resonant Controller with a DC-DC design and 100% Japanese...
  9. drutman

    1000w PSU choices for gaming w/ 3080 Ti

    Super flower is good I believe some are used by EVGA (I would look at their PSU too)
  10. drutman

    Dual monitor setup, taskbar issues (Win 10)

    We use Display Fusion software much better than Win 10 display interface.
  11. drutman

    Best/worst computer brands.

    Funny but in the day it was ''state of the art'', Even a new custom built PC will be obsolete eventually regardless of OEMs used.
  12. drutman

    Lol evga Notify

    Got mine too bought a ZOTAC 3080 Holo online when they had a drop sale.
  13. drutman

    Recent visit to Microcenter - what it was like inside

    Odd experience, our checkout lines in Houston are fast and friendly.
  14. drutman

    Please share your afterburner voltage frequency curve

    Yeah I understand extending the life as much as you can with supply and pricing going nuts. I do Analytical chemistry for a living and I would take the temp sensor readings with a grain of salt. There is a Intel white paper explaining how the CPU thermocouples/sensors are highly inaccurate at...
  15. drutman

    Please share your afterburner voltage frequency curve

    I like to tinker around too with undervolting and OC but if you are spending approx. 1900 for a GPU the cost of electricity should not even be an issue. Now if you are running an asic mining farm like my son does power savings correlates to increase profit. The only increase in performance...
  16. drutman

    Are games starting to out-pace GPU development?

    My views on PC gaming industry 1. Tired of being a Beta tester at release date for 60 to 100 USD. 2. No real change in creativity all about social media and brand image. 3. GPU price goes up with rising technical challenges at smaller lithography scales and poor yields. As consumers demand...
  17. drutman

    Are the majority of new game purchases loose in the case or do I just have bad luck?

    Even if scratched most errors are not detrimental, audio CDs have CRC error protocols in place. We buy used PS games that look like they have been through a power sander and work fine.
  18. drutman

    AMD announces Ryzen 7000 Zen 4 CPUs

    Kingston website has DDR 5 at decent price.
  19. drutman

    Control crash - 12900K - maybe xmp not stable?

    I would reset all OC including XMP profile. My RAM and X99 platform do not like XMP changes for some reason. I also recommend resetting CPU OC, my COD games crash if I overclock the GPU. Rest of games are fine with OC.
  20. drutman

    Borderlands 3 free on Epic

    Had to delete it since I couldn't get past new social hub required to play game. Would not accept any new screen name which is required. 'Borderlands 3 is now free on the Epic Games store and some people are not sure about how to create and log into their SHiFT account to fix the BL3 network...
  21. drutman

    Newegg FTL DDR5

    DDR5 price is dropping as availability increases.
  22. drutman

    Newegg FTL DDR5

    Not the fastest DDR5 but look at Kingston site. 32 GB for 165 USD.[["Speed","6000MT/s"]]&sort_by=price_min_to_max
  23. drutman

    What is the best AntiMalware that is light on system resources and still good

    Use your brain(think before loading unknown programs) as a primary virus filter and use Win defender it is fine. Never had issues as long as you update MS virus definitions patches as they come out.
  24. drutman

    The custom/unique case thread.

    TT P90 here
  25. drutman

    Klipsch Reference Premiere any good?

    Hope this helps I am a retired professional chemist with a specialty in analytical instrumentation and have a relative in the recording industry. I have knowledge of the consumer and pro side of audio. I have been noticing a lot of posts about speaker and equipment recommendations etc. Also...
  26. drutman

    GPU's and CPU's may become nearly impossible to source soon

    I remember this I also saw a show on Ford truck assembly, it was so automated only a human was needed to polish the hood emblem most everything was robotic and required very little human input.
  27. drutman

    Just got a new iPhone. Got some questions about music

    True local storage is great but you have unlimited space for videos, movies and media with a media server.
  28. drutman

    Just got a new iPhone. Got some questions about music

    Set up a Plex or Emby server on your PC.
  29. drutman

    Is AppleCare+ worth getting?

    The screen is not the only failure, batt issues are common and camera fails are common too. We have repaired screens broken from stress issues not resulting from drops. Water damage is common too. Remember manufacturers love to implement planned obsolescence. Our personal experience with...
  30. drutman

    Is AppleCare+ worth getting?

    We do iPhone repair work and I can tell you from personal experience the older phones are inexpensive to fix yourself provided you have certain tools. Since we are a business we get parts at a discount from a online source. Here is the catch, if you break a OLED screen at cost the screen is...
  31. drutman

    Do people actually upgrade just the CPU and keep using existing motherboard?

    I have the 5820K, was it worth the upgrade, I see the 5960K for $125 on eBay?
  32. drutman

    Bought a 2080ti on Facebook marketplace and it started artifacting within a couple hours. see pics

    Looks like way too much was used by seller when he pulled the waterblock. My 390X ran hot with poor coverage of paste.
  33. drutman

    Bought a 2080ti on Facebook marketplace and it started artifacting within a couple hours. see pics

    Clean it up and reapply thermal compound use pea sized dot and make sure cooler contact/ pressure is uniformly applied. no cost attempt to fix issues.
  34. drutman

    Modifying Water Block

    Use this diamond paste for final stage.
  35. drutman

    Threadripper is no more!

    Funny I got into software defined radio and it crunches the FFT with no delay or issues. The PC on the end of a our NMR had to be a Sun workstation due to volume of data and complexity of the Fourier transform stuff.
  36. drutman

    Threadripper is no more!

    I used it for XRD and Electron microscopy software, what sci workloads did you run?
  37. drutman

    Threadripper is no more!

    Unless you need quad channel RAM HEDT is dead for most users including myself (X99 platform still daily driver).
  38. drutman

    how do you guys get the best colors for your monitor?

    Your visual fidelity is only as a good as the source. I recommend getting a colorimeter such as a Spyder and calibrate your monitor. Second the quality of 4K and 8K varies depending on source. Use the link to the video below to look for banding, the Red system is well over 100K with the lenses...
  39. drutman

    So if video card prices stay elevated for years, then what happens?

    This is how I convinced myself to pay 1050 USD for a 3080(Zotac). 1050/365 days is $2.87 for unlimited gaming and other uses. No financing used, If I wanted to game at the arcade in the bowling alley I would have to load a card with a $20 min to play. So for the cost of a snack a day I have...
  40. drutman

    What are you guys using for a router that you love?

    We use Ubiquiti with no issues. Out of curiosity who is your internet provider? I ask because Spectrum/ TW drops packets so often our modem/routers would reset all the time, upon switching to ATT fiber few packet drops or reboots...