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    Audio newb needs some suggestions. Headphone Amp?

    Alright so I have a set of DT 770 80ohm and was using my trusty Creative Xfi external sound card with them. But unfortunately the card decided it was time to go. Ive plugged my cans into my Z-5500 control and while it works, its just not the same. (To quiet) So what would be my next step, Im...
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    I think its a trap, Told I could build a new PC.

    So... I was told I will be allowed a budget of $1k for a new PC, by the other half with in the next few pay periods. Now the PCmasterrace in me is extremely giddy, but I have no clue where to start anymore as its been a few years of even thinking about parts. PC currently: Viewsonic 24"...
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    Safe to buy eVGA 1070's?

    Currently in the process of piecing together a new rig, and the eVGA 1070 FTW is my choice for a gfx card. Well started doing some research, and see that back in November, they have had issues with vram chips overheating.. Now Im kinda figuring, that by the end of this month when i do buy, im...
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    Pretty Stumped, GA 78LMT- Usb3, Ram issues

    Well I snatched up some old hardware. gigabyte 78lmt usb3 AM3+ with an 8320, and 16 gb of ram (4x4gb). Everything powers up and can run what ever i want. Thing is, Memory test in bios only detects 8gb of ram, windows only detects 12gb with 7gb usable, but CPUZ picks up all 16gb? Ive changed...
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    Monitor newb!

    Well Im piecing together a new build for next month.. (i5 4690K ASRock Z87 Extreme4 GTX 970 G1 Etc) Kinda lost when it come to monitors, I usually just grab the cheapest monitor and call it a day. Though this build Id like to grab a decent monitor. Current monitor AOC E2470SW ( :( )...
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    Arma III? Anyone?

    Looking to get a crew of people to play with it.. Pretty boring/annoying dealing with these 12yr olds who just constantly scream on the mic. Im a FNG in Arma, but can hold my own. Just hate running around lone wolf.. If anyone is down add me, Steam; Snappshoota
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    Projector suitable for day to day usage now?

    Well basically wondering like the title ask's, Are projectors suitable for Day to day usage, figure about 2-6 hours a day, broadcast/gaming/movies? Ive got my eye on a Optoma GT750E (3D ready, 720p, Short throw, 3000L) which has been praised all over the net as a decent PJ for the price...
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    Onboard HDMI use for audio? Z77 ASrock Pro 3

    Well starting to get pissed off.. With an ATI card, everything worked flawlessly. Plugged the hdmi cable into the onboard Intel HDMI, Using the 7850 for video. I got perfect sound through my samsung sound bar. Well card was faulty.. Returned it, and grabbed an MSI 660Ti.. Now with the same...
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    Faulty 7850, RMA'ing. What to get? Nvida or AMD

    Well Bought a Gigabyte 7850 2gb, and when it works its pretty damn good. But unfortunately getting it to work is the problem. (Constant Hard locks with sound looping, vertical lines of death, thought this was fixed.. WAY TO GO AMD!!) Anyways, Im taking it back to microcenter Friday, was...
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    Gigabyte 7850 2gb Windforce Hard locks PC?

    Anyone else having problems? Just picked it up friday and having been fighting to test everything in system all weekend.. Narrowed it down to GFX card, The weird thing, is sometimes I can play all night, some times an hour.. Usually when it locks up, i get the black screen with sound loop...
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    Open box 7770 or Refurb'd GTX 280?

    Well Tossing a rig together friday, I was planning on just getting a mobo/CPU/ram and calling it a day.. But I know Ill be itching to fire up a few games while I wait for funds to replenish and grab a 7850. So since im buying from the local Micro center, I was searching for a card ~100.00...
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    Need to start a new Rig.. A question or 2.

    Well Im getting sick of consoles, and desperately need a new gaming rig.. Putting in some massive overtime this week, so next week I can get a start on it.. I want to get atleast the CPU, mobo, and Ram next week. Gotta wait on video card.. So need on board for a few weeks.. $250ish Budget So...
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    So I bought a kinect. A couple questions.

    Well decided to buy another kinect, had one at launch, while it was fun, there were no games out for it, ended up getting rid of it. Was an impulse buy this time, walking through buybacks and they had 1 left for 60 bucks with kinect adventures.. figured what the hell and grabbed it.. Now, my...
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    So I thought my CF 6850s were the Shiznit...

    Till I found a third 23" monitor and display adapter.. :) They still handle 5760x1080 pretty well at 40-55FPS on a medium/low mixture in BF3. But being so used to 110fps on high/medium @1920x180, It almost feels unplayable to me.. Other games are perfectly fine. And the immersion...
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    upgrade from crossfire 6850's??

    Well as the title states, Im looking to upgrade my cards.. They been amazing but I want more!! So what to get? Current mobo allows SLI and Xfire. 7970 really worth it? If I was to get one it would be the XFX Black edition.. but that comes in at $600.. Dont really wont to blow that much...
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    Eyefinity Noob. Quick question.

    Well Im buying 3 22" monitors off a buddy tomorrow for the cheap. Wondering, I know back in the day you needed a active display port adapter, is it still the same? Even with crossfire? Thanks
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    CPU upgrade Unlocked X2 555 to what?

    Like the title stats, I have an unlocked X2 555, whiles its been a beast of a CPU, I feel its holding me back in BF3.. Would it be worth it getting a legit 4 core, or bumping up to a 6 core? 1100T? So what would the next step be? Kinda looking in the ~$180 range, lower the better, but we...
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    Looking for a new PSU ~$70. Who to choose?

    Well pretty title pretty much sums it up. I finally got my BF3 upgrades in, and I want to get a new PSU. Ive been out of the loop on the PSU side of things for a while. System is going to be as follows: AMD X2 560 unlocked to X4 8GB Gskill Sniper DDR3 1600 Asus M4A89GTD Pro Usb3 XFX...
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    Razer Onza Controller

    Has anyone picked one up? I needed a second controller, so i grab one today from best buy for 50 bucks. At first I was kinda skeptical, as I dont really like razers mouse line up. But wow after a few hours of some black ops/MW2 on the 360, I must say its a pretty good controller. Now I...
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    Help a monitor newb out?

    Well like the title states im pretty dumbfounded when it comes to monitors. So im wondering if someone could help me choose a monitor.. Main use is gaming. Want the size to be 22-23 (1920x1080) and need a Hdmi output.. Oh and im getting it at a B&M store (microcenter NE ohio) So ive come...
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    Do you buy a game for single player or multiplayer?

    Ive been reading more and more threads about single player games being short, and unsatisfying. Me, I cant stand single player anymore, Its just to linear, and "go here, shoot this/talk to this, then go here". Gets pretty boring if you ask me. I bought medal of honor when it first came out...
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    PS2 Slim Controller Help.

    Hey, I just recently bought a Slim PS2 off ebay, seller said everything worked. Got it in today, and whattaya know. Both controllers dont work. But im confused. They dont work in a "Phat" PS2 either.. They are both Dual shock 2 controllers. So I bought a used aftermarket, no name...
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    Black Ops Gameplay Video Looks pretty decent to me.. Only playing with bots, and the map reminds me of shipment.. Cmon 10am!!..
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    Kinda Curious? How long do your case's last?

    How long do you guys keep the same case? I was sitting here looking at my ancient Antec Superlan boy (missing: both panels, 120mm fan in the front, couple bay covers) , that Ive had for almost 7 years now, and its been through 8 different builds, and got me thinking. What is the normal...
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    New build coming tuesday.. Any reccomendations?

    Well like the title stats, Im looking to build a PC tuesday, if I get paid from some sales I got going on. 1)Gaming, lil bit of photo editing. 2) $500-$540, tring to include shipping in the price 3) Ohio 4) CPU, Mobo, Ram, and GFX card. 5) 2 Seagate 500GB sata drives. Coolermaster 460W PSU, and...
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    Hmm What to buy? X3 450 or X2 555

    Well im kinda in a little predicament. Im planning on build a new rig with my upcoming check, and need to keep it under $400ish. So what im looking at is a combo deal with Asus M4A785TD-M Evo, and either the X3 450 for $148 or the X2 555 for $152. What would be a better deal? Gonna be...
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    Playstation Move feedback?!

    Anyone bought it yet? I decided to take the gamble and bought the kit.. And it I rate it about an Ehh on the fun scale.. Feels like the Wii, but with a bit more response, and better graphics. Love freesbee golf. Table tennis is kinda wierd. The rest are eh..
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    Coolmaster 460 decent enough for 5850?

    Well like the title states. I currently have a Cool Master Elite 460W PSU, would it be enough to run a 5850 for a few weeks (2 at the most) till i get my next pay day? I know they state you need a 500W, but from most reviews ive seen, its only about 250-300W under load. Anyone have actual...
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    PS3 Slim clarification?

    Alright Im buying a PS3 slim tomorrow and have been doing some research, Im kinda confused, about one thing. PS1 games. Now i know you can download them from the PSN store, But can you actually load em up via disk? I mean it cant play em, so it should be able to read em off disks am i right...
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    Upgrade X3 435? Worth it?

    Well right now Im running it stock with 4th core unlocked. Have a few questions. At what temp should I start worrying? When I was playing the BFBC2 demo, CPU was hitting 60-63*C. And Would it be worth the money to upgrade to a Phenom II X4? Rig is sig. Thanks
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    4850 1gb ok for high(er) res?

    Well I just jumped on a 21.5" monitor with a resolution of 1920X1080. Right now im running a XFX 4850 1GB on a 19" 1440x900, Everything is working fine. But now, im wondering if, im going to have to upgrade my card to keep up with the resolution change? Time for a 5770?
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    Budget build ($450) Need some advice..

    Hey, Been out of the PC era for a bit, due to finacial problems.. And finally came across a bit of extra money. So.. Im looking for a moderate gaming rig. 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Mostly gaming, CSS, Call of Duty MW/2, Battlefield BC 2, mostly 2) What's your budget...
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    9850 to 920? Worth the upgrade?

    Just wondering if it would be a wise choice to upgrade my 9850 to a 920? Ive checked some benchies and see that its usually a good bit ahead of a 9950. Anyone wanna chime in?
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    Need some advice..Upgrade X2 4800 -- ???

    Well I just recently ordered all of my new build cept a new CPU. Figured I would run my old 4800 till next check and get a new CPU then. New Build Consists of ASRock 780GXE 4 GB G Skill Ram 800 Asus 4850 512mb Antec Earthwatts 500w Now I was kinda looking at either the X2 7750, or...
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    ASRock A780Fulldisplayport problems...

    Well I bought this mobo on thursday Was trying to get it up and running with, AMD x2 4800+ , 1gb stick of rendition DDR2, 80 gb WD IDE HDD, and a Antec earthwatts 430. Plug everything in, power it up and bios loads, detects everything. So I throw a copy of windows in the cheap lite on dvd...
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    Worth the upgrade? AMD X2 4800 to X4 9600?

    Looking to build a cheap rig coming up in the next few weeks. I have previously ran an AMD x2 4800 paired with an 8800GTS 320mb, 2 gb g skill ram, and ASRock mobo, and it was a perfect setup for me. Just recently sold everything, and have an itch to build another rig. What I plan on...
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    ZOTAC? Decent Mobo?

    Was looking around for a cheap SLI mobo for an upcoming cheap build, and came across this zotac mobo. ZOTAC NF750A-A-E to be exact. Been outta the PC loop for a while, and never heard of them. After doing some research from what I gather its a branch of sapphire? Anyways was wondering if...
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    Any paintball players? NPPL Championship 09

    A week left, for the first next gen paintball experience. I for one, can not wait. Loved all the Greg Hasting's (even tho they had their issues), and am a paintball player myself, so this is a definite pick up. Some info for those that havent heard of it: Release date: November 19th, 2008...
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    Any info on radeon 3100?

    Imma be picking up a laptop in a few days, and it has an Ati radeon 3100 IGP. Everywhere I looked I have not seen any info on this igp, (Most info I found was on the 3200 series, so im assuming the 3100 is just down clocked) so I was wondering if anyone knows anything about it, or if anyone...
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    Curious, Which card 9600GSO or 3850

    Ive been out of the video card loop for a bit, and just recently started thinking about building a mid range gaming pc. Only have about $120 for a half way decent card, mainly play at 1280x 768 resolution. Came across the 9600GS, from which I hear is just a redone 8800 series. So im kinda...