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    MSI GF62-8RE black screen

    I am trying to repair this laptop with no luck. Symptoms were no display, KB lights up, HDMI has no output. When it 1st came in I noticed the GPU fan not spinning. The CPU fan was spinning. So I ordered a pair of fans to replace both since they both were 3-4 years old. Take it apart, clean out...
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    Ultimate FinalMouse

    Super Bling
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    new build, no LAN

    After a new WIn 10 Pro install neither of my dual gigabit ethernet ports will work. I installed the LAN driver from Asrock (x299E-ITX/ac) and gives me device cannot start error 10 (Operation failed) in device manager. Downloaded a newer version from Intel and same thing. It is enable in the...
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    Silverstone SG14 is coming in July!

    I have my Asrock X299E-ITX/ac, my 4x8Gb RAM, CPU is on back order. I needed a case with 240mm AIO support. My last build was a SG13 with a 5960x, Asrock X99E-ITX/ac, and a Titan XP back in 2015. I emailed Silverstone support. (Me) When is the SG14 going to market? For the past 3 years the...
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    High Temps

    Thunderstorm was in the area so I shut my system down for the night. Next day I started it up and noticed high temps on my CPU 100c). I then checked the fan and water pump rpm's and they were fine. Next day I cleaned out the case, filter and radiator and the old thermal paste and installed new...
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    Tensor Cores

    Any project going on where I can donate the use of my Tensor Cores?
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    new drivers are out 2080Ti 411.63 WHQL
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    keyboard keys

    1-9 work when I press them. 0 displays a multiplication symbol star when pressed which is the symbol if Fn was pressed. F1-F12 work fine as well as their Fn characters. What is causing 1 key when pressed to display the Fn character of that key? Panasonic CF-52 laptop Win 7. Fixed it by pressing...
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    ROG Swift PG35VQ

    Does this monitor have Asus GamePlus and where is it selling at? How long before it is selling if not selling currently?
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    ETH not showing shows my balance however shows 0. How do I fix this?
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    Comedy Night

    For a $5 game this is well worth it. The jokes and rap rooms are aids and racist but the singing rooms are awesome. Thats where I heard some real talented people and one that will make you throw your boxers on stage. So if you get the game be sure to check Emii (fullofemily), PilesofMyles, and...
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    Folding 7.4.4

    I just upgraded to 7.4.4 along with a new video card and it does not open up. The web control never did work so I edited the shortcut like always and nothing happens. I tried 3 different browsers with the web control and it no work before I edited it. Windows 10 Pro.
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    H170 chipset driver

    Using Acronis Universal restore to dissimilar hardware its asking for the chipset drivers in .inf, .sys or .oem format. Intel and Asrock both have a .exe install file. I have searched and found none. I tried using 7-zip to extract the .exe but that only listed files u1-u100 in mszip format. Any...
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    Raid 10

    Is it possible to have Raid 10 using 2x 512Gb ssd (stripe) and 2x 750Gb hdd (mirror) or does it need all exact same?
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    Suspicious looking site

    I just installed Win 7 Pro x64 on a newly built box using a new purchased Win 7 Pro dvd. Doing Windows updates it installed IE11 then IE11 opened and along with the welcome to IE 11 tab another one opened with Meet your new browser - Microsoft Windows Is this legit?
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    LAN ports not working

    Today I wake up to find no internet so I start the usual unplugging the modem and so on. I then realize the wireless devices are working and the devices with the ethernet cable are not. The ports are amber lights with some blinking. I have a Zoom 5350 cable modem/router. What could cause this?
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    Win 8 to 10

    I have a Win 8 Pro license that I never used. Can I install it then upgrade straight to Win 10 or do I have to install Win 8.1 first? I know once Win 10 get installed I can wipe the drive and do a clean install but I need to do the upgrade first right? I want a UEFI Win 10 install. Does Win...
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    need help

    On another forum I visit they have a REP system. When I click to give REP nothing happens. This happens in IE11, FF, Chrome, and Opera. I have tried it on 4 systems. The 4th system IE11 works. On my Win 10 system it also doesn't work in Edge browser. Latest Java is installed. The Webmaster...
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    SAMSUNG 750 EVO 120gb

    I purchased this drive last week and installed it in a customers laptop. Now he brings me another and wants the same drive in it. The Amazon I used is out of quantities. Only ones I found on ebay are overseas. Newegg search shows none. Was this drive discontinued? I cant seem to find it...
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    need 3TB portable

    Can anyone recommend a portable eternal 2.5" 3TB USB 3.0 hard drive that will work with XP? I have a Seagate Expansion+ 3TB where I have all my backups on. Unfortunately it fell out of my bag and doesnt work anymore. I sent it to Seagate to get recovered. Over 5 weeks later I receive a 4TB 2.5...
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    Windows 10 auto update fail

    A friend of mine has a Win 7 PC (upgraded from XP). She calls me a couple days ago and says all she sees is black screen. I go over there and noticed Win 10 logo during boot then it freezes. I asked her if she updated and she said every time it asked she said no. I assume it auto updated her...
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    need help

    How do I install this? it has a .sql file and some folders with .php files.
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    year wont change 2081

    A customer laptop came in today. IE showed expired certificates when opening, I noticed the date was fine but the year was set to 2081. I booted into the bios and set the correct year. Booted back into Win 8.1 and year is 2081. Tried to sync it with windows.time and the other ones but it error...
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    CPU slowing down

    My processor is speed stepping down to 2.4Ghz from 4.0 on all cores. Temps are up from 85 to now 93-105. This has been slowly dropping in the last 5 days. Brand new H80i. Could the pump be going out?
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    Asrock X99E-ITX/AC ram group buy

    I am building a new system using this mb. Since I cannot find 32Gb ram for this because no one sells a DDR4 dual channel kit or individual sticks. I would have to get a quad 128Gb kit. If I can find 3 other people looking in the same boat also looking we could do a group buy. Newegg has it for...
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    I am trying to use runasdate with internet explorer 8 on XP system but cant seem to get it to work. There is an expired certificate and I am trying this to avoid having to select continue to the site. There is a program that opens IE and uses it to display info. I thought if I rename runasdate...
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    Remember the days when you could purchase quality RAM by the stick? Nowadays they all come in kits. I didn't think it would be this hard finding memory for my new build but its the last item which I haven't ordered because in order to get what I want I need to buy twice as much. To get what I...
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    I used elevated command prompt (Win7 x86) The commands I used say successful. I run bcdedit and the values are not saved. What is keeping them from saving? The commands I used. bcdedit / set {..........} kernel ntkrlICE.exe bcdedit / set {..........} testsigning on bcdedit / set...
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    wierd issue

    here is the bottom line. SB6141 cable modem hooked to Win 7 laptop has internet. Hooked to Win 8.1 Pro desktop no internet. Hooked to Netgear wireless router no internet in router settings. Hooked to Vonage no internet flashing internet light. All was working prior to moving the Modem 10 feet...
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    F@H error

    When I open Advanced Control I get a popup error window with the title "cx_freeze fatal error" and the message "cannot get zipimporter instance" next to a red X. Version 7.4.4 HP Pavillion p6767c-b Win 7 x64 AMD Phenon II 840T 6GB
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    Deepcool Steam Castle Micro-ATX

    When is [H] going to review? I really like the camo one.
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    Knives and Baseball cards

    New knives added every few days.
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    USB wireless adapter disconnects

    I seem to have a strange issue. I have a Win 7 Pro desktop that uses a Zyxel G-202 USB wireless adapter driver version 5.20 (which isnt really 5.20 but thats another issue) which has been working fine connecting to a Netgear WNR1000v2 router with no encryption. When I enable WPA2-PSK (AES) I can...
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    laptop restarts but wont boot.

    HP 2000-214NR AMD laptop Win 7 Home Came to me with fan error 902. Replaced the fan and it wont power up. Unplugged the cmos battery and it booted. Did a bunch of updates and it restarted every time. Shut it down and now wont power up. Reset cmos battery and it boots up. Updated the latest BIOS...
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    New cassette tape could hold 47 million songs
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    CL find

    Found this on CL.
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    Need help Printing

    I am having a hell of a time trying to Print a certain list from a webpage. I have tried everything I can think of. Fireshot, ctrl+a, print selected, none of which works. I am wanting to print a comparison list in which I have 4 lowest priced packages selected from this page...
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    DRAM $310 Million Settlement
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    XP Volume Serial Number

    I am wanting to change back a hard drive to its original VSN that was changed using a VSN changer program. I am sure it has to be listed in some setup file somewhere or in the registry. Anyone know where I can find it?
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    XP Volume Serial Number

    I am wanting to change back a hard drive to its original VSN that was changed using a VSN changer program. I am sure it has to be listed in some setup file somewhere. I will punish my nephew after I fix it!