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  1. Nebell

    Help with overclocking 12600k, it doesn't want to stay at oc speed

    So I'm trying to get the best out of my 12600k because reasons :) I'm sure you understand. I am able to run it (GHz, per p-core) 5.3, 5.1, 5.1, 5.1, 5.1, 5.1 and e-cores at 4.1GHz. V-core at 1.29v. I have 2 problems with the above. Problem 1: When running Cinebench R23 single core benchmark...
  2. Nebell

    External soundcard/DAC for Sennheiser RS 175 headphones

    So I'm getting rid of my integrated sound card as I'm unhappy with Creative Command app that is very buggy for me (currently using SoundBlasterX AE-5 Plus). I've been looking at: Creative G6 (€150) (I'm a bit wary of their drivers as they have sucked for me even with older Z and ZxR cards)...
  3. Nebell

    How do these new laptop CPUs compare to my old 9900k?

    I'm thinking mainly Core i7-1260P as I want an ultrabook + GPU enclosure when the next gen cards hit the market. That would put me into a better position for 4k gaming than what I have now (3080). 9900k is overclocked to 4.7ghz all core. I can't really find any great comparison besides this...
  4. Nebell

    What laptop GPU will give me the same fps at 1440p as desktop 3080 at 4k?

    So I'm thinking about going less power, less noise and more portable. I have currently 9900k clocked to 4.7ghz, 3080 and 32gb 3600mhz ddr4, as well as 48" LG C1. With 4xxx cards rumored to be power hogs, I just don't see them being a lot more effective in laptops than current gen, besides they...
  5. Nebell

    Crypto in free fall

    Can it crash already, like really crash? Like, back to 2016? I missed the train and maybe we can rewind time. I need to get rich :D I keep missing the fucking train, boat, plane, life. Ethereum was $120 only a couple of years ago. It went 40x in a year. That's insanity for such a big coin. I...
  6. Nebell

    Can I have too many HDDs connected to a single USB?

    I'm using my PC as a Plex server and have quite a few HDDs connected to it. 2 M.2 SSDs 2 internal SSDs 2 external SSDs 2 external HDDs I'm about to add 3 additional HDDs since I need more storage :rolleyes: But I've been thinking about moving all external HDDs to my... erm, storage room (pun...
  7. Nebell

    Intel 520 iGPU dual monitor resolution support

    I have a company laptop (HP Elitebook 840 G3) which is rather weak. Intel i5-6200u with a 520 iGPU. The laptop has a single displayport but I'm planning to buy a dock that can support dual 4k/60hz. Can it run my two monitors at 4k/60hz and 1440p/60hz?
  8. Nebell

    I see absolutely no difference with VRR

    I don't understand this. Everyone is praising VRR but I'm just not seeing it. I went from 3080 and Asus 4k/120hz monitor (Freesync, but not activated) to 3080 with LG C1 4k/120hz TV (G-sync, activated). Aaaaand no change in fluidity. I'm 100% sure G-sync is active. At least I know that I won't...
  9. Nebell

    Computer keepds turning off when integrated gpu is connected

    EDIT: Solved at post #7. I'm trying to flash a different BIOS on my 3080, but I can't get to Windows when it's connected to the computer while I'm using the iGPU. My computer keeps turning off and restarting itself with BIOS set to default. * I tried removing overclocks and it doesn't work. *...
  10. Nebell

    How to unlock LHR cards?

    EDIT: Solved! Check out post #52. Anyone have a guide? I googled but I can't seem to find anything useful. Most people write that newer miners like lolminer do it automatically, but I'm getting about 53-56mh/s on my MSI 3080 Gaming Z Trio, with vram set to +1300 and 75% power. I heard you can...
  11. Nebell

    RTX 4xxx / RX 7xxx speculation

    Continuing on the thread from a couple of years ago. I was pretty close with my guess, 3080Ti is exactly 45% faster than 2080Ti, at 4k. But I did not expect AMD to be this competive. 6900XT was slower than RTX 3090, but the new 6900XTXH is faster. So if we ignore the refreshes coming early...
  12. Nebell

    6900XTXH vs 3080Ti

    I am thinking between Asus Strix 6800 XTXH Top Gaming OC and Msi RTX 3080Ti Gaming X Trio MSI is some €200 more expensive, but I mine about 20h per day when not gaming, and mining performance is $5,63 vs $4,09 per day. It will pay off those €200 after some 6 months. I can most likely boost that...
  13. Nebell

    Now is the worst time to buy a new stationary computer?

    Edit: I've actually built one. Now is not a bad time if you want Intel. So I've been thinking about upgrading my PC, but it's fairly powerful and maybe it's better to just wait on next-gen everthing. I currently have: 9900k oced to 4.8ghz 2080Ti 32gb 3600mhz DDR4 I game at 4k/120hz but also...
  14. Nebell

    The ARPG(s) to get on Playstation (5)?

    I loved Diablo 3 on my old PS4 Pro, it was actually more fun on PS than PC. But I find the game outdated and visuals too old. Diablo 2 RE is interesting, but I hated it on PC. I might give it a try on the console. Couch gaming is slower. Just picked up Warhammer Martyr and the game is okay...
  15. Nebell

    No video signal until I get to Windows

    I'm having this issue where my monitor (Asus Rog Strix XG438Q) doesn't show anything until I get into Windows. Which means I can't see BIOS when I want to enter it. This is while it's connected with HDMI to MSI 2080Ti. I think I have to use DisplayPort cable but I have no idea where it is. Or...
  16. Nebell

    What are some good cheap around 85" TVs?

    Update: I overconsume, am materialistic and love gadgets. So, "cheap TV" turned into a 85" Samsung QN85A for the living room as well as 65" LG B1 OLED for the bedroom. And a couple of LG SN11RG soundbars... I've been thinking about ditching my projector and getting a large TV and mounting it on...
  17. Nebell

    3080 mobile really crappy performance?

    So I've been looking at some 3080 laptops to last me a while. Turns out 3080 mobile is on par and sometimes even worse than 2080 mobile! Is this some driver issue or is the new 3080 mobile basically useless? My 2080Ti desktop is 35-50% faster than mobile 3080. Which is too much for me to give...
  18. Nebell

    Need a portable Lightroom editor...

    That also doubles as a tablet in bed. For reading, watching movies, etc. I'm Android user so I figured I'll just buy Samsung Tab S7+, but then I saw the performance of new iPad Pro M1. And honestly at the moment buying top end Android tablet is almost pointless, even though I hate the Apple...
  19. Nebell

    I'm not going to buy a GPU with a hash limiter

    I know it's rough for gamers with miners snatching the cards, but I call bullshit on that. I do not think miners are using scripts to snatch cards (instead scalpers are doing that). I think Nvidia is selling those cards to miners directly. I mine with my gaming card when I'm not at my PC. It's...
  20. Nebell

    Can you wirelessly connect a PS5 controller to PC?

    I'm unable to buy PS5 atm since it's out of stock. But I need a controller for my PC and PS5 controller is in stock. Figured getting a PS5 controller would be logical since I plan to buy PS5 in the future (and I assume it comes with only one controller). Is it possible to connect a PS5...
  21. Nebell

    Why won't my z390 mobo work with the 4-pin CPU connected?

    I was swapping out 750w PSU to 850w and connected both 8-pin and 4-pin CPU connectors and my mobo did not want to power up. Nothing at all, completely dead. I did not have the 4-pin connected before so I guess that's why I never encountered this issue. If I disconnect the 4-pin, the mobo is...
  22. Nebell

    Can I have access to the news section?

    I was restricted blocked from viewing it because I said Linus liking his Threadripper setup is not newsworthy. It's a bit annoying having to log out to see the news forum.
  23. Nebell

    3600mhz ram only overclocks to 3700mhz

    So I have Corsair Vengeance 3600mhz ddr4 white ( It sometimes boots at 3800mhz and seems stable but it sometimes doesn't want to...
  24. Nebell

    Which custom card?

    Based on the last couple of generations, which custom cards should I keep an eye on? The store I usually buy cards from has so far only 3080/3090 Asus TUF. 3080 TUF looks interesting as it's not a massive 3 slot like Strix. But I heard only good things about Strix. Previously, I owned two MSI...
  25. Nebell

    DLSS vs Freesync @ 4k/120hz

    So I have a 4k/120hz monitor (Asus ROG Strix XG438Q). It's the older version of their newest 4k/144hz G-Sync. A bit worse specs but I don't justify the upgrade, it's too expensive. Now my monitor only has Freesync. Last time I checked (a few months ago), it wasn't G-Sync supported by Nvidia. I...
  26. Nebell

    When can we expect Big Navi/3xxx laptops?

    I'm mainly interested in high powered Alienware m15. Around May 2021?
  27. Nebell

    Bose Soundlink Micro vs Echo Dot 3rd gen vs JBL Go 2

    I don't know where to ask this, so I'll ask here. I'm looking for a small portable speaker. I found this batter pack for Amazon Echo Dot Seems like a nice deal since Echo Dot 3 does have ok...
  28. Nebell

    USB ports losing power

    This happens when my external HDDs are doing heavy work. For example, when I'm copying photos from my SD-card to one of my external HDDs, even though it's only 90mb/s, my racing wheel (also connected via USB) starts disconnecting and reconnecting every 10 seconds or so. Which is weird as it's...
  29. Nebell

    GPU for VR (Index)

    I'm not as techy as many here on the forum so I figured I might as well see if there are any better options for me. I'm currently GPU-less after selling my 1080Ti a couple of months ago. When it comes to games I pretty much only game in VR. My thoughts are that I should get a powerful GPU as...
  30. Nebell

    Are you going for reference Big Navi/RTX 3xxx or waiting for AIB offers?

    Pretty sure I'm going to wait on MSI Gaming X version of 3080Ti as I have good experience with Gaming X cards.
  31. Nebell

    Renting a powerful cloud PC

    I've been checking out cloud alternatives to a desktop computer. Mainly for gaming, but I'm interested in other stuff. I came across Shadow. It seems to offer a pretty powerful cloud PC. 4k with Ray Tracing Titan RTX equivalent GPU 4ghz 6 core CPU 32gb ram 1TB+ storage All that...
  32. Nebell

    PS5/XBOX X vs 3080Ti/Big Navi

    With both consoles and new 3xxx cards shaping to become quite big and powerful, why would I choose a €1500 3080Ti (2080Ti price here in Sweden is about €1300-€1500) over say, a PS5 which costs €500? The only reason I can think of is my Valve Index. But that could easily sell for €700 and if...
  33. Nebell

    My screen keeps dimming in HDR

    So I turned HDR on in display settings in Windows. Set SDR content to max brightness. All good. But damn screen suddenly decides to dim the brightness. It's driving me crazy. This did not happen when I had HDR turned off. I noticed it happens when I look at white backgrounds. How do I fix this...
  34. Nebell

    Looking to get my hands on ~€100 card, suggestions?

    Decided to dump my 1080Ti while it's still worth something, but I don't want to be stuck with integrated graphics for ~6-8 months until 3080Ti is out. I've been looking around and saw that GTX 970 4gb sells for about €90-100 used. It seems to be almost as fast as GTX 1060 (6gb version is about...
  35. Nebell

    Asus ROG Strix QG438Q overclocking

    Curious if anyone's been able to overclock it further than 4k/120hz? Or even better, gone above 120hz on 1440p? I might give it a go when I'm home again, but before I try it myself, I'm interested if there are any success stories.
  36. Nebell

    Old AMD GPU destroys Nvidia in Doom Eternal

    A rather interesting read. It's probably a better idea to choose AMD if one wants to keep a card for longer than 3 years.
  37. Nebell

    Really tired of Ubisofts crappy protection

    So I got an email notification that someone from Thailand *successfully* logged in to my account. I have 2-factor authentication by email. I never got any email with the code which he needed to log in. Besides, my email adress have an insanely hard password (basically random 15 letters/numbers)...
  38. Nebell

    Help needed getting my m.2 to work in external case

    Hello, I bought this case: And inserted my 500gb Samsung 960 Evo. So far, so good. However, it doesn't want to work. I have tried: 1) Connecting to both computer case USB and directly to the motherboard. 2) Tried different cables. 3) Pushed the...
  39. Nebell

    Shooters with tons of NPC interaction

    I'm looking for some games like Half-Life 2, Metro and Deus Ex, which are shooters, but with a deep story and tons of interaction with characters you care about. I tried Bioshock which is supposedly one of the best fps games out there, but I got very disappointed because it has next to none NPC...
  40. Nebell

    CPU pins damaged, PCI-e slot not working

    Is it possible to damage CPU pins on the motherboard so that only PCI-e 1 doesn't work? (PCI-e 2 works fine) I swapped CPU on my motherboard and my GPU doesn't show a picture in PCI-e 1, it works fine in PCI-e 2. Also, motherboards hdmi works fine. So I RMA'd my motherboard. I got reply that...