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  1. Vaulter98c

    Mowing over high PPD folders from yesteryear

    In honor of memorial day and as a little F@H memorial of sorts I fired up the gaming rig to fold over the weekend. Rig is going away soon as I'm shipping out again in a couple weeks but a few days on the electric bill for old times sake won't hurt Side note, after just like 12 hours I already...
  2. Vaulter98c

    Mowing over high PPD folders from yesteryear

    Was going to comment about how much it took to hit 20k ppd and break into the top 10 daily but then FLECOM posted on the thread so I am forced to still bow my head and press F for respect lol
  3. Vaulter98c

    Nomination: DC'er of the Month: November 2020

    If noms are still open I put up Endgame, his Pi thread made me pretty [H]ard
  4. Vaulter98c

    After Ampere Launch Survey

    Going to try for a 3080 FE but if I don't get it I'll sit on my 2080 TI for a while. Really just want that bump in 4k which is where that card looks like it shines, but it's not the end of the world if it doesn't go through on launch
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    Um, quite a lot of switch games are $60 lol, and Nintendo rarely does sales or what not on their 1st party games games, hell they still have a launch title at $60 2 years later lol. Plus, a lot of those cheap games you quote are ports of much older games or indies, in both cases dev costs are...
  6. Vaulter98c

    MSI Betrays AMD's Socket AM4 Longevity Promise: No Zen2 for 300-series?

    The benefit comes from people spreading their upgrades out over cycles. If you bought a decent 370 board and then a cheaper or used 1st gen ryzen, then you could get the 3rd gen later in a good CPU, you aren't spending as much up front which helps for being on a budget but still seeing gains...
  7. Vaulter98c

    MSI Betrays AMD's Socket AM4 Longevity Promise: No Zen2 for 300-series?

    Yes, because they aren't going to promise that if there is maybe a 12 core or high OC 8 core that it will work on every single board so it's easier to put out a blanket statement now so that way they can avoid shit like this where 10 pages of people lock on to one tiny detail that doesn't matter...
  8. Vaulter98c

    MSI Betrays AMD's Socket AM4 Longevity Promise: No Zen2 for 300-series?

    And if you go to page 11 you find out that, shocker, some T1 support dude in Germany doesn't speak for the entire corporation and MSI has already addressed this as false Too bad it's 10 pages of mental gymnastics and internet hate mechanics before you get there tho so let me save you some...
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    depending on how they do it it may even be able to emulate PS3. I mean they have the code for whatever they are using to emulate PS3 for the streaming service, I would imagine at this point we aren't far off from emulating that based on these specs Now will they is another issue. I really wish...
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    I would imagine it's just a 1TB drive if it's a pure SSD, I doubt it will be bigger unless it's a hybrid of some-sort. The costs wouldn't play well to include a 2 TB or larger SSD into every system, along with the rest of the next gen stuff
  11. Vaulter98c

    Halo: The Master Chief Collection Is Coming to the PC

    As much as it would be great to just get it for free if you already own it, like play anywhere, I doubt it. I could see $40, maybe $60 just because reach, but since it sounds like they are retooling each game one by one for PC I doubt we'd get that level of man-hours for free
  12. Vaulter98c

    Halo: The Master Chief Collection Is Coming to the PC

    On topic though the MCC is like the only reason I even get out my One anymore, that or watching UHDs on my One S, I will be a day one for the MCC on Steam for sure
  13. Vaulter98c

    Halo: The Master Chief Collection Is Coming to the PC

    My windows copy of GoW Ult is still broken on 2 machines lol, and 4 took me a solid week to download because I had the exact same issue that thousands of us did (I had open trouble tickets and remember being on like 50+ page forum runs of people all trying to figure it out). Thank God I dont...
  14. Vaulter98c

    Quadriga Cryptocurrency Wallets are Empty

    Came to see if anyone caught that, was almost disappointed lol
  15. Vaulter98c

    Tesla Launches $35,000 Standard Model 3

    Still waiting on the 400 mile truck.... please... lol
  16. Vaulter98c

    Amazon Announces Plan to Fight Counterfeits

    "Back in my day" lol. You mean NES and SNES when games were $50 to $75 at the store, had a development team of like 15 people and took a couple months for people to code up on like 8 computers? Yes, there's no way that a game like Cyberpunk 2077 that's taken a team of what, 80-100 folks like 6+...
  17. Vaulter98c

    Amazon Announces Plan to Fight Counterfeits

    Combine this with your replies in the piracy story and I now realize I'm not going to get anywhere with you, you just want to get everything free or cheap and screw big bad companies for wanting the same price for games they've charged for like 3 decades besides costs going through the damn...
  18. Vaulter98c

    Amazon Announces Plan to Fight Counterfeits

    There's a huge difference between market-place competition and counterfeit products. If you spent hundreds of thousands or even millions on R&D and product test runs to create a great product, you have to sell that product at a price to recoup that. How would you feel if some Chinese ass hat...
  19. Vaulter98c

    New Study Claims Piracy is Driven by Availability and Price

    To be fair though Far Cry New Dawn isn't supposed to be a "full game" per say, it's kind of like blood dragon and theres another I can't think of, those are just fillers to eek out some more money and entertainment in-between the proper numbered releases. Think of it kind of like their version...
  20. Vaulter98c

    Plans for First Chinese Solar Power Station in Space Revealed

    no one is commenting that the best they can hope for is one megawatt by 2030? That's 2.5 connex generators lol, and I'm assuming there are bigger ones than that out there. Seems much safer and more practical to just make a nuke plant if they are shooting for a clean megawatt of energy 11 years...
  21. Vaulter98c

    Google Fiber Ends Service in Louisville

    Only when it's cold outside but we all have our part to play I had to lol
  22. Vaulter98c

    FYI on AMD Radeon VII Review from HardOCP...

    Was looking for the review here for the last 5 hours lol, glad to know why now Maybe you'll have better drivers by then lol
  23. Vaulter98c

    AMD Radeon VII Unboxing and Teardown Video

    OOOOOO fuck i hope the NDA is up before release date, I'm in a perfect position to waste 700 right now but I have to waste it this week lol God shit man, always love the [H] TV spots yall do
  24. Vaulter98c

    Team 33 [H] DC T Shirts

    Yea just saw it myself, stupid shitty middle east internet connections lol
  25. Vaulter98c

    Terabyte-Using Cable Customers Double, Increasing Risk of Data Cap Fees

    You say he's abnormal but you really think the average non tech person is going to be copying games from an old HDD when he gets a new PC? Hell no they won't. You think the average person is concerned with data usage from their TV service? Nope, they care about which one is cheaper, and with...
  26. Vaulter98c

    Steam Is Banning Sex Games with Young-Looking Characters

    Meanwhile in this thread, active defense of and asking for games where you can simulate fucking underage kids because reasons... Welp, that's enough internet for me today. Good for steam on this, for some of you guys tho, well damn I got nothing at this point.
  27. Vaulter98c

    Russians Say ISS Air Leak was Caused by a Human

    Yea but you would also think that anyone smart enough to be in a position to drill a hole through the wall of a space station would be smart enough to read diagrams. These are supposed to be some of the best minds on the planet doing this, not exactly a temp summer job Joe got off craigslist
  28. Vaulter98c

    VR Shipments Decreased 33% Due to a Lack of Bundling and Discounts in 2018

    I ended up getting one for ps4 pro, it was fun and I can see it taking off but I'm waiting for Vive 3 before I jump in on the PC front. Even the ps4 job did a decent job of getting me hooked on the idea though, considering that's the worst of the options out right now
  29. Vaulter98c

    NordVPN: Why the False Allegations are Wrong

    its not free but just something to keep in your pocket if you ever want to change directions, no need to jump out of a perfectly good aircraft lol, running through team viewer to one of my servers back home I was able to hit about 80 out of a 100mbps line on a torrent the other day, I have no...
  30. Vaulter98c

    NordVPN: Why the False Allegations are Wrong

    I'm pretty sure over seen people on PIA get well over that, just FYI if you ever look for other options down the road
  31. Vaulter98c

    Cyberpunk 2077 Game Play Demo Is Being Streamed on Twitch

    I must have skipped where that was mentioned, good shit man, thanks for that. Between that and the settings picture someone put up on page 2 I feel like this will help justify a 2xxx series card when I get back to the states lol
  32. Vaulter98c

    Cyberpunk 2077 Game Play Demo Is Being Streamed on Twitch

    Hell even at current alpha levels this shit looks amazing, this is going to be the reason behind my next 4 figure upgrade lol. I hope we can get a clue as to what hardware it's on now, want to know how to do my build next year for this
  33. Vaulter98c

    Need some HandBrake help

    After 3 reinstalls and reboots it finally fixed my issue, no clue why it was so damn difficult. Took my 265 speed up to about 15-18 FPS, much better than 1-3 I was getting before. I know its evil but re-encoding non critical things like stand up comedies and some TV shows has already cut off...
  34. Vaulter98c

    Need some HandBrake help

    OK, so I'm currently deployed again and I've been playing around with a few different ideas to help conserve space on my Media collection I brought with me (currently sharing with my squad from a 12 TB NAS). I'm really getting behind 265 encodes for HD TV shows, which from the torrents I've...
  35. Vaulter98c

    Speedier Broadband Standards? Pai’s FCC Says 25Mbps Is Fast Enough

    All these butt hurt "net neutrality" sheep on here love to cry like this changes anything. Seriously. This only affects the verbiage of what can be called one word instead of another. But you guys have that Bernie cock so far down your throat you cant see that. All of you guys with faster...
  36. Vaulter98c

    “Why We Need the Power of Intel’s Next-Gen Eight-Core CPUs”

    Waiting for handbrake or something to do 265 encodes on a shit ton of cores, that happens I'm jumping to 16 instantly. Need those encodes to haul ass
  37. Vaulter98c

    Best Buy Kills Off Popular Discount Membership Gamers Club Unlocked

    still getting 20% off pre-orders on prime, just did it about 10 minutes ago actually, for a game that comes out in 2 days lol. Screw BB, I just wish the nearest MC wasn't an hour away