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    How to get cigarette smoke smell out of video card?

    I needed a "new" PCIe-powered GPU (so no external power connections), and found a good deal on one on Facebook Marketplace. It never even occurred to me to ask if it was from a non-smoking environment. After I picked it up, I could barely make the drive home with it. It stinks something bad...
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    Gamestop: Firecuda 530 1TB - $110

    Seems to be a good deal. Their fastest SSD, with a Heatsink, compatible with PS5.
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    Should I upgrade? 3700X/X470 > 5950X/X570

    Curious whether this upgrade would be worth it. I currently have a 3700X running on an X470 motherboard, 32GB RAM. I can get a good buy on a 5950X running on an X570 motherboard. Is this a worthwhile upgrade? I know Zen4/AM5 is not terribly far away, but I also know it will be expensive to...
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    Too many video card flavors

    Is there a resource out there that talks about which cards are which (differences between them and whatnot)? Are there any flavors to stay away from (Is reference good or bad)? I actually just got a 3070 Ti in a Best Buy drop (happened to be looking when it dropped). I didn't really check what...
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    Favorite filaments?

    Ok. After blowing through the white sample that was included with my Ender 3 Pro, I am on the hunt for everybody's favorite filament. When I bought the printer, I also purchased some Inland PLA+ to go with it. I haven't used it yet, as I pretty much have to wait for my PTFE tubing for my...
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    Just built my first Ryzen (2700X) system - CPU temp question

    Per the subject, I just finished building my first ever Ryzen system. I threw a Corsair H100 (original) on it, because I had one laying around. I wasn't too sure on how tight the bracket should go (I was using a screwdriver to turn didn't bottom out - not sure if it should be or not)...
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    Looking to get into 3D printing possibly. Any suggestions?

    I have been looking to get into this recently. Probably mostly for odds and ends, but it might lead into miniatures for D&D. Just watching some videos, resin-based seems to be a huge PIA, but it has a lot higher resolution for things like miniatures. What would you guys start with? If you...
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    Need HelpDesk software suggestions

    Currently, we use MicroFocus Zenworks (ugh) for some of our helpdesk functions. We are looking to replace this. I was wondering if you guys have any suggestions on what is out there that serves our purpose? Must-Haves Hardware/Software Inventory Ability to push software, software updates -...
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    Interesting Domain problem - browsing the Internet

    I have a problem that I can't quite figure out. Fresh Windows 10 Pro install. When the PC is not joined to the domain, everything works fine. When the PC is joined to the domain, I cannot access ANY Google sites at all, but can access pretty much any other site I've tested. This affects all...
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    OEM vendor for work PC's

    Currently, we are an HP house. That said, we don't have any specialized pricing due to size (we have ~700 PCs), nor do we have any special tech levels of support other than standard business. We are in a position where we contracted out some infrastructure work, and we went into that project...
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    Veeam/VMware VSAN backup issue

    Daily, I keep getting the following alert/warning when Veeam tries to back up a (powered off) VM located on our Horizon VDI VSAN cluster: "all stuck VM snapshot consolidation attempts have failed" I have checked the VM multiple times, and there aren't any snapshots on the VM. There was the...
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    VMware Horizon concurrent user/instant clone question (VDI)

    I have been trying to figure this out, and keep coming up blank. How can we get bookmarks from Chrome/Firefox to show up in a Horizon instant clone desktop for any particular user who logs in? Internet Explorer is easy, as it is in the same location for every user, so it is very easy to bring...
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    Windows 7 to Windows 10 migration

    Ok, I need some help here. As we all know, Windows 7 support is coming to an end. To that point, we will be starting our migration process shortly (all new machines are currently going out with Windows 10 though). Part of what is holding us up is the daunting nature of it. Our current plan...
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    Original Swiftech H220 on AM4?

    I have an original Swiftech H220 that has been sitting in a box for years because the pump died. I recently got a new 2700X system and thought that I could just replace the pump in this rather than buy a new cooler for the Ryzen. So I have a couple of questions: 1. Which pump do I need to buy...
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    Weird RAM issues

    Asus P8Z68-V Pro Motherboard Known good GSkill Ripjaws As you can see, I am getting different results, depending on which RAM module I have first, and which PSU I use. Has anybody seen results like this? Or know what might be causing it? I was hoping to sell this motherboard, but with these...
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    Recommend a New Monitor

    Having put together a new Ryzen 2700X, I've decided to get a new monitor to go with it. I am looking at a 32" QHD, I think. I'm not opposed to 4k either. I would like to keep it around $350 or less. Right now, I have it narrowed down to this Monopice or this HP Omen. I also found this...
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    I feel like this is a dumb question - POE injector question

    I feel like this is a little dumb, but I haven't been able to really find the answer. Can I hook up my POE injectors right at my switch in the basement, and just run the output CAT cable from them to my AP's? All documentation seems to read that I need to run my CAT to the approximate...
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    More Robust Home Network

    I currently have a Netgear Nighthawk R6000. While doing an adequate job for most of the house, my signal tends to be a little weak upstairs (Upper floor of a bungalow) and on the far end of the house (garage closed in for living space). The router is in the basement, as that's where the cable...
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    Which RPG?

    So RPG has always been my favorite style of game. I used to play them a lot, and then had kids, and that sucked my RPG time away. I didn't stop accumulating them though. I think the last one I completed was the original KOTOR. Here is my list, and I'm wondering where I should start: KOTOR 2...
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    The New Verizon Plan

    So I have the old Verizon XL 12GB plan. I see the promotions for the "New Verizon Plan 12". So I log on to my account and go to "Switch Plans". In the outline it gives, the pricing is exactly the same. The difference is that the old plan has 25GB of Verizon Cloud Storage, vs 5GB for the new...
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    Authorized for new SSD's for the department

    So our work computers are pretty new (Ivy Bridge or newer) Core i5's w/ 8GB RAM. Our purchaser decided to hamstring us with mechanical 500GB hard drives. I have gotten permission to upgrade the IT department and our CAD engineering guys to SSD's. What are some recommendations for 256GB-500GB...
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    Verizon implements new Unlimited charge

    So we all got this news some time ago that Verizon was going to start charging $20 more per line that was still on the Unlimited Plan. Well, today, that was implemented. Actually, it was more like for my December bill (which, due to my laziness, I didn't see until it was paid, today). Merry...
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    Sceptre 65"

    How would this work as a TV? I like the specs of it, and I like the price. It lists MEMC 120 as the refresh rate, so I'm not sure if that means it is a native 120Hz set that is then doubled to 240Hz, or whether it means it is a 60Hz set doubled to 120Hz. Does anybody have any more info on it?
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    Renaming a Domain

    Long story short, we had a contractor help us move from Novell eDirectory to Microsoft Active Directory Domain Services. When naming the domain came up, we named it (with the help of the contractor) Our public website is ALSO named As we have found out, this is...
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    Verizon - New phone, upgrade process

    So my work line was eligible for an upgrade. My work phone (G3) is perfectly fine for its function. Since we pay for our own phones (just the the 2-year promotional pricing), we can do whatever we want with them. My new G4 just came in...what is the correct procedure? I want...
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    Are Windows Phones all but dead?

    I had been wanting to try out Windows Phone for quite some time. One of the biggest things that kept me away were the apps and the calendaring. With Android, my wife and I share our calendars, and it has made it very easy to see what each other is doing. Couple that with Google's attitude...
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    HTPC and Home Network for friend

    So my friend contacts me about wanting to set up a home network of HTPC's. I know a decent amount about this, because I've had my HTPC for about 5 years. However, his household is full of non-IT people, so things have to be dead simple. My setup is a bit more complicated. Here is the setup...
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    Is it time to give up unlimited?

    So I have a grandfathered unlimited plan with Verizon. For two lines, after my company discount I pay ~$152/month. I use on average 2-3GB of data per month normally. Both my wife (Droid Razr M) and I (Galaxy S3) are in need of a newer phone. I was on Verizon's site, and I can get a 6GB Share...
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    Best Harmony remote

    Currently, I have a Harmony 670, which I LOVE. I have noticed lately that the buttons feel like they are "sticking". Not the kind of sticking where there is something in there (I have taken it apart many times to clean it over the years). Sticking like the non-responsive sticking of the keys...
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    Swiftech H220 died...options?

    Ok, so a while back, my Swiftech H220 pump died. I cannot find any paperwork on it (I must have bought it 3rd party), so Swiftech can't/won't replace it under warranty. For the time being, I have a H50 on my rig. I'm curious as to what some options would be. Here is what I have: 1) Buy a...
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    So storage people...22 disks

    How to best create an array from 22 disks? Reliability is the goal, performance is secondary. I am leaning toward RAID 50. Either 3x7(disk RAID5 SET) + 1 Spare or 4x5(disk RAID5 set) + 2 spares. Discuss.
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    Best Headset/Headphone for $50-$80

    I currently have some cheap Plantronic 367's, that I actually really like. The problem is that the microphone is failing on it. I am really completely lost when it comes to a new headset. Very contradicting and polarizing reviews on pretty much any headset in my price range of $50-$80. I...
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    Swiftech H220 pump died - Need Replacement ASAP! Help Please!

    So I meandered back to my computer office this morning, and noticed that my PC was not on. "That's weird" I thought, as I knew it was on last night when I went to bed. So I hit the power button, and was greeted with a "CPU Fan Error" warning during POST. A quick confirmation showed me that...
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    badblocks on new hdd

    I just got a new 4TB hard drive, and want to run badblocks before I put it into action. Is a 1-pass or 2-pass sufficient, or should I just do the default of 4-pass?
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    Recommend me a work phone

    So we have been given orders that we will have company-issued phones now for work. Our choice is anything at Verizon. The downside is that we pay for the phone, but the upside is that we can upgrade again in a year, and keep the original phone for personal use. So with that, what is the...
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    Which hard drive?

    Currently, I have my movies sitting on 2x1.5TB external disks (which have WD Green drives in them). I'm pretty sure they are in the process of failing, so I need to get the data off them while I can. I am going to be moving to internal drives, and the Green's have soured me. Currently...
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    Galaxy S3 + Unlimited Data - Not rooted/unlocked = ?? for Wifi Hotspot?

    We will be taking a long drive to Florida and back from Michigan next week. I'm not planning on needing to make a hotspot on my phone, but I won't rule it out either. As the title says, I currently have a stock Galaxy S3 with unlimited data (no hotspot service with Verizon though). Is my...
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    Huge backlog...where should I start?

    So, due to having kids (age 7 and 4), my gaming has been significantly reduced lately. I still hit up Steam sales when games that I wanted to play at some point go on sale. Here is my list of backlogged games. Where should I start? Currently Playing Knights of the Old Republic 2 Diablo III...
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    Windows Phone vs Android Question

    So I have been toying with the decision to move to a Windows Phone from my current Android Phone. The single biggest thing is the Calendar. My wife also has an Android Phone, and all we did was share our Google Calendar. One person enters an appointment on their phone, and the other can see...
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    Dual Xeon L5639 cooling solution

    I have a server that I set up for dual Xeon L5639 processors. Currently, I have 2x Corsair H50 hooked up to them. I would like to change these out due to how much room they require inside the case. The case is not a server case, but rather a Rocketfish Lian Li. Do these run cool enough to...