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    EVGA G5 1000W noisy.... What options are there

    What are other good ~1000w options that are efficient and a bit quieter? at low-medium load the loudest thing in my rig is the power supply :) The P5 is on sale for $199 but I don't know if that is any better as it's part of the same generation.
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    Ripping / Converting to HEVC

    Sooo... My wife wants the remastered version of Little House On the Prairie. She wants to be able to watch it on her iPad, we do have plex setup for family pics etc.... So. what would be the best way of converting / ripping the Blu-ray discs to H265/HEVC so she can either stream it on her iPad...
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    External 4 Bay JBOD with Windows Storage Spaces vs External RAID / NAS enclosure.

    I am looking at retiring my server and moving my storage to a more portable option. Right now I'm running 4x4TB in RAID 5 (Intel RAID) with a spare drive in case of failure. I'd like to keep a Raid 5 or Raid 5 like setup(Windows storage spaces) and have it become portable from machine to...
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    Front Panel Audio headset?

    Can I use a single cable headset with FP audio? Or does it require an adapter? Thx!
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    RTX 4090 leaked video!

    Man some effort was put into this!
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    Really slow water loss?

    Custom loop, the water in my res has dropped about 1mm since all of the visible bubbles disappeared, has been running since Dec/January. Is it normal to have slow rate of water loss? I guess it could be bubbles trapped somewhere in the loop as well. No leak anywhere that I can see, also did a...
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    Gigabyte 3070 from new egg , anyone want it?

    Got a gigabyte 3070 (white) 706 total, I can probably have it shipped directly to you :). Zelle for payment is preferred. Got 3 hours to decide!
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    Here we are months later, still no stock, and not a single 3080 that is less than $800 apart from the FE.

    What happened to all of those affordable 3080s that were within $50 of FE pricing? :)
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    In line filter, yes or no? :)

    Hello, wondering if this is a good/bad thing to have? I have read points on both sides and I'm a bit lost :)
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    Fan orientation

    Alrighty, I'm moving my build to an O11-D XL, now time to setup the fans :) Currently, this is what I'm thinking of doing. Running 2 x 360mm rads, 1 up top, one on the bottom. Bottom rad will have intake setup (pull through the rad) Top rad will have exhaust (push) 3 more fans will be...
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    5900X Temps

    Can you post your 5900X Temps and settings? If possible when running Cinebench R20 with results too please! Trying to figure out if something is wrong with my block :) I've tried a few different runs (water-cooled with Corsair XC7 block) All tests were run with 2000 IF & MC, 4000 mem clock as...
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    Radeon 6990!

    Was a great card, I enjoyed mine when I had it, sorry I couldn't resist :D .
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    Seasonic psu load calculator shows 3080ti and a 3070ti

    Is that an oopsie moment...
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    If you could have one of these 2 cards, water-cooled, which would you pick and why?? 6800xt or 3080fe

    If you were to get one of these 2 GPUs going in a custom loop, which would you pick and why? Monitor being driven is either 2560*1440 or 3440*1440
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    5800X in stock @ bundle / combo Scroll down to the combo with 5800x and the ram. The ram is actually out of stock ,so it will let you remove it right before checkout.
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    Dark Matter by MonoPrice 34" Curved Ultrawide 144hz Freesync/HDR 400 QLED

    Ordered it on sale today, $349, couldn't find much in terms of reviews, it uses a Samsung Panel, specs look good! I currently use either the LG 32" 165hz LG 32GK850 (Gsync) but I plan on getting out of the GS ecosystem, or my work monitor, which is an LG 34UC80 (3440x1440 75hz freesync). Ill...
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    X-flow radiator, inlet on bottom or top?

    Which option is better? I'm assuming using gravity by inlet on top would help the pump a bit, however, it may cause noise, though I'm not sure as I've never used a crossflow rad. :) For reference: I currently set it up with inlet on top, outlet on the bottom...
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    Core P3 with rigid tube build

    Starting my build out , will be a 5900x with a 3080 or 6800xt One snafu so far, the first piece of tube slightly touches the plug on the side of the pump which pushes the tube slightly making it look crooked. going to keep it for now, will reroute it once all components are in and I have a...
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    Coolant compatibility with pump?

    Is this something I should pay attention to? OR will any coolant do, looking for either clear or white
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    Asus X570-E vs ROG Crosshair VIII WiFi (or Dark Hero, depending on price)

    Looking at one of those 3 boards now, I do need it to have WiFi, just simplifies life :). Pairing with a 5900x, is there any reason to go with the Crosshair over the X570-E?
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    B550 PCIe questions

    I currently have an 8700k with a Z370 board. Currently running 2 NVME drives, 1 PCIe Wifi card + my GPU, the GPU is forced down to 8x with this setup. Would a B550 allow me to run 16x on the gpu? also does it support PCIe 4.0 for the GPU since it comes directly from the CPU? Thanks! Tried to...
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    Cracked my s10+ screen =( Now looking for replacement. Samsung trade in?

    Looking at replacement, I was hopeful Asus would up their camera game, but it seems it's still far behind for the price they charge. I did see a deal from samsung, where they will give me $300 trade in for my phone WITH a cracked screen, on a new S20/+ or Note20/ultra. I happen to be in need...
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    Setting up a new loop, GPU + CPU

    I want to setup a loop for my system with the primary goal being reducing noise, my 2080ti gets pretty noisy when I'm gaming. I have a couple of questions System specs: 8700k @ 4.8 Asus 2080TI STRIX Core P3 Given the limited space without using a custom rad holder (I do have one 3d printed...
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    No excitement about intel's latest offering??

    No one is interested in the latest 10 core, up to 5.3 ghz chip?? :) I was considering an 9900K and calling it a day, then read about the latest 10900k. Seems pretty interesting. But I haven't seen much hype about it. Is it the same core as the existing Coffee Lake setup, just more of them at a...
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    Minecraft RTX Beta

    Wow, it actually makes water and lighting in Minecraft look good :) I'm not into it at all, but my son is, so i loaded up the beta today and checked it out, get about 100fps on a 2080ti @1440p in the RTX worlds nVidia released...
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    Do PCI-E riser cables need to be 1.0 2.0 3.0 or 4.0 for PCI-E version?

    Looking at getting a riser cable for my TT P3 (network card) does it really matter if the riser cable specifies PCIE 3.0?
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    Magic smoke

    Soo.... Just moved last week, finally got around to plugging in the pc, I noticed that the led lights on the fans were not working, but the fans were, everything seemed ok, machine booted up, i took the side / back panel off (thermal take core p3) and found that the usb part of the led...
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    My phone factory reset itself ....

    I pulled up to the border crossing lane, at the camera / cray wtf ever it is, I had Waze open on my s9+, the thing flashed and I pulled the car up to the border agents booth... I notice my screen changing, now I see the big android logo with the word "erasing" below it.... WTF? (Acrually...
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    Bixby button can now be remapped natively

    Finally :P you can remap the button to launch an app or a quick command with 1 press, and 2 presses opens bixby
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    Radeon 7 (Vega 2, 7nm, 16GB) - $699 available Feb 7th with 3 games

    Announced today :O 26% more performance at the same power level They didn't give much detail, apart from the 26% more performance @ the same power envelope, that could be just due to the 7nm jump, but they said 0 about architectural improvements, so it could be a bit better on review day.
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    Gigabyte x470 gaming ultra... No PBO?

    I ended up with this and a Ryzen 5 2600.. now the kicker is I can't find PBO anywhere in the bios, and I can't set it with Ryzen Master either! wtf :( I'm on the latest bios as well. Anyone have info on how to get this working :D?
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    picked up off of facebook market place, looks slightly used, but sound great and cheap :D for the footprint and what I use it for, they're perfect!
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    Same price... 2600 or 1800x?

    Which would you take for roughly the same price, it's actually kind of a lie, the 2600 will come with a heatsink, which will be replaced anyway. So technically the 1800X is 1 wraith stealth heatsink more expensive. General use, gaming, some coding, maybe a couple of Vms
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    Plex 4K capable server

    I have a box now with a 6 core xeon 1650 and 32gb of memory, I ripped Pacific rim to 4k and I can't seem to stream it, all 6 cores get pegged at full speed and it buffers every minute or so :( , according to plexes own recommendations this should work! So I'm confused as to what I'm doing wrong...
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    Couple of X99 Questions

    So... I'm possibly getting an older xeon v2/3 chip and some memory, and I'm considering moving my current plex / file server to this platform. Currently my server is an i5-4590/z87 with a raid 5 setup using the on board intel RST (4x4TB) with 1 4TB spare. I'm looking at picking up a used X99...
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    1080ti SLI + 8700k OC on a 750W?

    I picked up another 1080ti from a family member, and wondering if I should even attempt this, Corsair 750W PSU. Already have a single 1080ti in there, and an 8700k OC @ 4.8ghz.
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    Looking for a new case..

    Which is easy to manage cable wise, and has sufficient cooling. Previously had a Corsair 650D and loved it, also had a Bitfenix Ghost, which I liked look and functionality wise (apart from the side panels being 1990s style for mounting back on) Any suggestions?
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    bash script output...

    Trying to run a script, and when I do I keep getting this output : % Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed 100 6 100 4 100 2 4 2 0:00:01 --:--:--...
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    Archer C3200 packet loss

    This seems to happen often now, I've tried static ip, dhcp, disabling wireless, nothing seems to change it. Any ideas? tried 2 different firmware builds as well.
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    GTX 1070 and 1080 mining ETH

    so we stop hijacking other threads (razor1) GTX 1070 can yield 32MH @ -400 core, +500 memory, 78% power core stays at 1350ish. - Gigabyte G1 gaming GTX 1080 yields 26.5MH @ -400 core, +144 Memory, and 50% power core stays at 1544. - Zotac Amp Exteme The GTX 1070 runs at 57-59degrees with...