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    100% LHR unlock. Things just got outta hand!

    Nicehash unlocks full LHR on V2 LHR cards better than any other miners before it. Went out and bought a card last night to test it out myself and sure enough am getting better efficiency out of my 3080 Ti vs. 3090...
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    Worth changing AIO to lower temperatures on 5900X

    I have a 5900X that runs at 83 C when overclocked using PBO. If I under volt it to 1.25 volts it runs at 70-73 C. This of course makes all CPU related benches go cuckoo (e.g., Cinebench MC goes down from 8300 to 8000, SC goes down from 636 to 580). Games seem to be boosting fine though at...
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    Ryzen 5900X overclocking help

    I bought a Ryzen setup for the first time since my Athlon X2 3800+. It’s my first time building a rig with AMD so I am not very familiar with all the mumbo jumbo. Add to that it is also my first time using MSI motherboard after a very very long time. I do not understand the bios at all and half...
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    Open world - wearing me out

    Open world games are wearing me out so fast. Every damn thing is an RPG of sorts with an open world with repetitive crap thrown at you. Every single game. It is really becoming a chore to finish even the simplest of games. Mafia 3 - Why is it open world? Dafuq! Ghost Recon Wildlands - Why is...
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    Console options

    What would you do? Buy 1 TB XBONE and Nintendo Switch Buy 1 TB XBONE and PSVR Buy PSVR and Nintendo Switch Buy PSVR and Wii U with 6 games including Mario stuff Buy 1 TB XBONE and Wii U with 6 games including Mario stuff Of course will get Zelda with either Nintendo console. Can only have 2...
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    5930K @ 4.5 GHz -> 6900K @ 4.5 GHz

    Worth it? Simple question. Will cost me additional 550-600 bucks to "upgrade". Was hoping Intel would drop prices on the 6900K post launch of Ryzen but it is clear they don't give a shit about AMD finally catching up to them after 10 years lol. Anyways, worth the hassle or keep 5930K and wait...
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    Convince me not to SLi 1080 Ti

    Post all the games released in past 6 months that don't support it and those that did! My running list is: Titanfall 2 COD IW BF1 (many issues, works now) Forza Horizon 3 Gears of War 4 Resident Evil 7 Any more?
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    1080/1070 users - Upgrading to 1080 Ti?

    Simple question.
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    Your 2016 Game Completion log

    My list thus far is: Rise of the Tomb Raider Until Dawn Assassin's Creed Syndicate Quantum Break Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone Witcher 3 Blood and Wine Uncharted 4 Doom Forza Motorsport 6 APEX Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Starcraft 2 Legacy of the Void Forza Horizon 3 Forza Motorsport 6 Street Fighter...
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    Windows 10 Internet Usage tips

    So everytime I log on to windows, I see a lot of internet activity, even if I am working offline. Can someone post a guide on all services/stupid phoning home bullshit that Windows 10 comes with as default. I already do not use One Drive or some upload your personal files on cloud bullshit but...
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    SLi is dead?

    Seriously, my second 1080 is sleeping most of the time. Mafia 3 Gears of War 4 Forza Horizon 3 StarCraft 2 Deus Ex MD (until recently) BF 1 Doom Is this the future? SLi is dead for good? I need to sell this second card asap if this is the case. Any news if the new games will support SLi or...
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    So you guys buying the new Xbox S?

    How many of XBONER owners are going for the S model. I am seriously considering it. Might cost me nothing out of pocket since I have about 200 dollars worth of credit at the Virgin Megastore here in UAE. What about the US peeps? Rest of the world?
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    Upgrade from 980 Ti to 1080?

    Are the people who made the move happy with performance, price/performance, and overclock ability. Are there perceived and real differences? Choose option in poll.
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    Any 980 Ti SLi OC vs. 1080 SLi OC benchmarks?

    Scoured most 1080 threads on these forums but failed to find some SLi benches with overclocks. Any information, either professional or user, would be extremely helpful for me to gauge if this is a worthy upgrade. Ideally, would like 1440, 21:9 1440 and 4K benches with real games but am OK with...
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    Are you upgrading to the 1080 GTX?

    Quick question for 980 Ti owners.
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    It's 2016. Where dat DX12 game?

    So wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything but I thought by now we should have had DX12 games utilizing a sync compute and making my 980 Tis redundant! Where are they and Jan is also over already. Can someone tell me when these games are being released so I can start saving up. Thanks.
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    Game completion log 2015

    So, this year was quite possibly the best year of gaming for me. Tons of games that I looked forward to and many that did not disappoint. This year I believe I spent more hours in games but overall completion rate was much lower than last years. A few noticeable changes for me this year...
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    Monitor decision - Displays out of stock

    I am looking to buy a new display for myself but the 3 models I am trying to obtain have been consistently out of stock for me. I tried the following Acer Predator X34 Acer Predator XB271HU Asus PG279Q Any experiences with these puppies? Any idea when to expect stock? Any leads on...
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    SLI compatibility log

    This thread is about listing all games that do not work with SLI on release and are later working with a driver update. It would be great if people can list games that do not have an SLI drivers. For now, of the recent games released I saw the following not having a working SLI profile...
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    PC gaming and MP

    Is it just me or recently the MP games on PC have been suffering. People are content playing Counter Strike, BF 4 and TF 2 but any other MP game barely gets 45-50K players that dwindle to 20-25K in a month and then about 10K after barely a couple. Case in point BLOPS 3 R6 Battlefront...
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    Wireless adapter for XBONE controller

    Does the wireless adapter for XBONE controller work with PC running windows 7? I am wondering if I should purchase the wireless adapter or just buy a controller with a cable. I am purchasing Steam Link and would like to play with an Xbox One controller wirelessly. However, I only have...
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    NVidia introduces price cuts?!

    Grain of salt. I got an infraction when I posted that AMD price cuts would lead the same for nVidia. Well here it is. Already active on newegg. What I am not sure is if this is Black Friday misinterpretation or actual cuts?
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    Audi and nVidia

    Just purchased the new Audi Q7 and it has the best screen and graphics I have seen in any car. Upon research l found that it is using nVidia graphics. A few points of note compared to Range Rover, Cadillac, Mercedes and BMW that I saw. - Screen resolution is the best of all the afore...
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    Not sure if hot. EVGA 980 Ti Hybrid for 709.

    At the egg. Add in price of a 60 buck game you are essentially getting the 980 Ti price w/ a water cooler. Take that Fury X lol.
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    Worth going from a Corsair H110i GT to EKWB Predator 360?

    Am looking for comparisons done by non-EK and could not find for the 360 radiator. You think it is worth the trouble?
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    Are you buying a Nano

    Simple question
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    R9 Nano Review Thread

    Anandtech Guru3d HardwareCanucks PCPER Tomshardware PCWORLD One image to summarize.
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    Open world = consoles

    More and more I am coming to the conclusion that open world games need to be played on the console. Especially with PS4, I find it extremely comfortable to pause wherever I like, run around do errands, even turn it off and resume exactly where I left it. My 3 recent endeavors into open world...
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    Which latest video card do you own?

    Simple poll after the fact and now that the dust has settled of how many people own nVidia cards or AMD cards. Only put high end parts in there and not anything else for simplicity. Bracket indicates that the choice is valid if you have either SLi or CF setup and a 290 or a 290X card.
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    So who killed it at E3?

    Microsoft Sony Nintendo Bethesda EA Ubisoft Any others?
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    Can we settle this: i7 5820K vs. i7 5930K for MGPU gaming?

    Which is better. The most I will ever do is 3 way SLi and that too on cards that run at 70 C full load on air cooling. Other than that, possibly will run only 2 way SLi. Worth going 5930K over 5820K given the price differential of almost 200 bucks? I will be running this with an ASUS X99...
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    Think I am done with DLC

    I have been one of the few people that I remember who were fine paying extra for DLC when the concept was still relatively new about 3-4 years ago but lately I have realized that any DLC that I purchased never gets played. I am now officially done with DLC since it is a complete waste of time...
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    Xbox One Newegg deal

    Xbox One Ass Creed Unity Ass Creed Black Flag 12 months Xbox live 40 usd gift card 349 72 hours. 160+ in value right there.
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    Is evga Gtx 970 ACX 2.0 super clocked a good buy?

    Any users of this card care to post impressions. Most people have gigabyte gaming g1, asus strix or Msi gaming cards neither of which are available for purchase.
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    Upgrading to nVidia's new graphics?

    So who is upgrading to new cards? From which setup as well. Post away. Wondering if I should do 980 SLi or not.
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    Sep, Oct and Nov will be insane :eek:

    Is it just me or there are too many games coming out this Aut/Win. Here is the list of games I am interested in: - Dragon Age Inquisition (pre-ordered) - Ass Creed Unity - Farcry 4 - Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor (pre-ordered) - Destiny (pick up day 1) - Driveclub - Call of Duty...
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    Is there a real difference going from 8 GB to 16 GB ram?

    Pondering a ram upgrade on my current computer. Is there a real difference in going from 8 GB to 16 GB. I remember going from 2 to 4 and 4 to 8 was a night and day kindof jump. Now when I look at max ram usage running heavy games like BF4, Crysis 3 or Ass Creed 4 it never surpasses 5-6 GB of...
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    Worth upgrading from a 2600K?

    Pretty sure this question has been asked many times and answered as well but given my current computer and games out today, do you believe I will benefit from a faster processor in games such as BF4? I haven't upgraded for quite a while now (I think 2011) and am itching to upgrade yet do not...
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    Now that dust has settled, are you playing your new consoles?

    Just checking in since there are practically no games for these bad boys and doesn't seem to be many games coming out during all of Q1... :(